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Kidou Ryodan Hachifukujin 7

Sayonara Girl

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Dec 12, 2010 23:05 | Go to Kidou Ryodan Hachifukujin

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Kidou Ryodan Hachifukujin #7

tl by molokidan

Chapter 7 - Sayonara Girl

1: You have the old maid, don't you, Nakamichi?
2: Guu! How'd you know?
3: It's obvious, with that face you're making!
4: Dammit!
5: Shuffle, shuffle!
6: C'mon already!
7: Hey, there's one card sticking way out!
8: That face!
9: Ahhh, oh no!

1: Sorry, I forgot, I made a promise!
2: Hey!
3: Take care of the rest for me!
4: With who?!
5: My grandpa!
6: So you threw out the old maid and chose your grandpa?
7: This is our precious springtime of youth here!
8: How can you be playing old maid when Japan's in the middle of such a crisis?!
9: Owahh
10: Who was that just now?!
11: Oh yeah, I had to wear that for my penalty!
12: I forgot to take it off!
13: Here, you can have it now.

1: Hah
2: Oh yeah, before I go to Grandpa's...
sign: Adult goods shop

1: Hey, dad!
2: School was canceled after all.
3: Hey, Akira, don't act so bright and cheery in here.
4: You shouldn't even be coming here in the first place, you idiot.
5: It's just
6: You don't even help out around here.
7: I'm not selling my friends' stuff.
8: What do you want?
9: A job for grandpa again.
10: Ummm
11: 2 litres of jelly type lotion?
12: Put it on his tab!
13: He's never even tried paying for it.

1: Grandpa!

1: Even the smallest bits of Japanese pepper are red hot! (*This is also a saying which means 'even though I may be small, I am not a man to be trifled with.')
2: I bought it!
3: Your materials!
4: Is this everything?
5: Where's the stuff?
6: In the fridge.
7: Everything's all stuffed in there.
8: Uwahh! Pepper on a banana?
9: Pepper on everything!
10: When are you going to start the experiment?
11: In a little bit.
12: Ever since that bomb was dropped yesterday...
13: things have been hard, especially with all that martial law stuff in place.

1: Wooow, it looks just like jello!
2: Hey, if you touch it, you'll get some stuck on you.
3: Eh?
4: Look.
5: Wah
6: Waaahhh!
7: Hiiieee
8: Allergic?
9: The effects differ depending on the person.

1(2b): Akira! You know what happens every night in Japan?
2: We get monopolized by Mr. "China" and the Japan-U.S. Security Treaty gets thrown out the window.
3: It's magnificent! Magnificent!
4: Is a war gonna start? What should we do?
5: Bah! The name of the champion will change, and nothing more.
6: So hey, what are you gonna do with the jello you invented?
7: It got stuck on me.
8: Did it now?
9: Yep, it sure did.
10: Will I die?
11: I can see your undies.
12: Will I die?
13: Nah.
14: I might do the experiment tonight.
15(2b): What are you going to classify it as? Adult goods? Non-adult goods?
16: Do you have a patent?
17(2b): Akira. Act embarrassed! I don't care if it's fake, just act embarrassed!

1(2b): A patent, huh...I'm not really into that stuff, and I don't intend on living too much longer.
2(2b): I'll just sell it to the right company. Right now I could use a little pocket money.
3: You greedy man!
4(2b): It's dangerous to think too much about future trading, and reading ahead, you know.
5: Bah! Everything's going according to plan.
6: I'm gonna put this into the truck, OK?
7: Maybe I'll go live at the North Pole.
8: Why is your official title a repairman, grandpa?
9: How's your hand, Akira?

1(2b): Personally, I think you're a genius inventor. My hand still itches and hurts.
2(2b): Inventor?! This was just something I invented by accident.
3: Someone would have come up with it eventually.
4: The fact that a fool like me who can't get things done ended up with something like this is simply a blessing, and nothing more.
5: I just got lucky.
6: Hmmm.
7: Oh.
8: I guess
9: coincidences are things that happen everywhere, huh?
10(2b): Which means there's no reason to be surprised if they happen around you all the time. Wait, was that a play on words just now?
11: You wanna talk about surprises, Akira? You know those stories about people spontaneously combusting...?

1: Ohoh
2: Ohhhh
3: Let's go, Akira!
4: Roger!
5: Open it.

1: It's completely fine!
2: It perfectly kept its original shape!
3: Kakakakah
4: Gyahahahahah

1(2b): Be careful, please. Yeah, yeah.
2: Wasn't the SDF able to defend us
3: before the bombs were dropped on "Japan?"
4(2b): Well, it wasn't just one person dropping them. They need to hurry up and start taking responsibility
5: Being responsible doesn't always mean being an adult, you know.
6: After folding their hands and watching for a while, things just turned out like this.
7: "Japan"'s current feelings, that is.
8: Do you hate soiling your own hands, Akira?

I: I don't hate it, but I think I'm allergic to suspicious, fishy things, so
2: I hate it.
3(2b): I'll just be happy if I can stay with you forever, Grandpa.
4(2b): As long as you can say hello and I'm sorry, you should be fine. Honesty is the best policy.
5: I won't be a kid forever.
6: And I've never heard you say sorry, grandpa.
7: Well, apologizing won't fix everything.
8: I'm getting kinda sleepy, grandpa.

1: Mind if I have a word?

1: I understand your conclusion.
2: In other words, it comes down to how much actual cash you can come up with.
3: Is he really going to the North Pole?
4: What should I do?
5: I want to stay with Grandpa...

1: I'm gonna live with the polar bears.
2: Ehhh?

1: This baby won't budge an inch against any kind of weapon, as you can see.
2: You tricked those people, didn't you, grandpa?
3: This is bad for humans.
4: Well, polishing the raw ore is their job.
5: There isn't a single thing in this world that doesn't have some kind of bad point...
6(2b): The world is full of mistakes. It's magnificent, magnificent!
7: Got any plans or ideas about your future, Akira?
8(2b): I, uhh....I'd like to learn some kind of skill...
9: Well?
10: How about it?
11(2b): Don't start asking ME about precepts. Just do whatever you like.

1: You'll come back, won't you, Grandpa?
2: I settled up what I needed to.
3: The connections of men and women are mysterious ones...or something like that.
4(2b): I don't like living slovenly. Are you gonna die?
5(2b): Everyone will die someday. I'm gonna cry, OK?!
6: Oh?
7: Uaaaaahhhhh
8: Fuwaaaaahhhh
9: Why are you crying?
10: You'll forget me, trust me.

I would never forget you.
2: I like you, grandpa, but I hate you.
3(2b): I think this world is interesting because of all the possibilities in it...and trying to see if I can rot away at the edge of the actual world is also interesting to me.
4: It's magnificent! Magnificent!

1: Uuuuu
2: It isn't magnificent at all..
3(2b): Just kidding! PEACE!
4: Nice, Akira.
5: That peace was surprising just now.

1: The North Pole is cold.
2: Hmph! I see.
3: So that's how I'm gonna do it, eh?
4: Surprising.

2-3: crackle
4: What the hell am I...

1: What cruel stroke of fate...
2: changed you into this war machine...?

1: That tiny jelly, transformed into this...
2: Nakamichiiii!
3: Stop daydreaming!
4: Yes, sir!

1: I wonder if my grandpa will be able to rest in peace?
2: Knowing that his granddaughter is doing something like this...
3: Eh, dad?
4: Don't call me dad, you idiot.
5: We aren't soldiers, are we?
6: I understand your desire to draw a line,
7: But from an objective viewpoint, that's like the pot calling the kettle black.
8: The trainees are coming in!
9: Hurry it up!

1: What's that guy thinking?
2: He's gonna swim with his glasses on?
3: Idiot.

1: Ohhh, ohhh!
2: Ohhh
3: They sure look the part.
4: They sure look like people with death wishes.
5: Hah
6: You're in the wrong place, girls.
7: Uwahh! That bug-eyed one is really creepy.
8: Don't point, you idiot!
9: What's with them?
10: They're the health squad.

1: I know, I mean what are they doing here?
2: We will now have a swimming race.
3: 8 people will swim twenty 50-meter laps at a time for a total of 1000 meters.
4: Mmmmm--...
5: Is there anyone here who can't swim?
6(2b): It's been a while since we've been here. Eh?

1: You aren't the first people who have come here...
2: Prepare yourselves.
3: Even the smallest bits of the present my grandpa left behind...
4: are red hot.

Chapter 7 - Sayonara Girl END

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