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Fire Fire Fire 2

Is it dangerous or safe?

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Dec 8, 2010 06:15 | Go to Fire Fire Fire

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*Only for use by Scans-Remix.

tl by molokidan

Attack.2 Is it dangerous or safe?

1: I never thought
2: things would turn out like this...
3: We did everything we could..
4: but...

1: But...now
2: we're finally alone, just the two of us.
3: Come, Jiga.

1: And let me inspect YOU...
2: N-n-n-no!
3: I
4: I have to decide on the person within my heart before I
5: What's wrong?
6: I won't understand unless you come closer.

pink: I'M NOT DEAD!!!
1: What the hell are you doiiiiiiing?!

1: So?
2: How things get to that?

1: I haven't really wrapped my head around what's going on here...
2: We ran back here after escaping from Damin.
3: But for some reason, maybe because we crossed a river, you collapsed once we reached your secret base, Mr. Dancing Lion.
4: Don't you remember?
5: Oh...

1: That's right...I took a surprising amount of damage...
2: from that bastard with the long hair...
3: Yeah, I thought there was something weird about the warm feeling I was getting in my feet!
4: But I guess since you're drying your clothes off, it's no big deal!
5: Is that what you thought I'd saaaaaay?!
6: Don't light a fucking bonfire in the middle of my weapons vault!!!
7: This arm...

1: It was simple. I just used the parts here, tuned them and then attached them to you.
2: You have a truly peculiar construction, you know that.
3: ...what are
4: you?
5: I'm Fey.
6: Fey Humming.
7(2b): The human body is my forte, by I'm also good with cybernetic technology.
8: Umm...

1: No one said you could touch my body.
2: You're a doctor? An engineer? And a lover to the boss of a mercenary guild?
3: What are you after?!
4: Hey, come on, Mr. Dancing Lion! That was uncalled for!
5: She checked you out before drying herself off, you know!
6: It's fine, Jiga.
7: It's to be expected from a superb warrior like him who's managed to survive in this chaotic world...
8: But I'm going to follow you two no matter what.
9: Because you're so RARE!

1(small): Ah, what's wrong?
2: What's with that woman?
3: I dunno. I'm not rare at all!
4: I've never seen a more suspicious person in my life...
5: You know, I really don't have confidence in this face of mine!
6(small): ha ha ha
7: Are you stupid?! You saw her eyes, didn't you?! She's either crazy or trying to trick us!
8: Hey!

1: What are you doing?!
2(2b): As you can see, I'm a completely unarmed woman. Are you saying that you STILL feel in danger around me? If you want to know about me, then you're free to ask me anything. I'll answer whatever you like.
3: I apologize for looking at you without asking, but...you're REALLY behind in your maintenance.
4: The only parts that aren't broken on your body are the parts that I assume are the originals.
5(2b): Those parts you patched together to compensate for missing pieces are all beat up, so you can't even utilize the abilities you should be able to.
6(small): Nunuuuu...
7(2b): ...well, at least it seems like you know what you're talking about. But this is what I've fought with up to now.
8: and she's sexy
9: Machine bodies are strong, but they can't be healed naturally like humans'.
10: Shouldn't it be ideal to you to have a specialist engineer constantly at your side?
11: I had one before.
12: ...but...I still can't trust you yet.

1: You're
2: looking for all your original parts, aren't you?
3: I remember seeing a glossy black part like that somewhere else.
4: ...he dealt in selling special cyborg parts for high prices, so...
5: So one of my parts IS in Damin!
6: Where did I see it? Was it an arm? A leg?
7(2b): All I remember was that he kept boasting about how expensive it was...I forget the details. It was locked in a special trunk, though, so it caught my interest.
8: ...so I do have to go back there after all.
9: You're going back to Damin?
10: I intend to, but that has nothing to do with you.
11: Then I'm going back too!
12: I just said it has nothing to do with you!

1: But I haven't thanked her yet!
card: SPICA
2: I have to pay her back for giving me food and letting me stay the night! And it's also thanks to her that I got Orochimaru back!
3: Me too, then. I left all my things back there.
4: Arggggggh! Boy are you two annoying! Who the hell cares about that dull thing anyway?!
5: Dull thing?
6(2b): That's inexcusable. I don't lie, you know.
7: There isn't a thing the Orochimaru *I* brandish can't cut through!
8: Tei
9: It's pretty dangerous to swing that thing around in a place like this.
10: Ahh

1: Look
2: Orochimaru...
3: can cut through anything!

1: Huh?
black: No way
2: I cut through too much
3: An abnormality in the electric currents of the water treatment plant has been detected!
4: Have the mercenary guild inspect it!

1: Ku...
2: I never thought...I'd destroy it myself...
3: Farewell, my past two and a half months of work...
4: Boy did we cause a huge fiasco! Now we'll be able to sneak in easily!

1: Whose fault do you think this is, you disaster magnet?!
2: I barely salvaged any of my equipment!
3: I'll head in first, then!
5: I'm sure you'll
6: see him again.
7: He's too emotional, and too reckless...
8: But

1: maybe I was thinking too much.
2: My lost self is calling me.
3: Either way, I have to go.
4: It seems like you two are related somehow.
5: That sword...
6: may be made with the same type of material as your body...

1: ...let me just ask you something.
2(2b): Are you from LEN (Lost Eagle Nest)?
3: ...what if I was?
4: Would you...kill me?
5: No
6: Don't answer that.
7: I still haven't thanked you for fixing me.
8: So you really are a good person inside.
9: Keh

1: haa
2: hah
3: kah
4: haa

1: haa
2: hakuh
3: kuh
4: guh
5: ...you're being rather violent, sir.

1: Even the mercenaries are too scared to say anything...I don't know who you are,
2: but if my girls aren't enough to satisfy you,
3: then I suppose Flash Street's Spica-san
4: has no choice but to take you to heaven.
5: Are you saying you're a pro?
6: I guess I can get up my expectations a bit, then.
7(2b): Master Kamshin..why?
8: Hooo, boy did I get lost. (But I think this is the place)

1: Ahhh
2: You're
2: that kid that was with Obsidian back there!
3(2b): What? Obsidian? And I'm not a kid, I'm Kirishima Jiga!
4: Boy am I lucky! If I manage to get some info out of him,
5: my stock with Master Kamshin will go way uuuup
6: Hey, is a girl named Spica here?
7: And you know, you look more like a kid than me, with that chickadee hair of yours.
8: Who are you calling a chickadee?!
9: I'm Misa Hound!
10: Uwaaah! Although you do have one part
11: that isn't childish at all!

1: In any case,
2: teach me all you know about that black cyborg, OK?
3: he's a really bad criminal who's been stealing artifacts from us, LEN - the old artifacts administration federation.
4: What?! Really?
5: that's right. He's a murderer!
6: Soo...
7: ...but
8: I owe both Spica AND Mr. Dancing Lion!!
9: No matter what, I won't sell them out!!
10: Move it!
11: ...oh.

1: If you're going against the Lost Eagle Nest
2: then I suppose I have no choice.
3: Hm?
4: Los...
5: Woahh
6: Yikes!
7: What is she doing all of a sudden...

1: Wai...
2: Hah
3: I said wait, dammit!
4(3b): hey, hey, hey!

1: I don't really know what's going on here,
2: but I can't
3: just let you kill me here!

1: Well?
2: Orochimaru can cut through anything!

1: No way...
2: No way!
3: That sword...!
4(small)? Ha ha ha! Well? Give up?
5: H...
6: Heeeelp!

1: Master Kamshinaa...
2: What's going on, Misa?

1: Hey...
2(2b): If you really intend on calling yourself a pro...then you should risk your life at your trade.
3: Completely pathetic.
4: K-Master Kamshina!
5: That's the
6: HEY!

1: What do you think you're doing?!
2: Huh?

1: What am *I* doing in Damin?
2: You're one cocky brat...
3: On the contrary
4: What are YOU doing to my Misa,

1: kid?

1: I have business with her!
2: Move it!
3: Hmph.
4: I refuse.
5(2b): I bought this woman's time. And unfortunately, I have around an hour left. Wait, boy.
6: What...?
7: Hey, Misa. What's going on?
8: Yes, sir! Umm
9: I told him that no one could go in, and to leave...but he just wouldn't listen!
10: He was one of the people with Obsidian! So I tried to get some info out of him and then...
11(2b): Um, my knives turned out as you see here.

1: Hmph
2: What's that supposed to mean?
3: Enough is

1: What?! What the...
2: Here you go.
3: What a noisy kid. (Where'd that voice come from?)
4: You've really gotten in my way across these past two days.
5: You look soooo cooool, Master Kamshin!
6: Y...you bastard!
7: Hoh...
8: Still conscious? You're pretty tough.

1: I'm in a very bad mood right now.
2: There hasn't ever been a person who took this
3: and survived!
4: Orochimaru

1: can cut through...

1: Wha
2: You were able to withstand this...?
3: That sword!! Haha, don't tell me!
4: Oh

1: Gahhh
2: What's...with that guy?
3: Orochimaru doesn't work on him!
4: He...
5: might be kinda...dangerous!
6: You're overdoing it, Master Kamshin! If you do any more than this, you'll destroy the town and we'll get an invoice...the HQ will get mad at us again!
7: And if you kill him now, then we won't find out where Obsidian went...

1(2b): Shut up, Misa. He's got his hands on something truly problematic. That sword is you-know-what...and it looks like it's been tempered as well.
2: So my fears were true...that's why my knives broke!
3: I can't guarantee his life, but I'm going to bring back the goods.
4(2b): Obsidian is sneaky and fast, but this kid seems stupid. This will be over soon, so just wait there.
5: Hmm...the cargo this time wasn't a complete "survivor"...
6: But it looks like I'll be able to compensate greatly with this.

1: What is this...not only could I NOT cut him with Orochimaru, but I only took one hit...
2: my body feels like it's about to fall apart.
3: For the first time ever, I feel like I can't win this.
4: But if I don't hurry up and save Spica...
5: You've got some guts for neither running nor hiding...but hey, kid: where did you find that sword?
6(2b): And Obsidian. Where's that black cyborg?

1: I'm not a kid! I'm Kirishima Jiga! This sword was left to me by my father! It's been with me since I was born!
2: Kirishima...wait...your eyes and hair are black...are you Japanese?
3: Yeah! I just want to meet with Spica. I owe her something. That's why I came here!
4: Hmph...Japanese people are always so naive...
5: Always so naive...?
6: You...you know other Japanese people?!
7: I dunno...I'm the one asking questions here.
8: Keep getting in the way of pros, and your life will be shortened...

1(3b): Listen closely, kid. My job is to collect the "survivors" scattered around the world...remnants of technology from the old world before it fell to ruin. And as far as I know, the smart people who work above me are going to use that technology to rebuild the world.
2: Honestly though, I have no interest in complicated stuff like that.
3: This grey world and treasure hunting fit rather well with my personality...
4: Master Kamshin is an officer from LEN!
5: He's special!
6: This is a clump of black metal those Japs made. No matter what you do to it, it won't break.
7: And so, thanks to this, I'm invincible.

1: I heard there was a sword made out of this, though.
2(2b): The ones above me are looking for the technology capable of tempering it. I have no use for that, though. All I need is the sword.
3(2b): We're a little alike. I love this world too...
4(2b): But I don't like you! A guy who treats women like you do has no right to hold a sword made from the spirits of the Japanese!
5: And Japanese people never sell their souls, even if they die!
6: You people are always like that...I don't dislike it.
7: Except, I don't like troublesome things. So I'm not gonna hold back anymore.
8: Die

1: Master Kamshiiiiin

1: Tch...
2: Ahh!!
3: Mr. Dancing Lion!
4: Yooo, kid. You look surprisingly well.

1: Master Kamshiiin!
2: Like I'm gonna let you...

1: Master Kamshiiiiin!
2: I thought you were some average human, so I got a little too close to you last time, and really regretted it.
3: But if I have distance and ammo, then this'll be a piece of cake!
4: Hurry up and get out of there while you still can,
5: Jiga!
6: Hm?!
7: Salvage complete!

1: Mr. Dancing Lion! You need to hurry up and take her too!
2: Gimme a hand!
3(2b): O-ohh?? Where did you come from?
4: We can run out the window and along the rooftops. Let's hurry!
5: That's...
6: Impossible

1: Sis...
2: Why?!
3(2b): Misa-chan! See ya
4(small): SIS?
5: Why...why
6: would you...

1(2b): Aw, come on already. Save the thinking for later.
2: Bye bye.
3: Hieee..
4: Tch

1: Did you get him?!
2: Who knows...if LEN agents
3: would die from just this?

1: ...boy.
2: Spica!! You're awake?!
3: Did you find...what you needed?
4: Yeah!! This is it!! Thanks to you!!
5: Good.
6: You tried to save me, didn't you?
7: I heard you.

1: Thanks.
2: You really are Japanese, just like me...
3: Become
4: ...a strong...man...
5: Spica?
6: Spica!!

1: Hmph...anything for your goal, huh...?
2: I suppose this match will be postponed due to injuries...Obsidian
3: Fey Hound
4: and

1: Kirishima Jiga.

1: Forgive me...if I had only been quicker
2: I could have saved you.
3: So that guy's the rumored forerunner of LEN...

1: I've heard of him.
2: Spica...
3: Nooo
4: Wherever Kamshin goes, a storm of death will surely follow.
5: Jiga-kun...you need to take care of your wounds too.
6: Fey
7: I'm sorry
8: I'm sorry, Spica.
9(2b): If Orochimaru...had just been stronger

1: And so
2: for some reason, the three of us left Damin together.
3: Did you find your arm or leg or whatever?
4(2b): No...I guess I missed it. More importantly, are you still crying?
5(2b): Shut up! There was something in my eye!
6: It looks like everyone's just living on as they see fit.

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