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Kidou Ryodan Hachifukujin 6

Instinct & Worldly Desires

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Dec 12, 2010 23:05 | Go to Kidou Ryodan Hachifukujin

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Kidou Ryodan Hachifukujin #6

tl by molokidan

Chapter 6 - Instinct & Worldly Desires
Chapter 7 - Sayonara Girl

Chapter 8 - The Drowning Ones
Chapter 9 - Light My Behind On Fire
Chapter 10 - Be Silent

Chapter 6 - Instinct & Worldly Desires

1: It's pitiful looking at "fukujin" this way, too.

1: So? How are things going at the Yomoda school?
2: Sergeant Yomoda.
3: Well, sir. We have finished almost all the basic physical training...
4: and are preparing to let the students take their first try.
5: Hmmmm?
6: Are you going to mass-produce Fukujin-specific guns?
7: Yes, we've decided we might as well.
8: Be careful not to get burned. This is a rail gun.
9: And the "treasure ship" is almost complete. (*The treasure ship is a part of the 7 Lucky Gods myth, and was the vessel that carried them.)

1(2b)): Obviously, physical strength is necessary to control the "Fukujin." But we also require superb mental strength and immunization.
2: Ahh...so first you need to cultivate their characters, is it?
3: Hurry on the repairs for #01.

1: Yamanote Line gaaaaame!
2: Name anything red you can think of, from any time period, from any part of the world!
3: Japanese post boxes.
4: OK, Nakarai-chan, you're next!
5: Umm...apples?
6: Ok, Wang, you're next.
7: Blood.
8: Wahhh!
9: OK, next is you, Mukouda.
10: This is stupid.

1: He said stupid.
2: Stupid isn't red!
3: Shut up! Fine, watermelons! Watermelons!
4: Watermelons?
5: Aren't watermelons green?
6: They're red!!
7: Inside! Their insides!
8: How ironic, when he doesn't even have any insides himself.
9: OK, next, dangling penis!
10: ...ah.
11: Red cherries
12: Cherries are red?
13: Y-yeah.
14: What are you getting so scared for?
15: Next, Fuse!
16: Red things.

1: "Fukujin."
2: What?
3: The "Fukujin" I saw was red.
4: It was blood red.
5: "Fukujin" ends with "n!"
6: That's "shiritori." (*A different kind of word game, look it up if you're interested)

1(2b): Hey, who's on toilet duty today? The bucket's full.
2(2b): C'mon, guys! Who is it?
3: What day is today?
4: Who knows what day it is today?
5: It's about time we switched up who digs and who carries.
6: More importantly, let's figure out who has toilet duty.
7: Pah
8: Wawah!
9: It's me!
10: Ha
11: Hah

1: He doesn't look like he's gonna last much longer.
2: He hasn't had enough mental training, that's the problem.
3: Thinking like that will just bring on depression, though.
4: He's the one who thinks this is all just a game.
5: Hmph.
6: Who the hell would dig a 10 meter hole for some stupid game?
7: Our superior's orders are absolute, that's the bottom line.
8: I'm talking about FEELING here, man! FEELING!
9: You think any of us share feelings for a bag of shit?!
10: Ohh!
11: You two always get along so well.
12: Huh?

1: Ffh
2: Guh
3: Gubah
4: Ahh
5: You OK?
6: You won't be able to carry it by yourself.
7: Let's do it...
8: Rorerererereh
9: Ha
10: Hah

1-2: Haaa
3: That stench really is too much.
4: Wonderful

1: The deepest point is 10.52 meters.
2: Good.
3: Now fill it up.
4: Is this digging also part of our training?
5: Do toilet duty by yourself today.

1(2b): And to every single one of you: think of this training as if it will go on forever.
2(2b): If you have time to waste worrying about others, then you need to worry more about yourself. Understood?!
3: If you feel something strange happening inside you, then announce it on your own.
4: Don't bat an eye if an ally goes down.
5: Those are the keys to getting through this training.
6: Hah
7: Ha
can: Gomokumeshi (*Boiled rice mixed with meat and vegetables)
8: Just be thankful that you don't have to worry about your own food...

1: At least tell us what this is training us for, dammit!
2: Right?
3: Yeah.
4: Right?
5: Now stop shitting so much, people!

1: Ubuh
2: This is all my fault...
3: The Sergeant suddenly came and asked me a question...
4: "Think up a pointless, stupid training objective," she said...
5: Why did she actually do what I told her...

1: Ahhhhhhhh
2: What'd you say?! Go on, say it again!
3: Stupid, stupid, stupid is all you ever say, you've actually become stupid yourself, you idiot.
4: What?!
5: I just made a small mistake!
6: Owwww!
7: Mukouda messed up in his multiplication.
8: Someone stop them!
9: Ha
10: Hah
11: Nah, let 'em go, let 'em go!
12: Ukyakya! 7530!
13: We have finished filling the hole!

1: Do it again.
2: We will now entrust these two to the health squad.

1: Hah
2: Ho?
3: Uoohhhhhhh!
4: Wang-san?!
5(2b): Hahah! Wang-san cut off her ponytail!
6: Suuuuu

1: Oh, now she's done for.
2: Pfft
3: What are you doing?
4: This calms me down. Suuuuu
5: This is my medicine.
6: Hey, Bakada.
7: What, baldy?
8(3b): Let me smell it too! No, no! This is my hat! Let me smell it! I wanna find out what it smells liiiike!

1: You haven't started to quake yet.
2: How come?
3: You hiding something?
4: ...look, that guy you're always concerned with.
5: He's already passed his limit.
6: Yuge Gou.
7: He's a "weakling."

1: Eh? That's all?
2: That's all.
3(2b): His physical and mental abilities are both average. And he has as much effort as anyone else.
4: He was even quick with his gun assembling and disassembling.
5: Even able to de-gas it like all the others.
6: You can tell without even looking at his face.

1: Umm, Yuge-kun.
2: Maybe you should take a rest.
3: It's nice weather out today, huh?
4: Why did you join the force, Yuge-kun?
5: Did anyone ever ask you that?

1: I have to work my hands, not my mouth.

1: Adagio.

1: crack

1: Ah

1: Yuge-kun!
2: You can't eat that!
3: That's a bone!
4: Hoo
5: It really IS nice weather out here!
6: Eh?

1: 'cuz I don't really understand that war stuff written in all the textbooks.
2: Eh?
3: You asked me why I joined the force.
4: A bit ago.
5(2b): Y-yeah.
6: I forgot.

1(2b): I always thought it would be a great, heroic thing to do, you know. Ever since I can remember.
2: To fight in a war.
3: Not movies and stuff, you know?
4: Cool, real war...
5: "The Left Hand of God."

1: Even with the Strategic Nuclear Nullification system in effect, I wasn't worried.
2(2b): The human race would still find a way to blow shit up. Even without the factorization...
3: So my teacher told me, "if you like war so much,"
4: "then go join the army."
5: Because I'd be able to withstand any kind of training they threw at me.
6: I'd ride in a "Fukujin,"
7: and go blow shit up.
8: And since it was something I liked, I'd be able to get good at it.
9: Fu
10: Fufufu
11: Fuhah

1: That's such a simple, obvious motive.
2(2b): Yeah. From a hole in the ground, the sky really looks special. It can be clear and even cloudy.
3: Oh? Did you just think up a poem?
4(2b): When they finish filling this hole, their mission will be complete. Yes ma'am!
5: Yomoda-kun.

1: What happens after this?
2: Yes, sir.
3: We will carry out the immunization tests required in order to equip a "Fukujin."
4(2b): But that, uh...isn't something that can be completed through the mere exertion of effort, now is it?
5: Yes, sir.
6: It is a right people are born with.

Chapter 6 - Instinct & Worldly Desires END

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