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Translations: Gintama 701 by kewl0210 , One Piece 930 by cnet128

Kidou Ryodan Hachifukujin 9

Light My Behind On Fire

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Dec 12, 2010 23:06 | Go to Kidou Ryodan Hachifukujin

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tl by molokidan

1: Natori.
2: A croquette bun, a cream bun, and a coffee, on the double.
3: I don't have time to do that now.
4: why not?
5: You're the gopher here.

1(2b): Don't you know about the state of things right now?
2: Yeah, so what?
3: That has nothing to do with you.
4: I'm worried sick, lamenting over our country's current situation.
5: And I'm thinking about
6: what it is I should be doing right now.
7: That's pretty amazing, Natori-kun.
8: You don't think that's like, amazing, and kinda creepy?
9: Nope.
10: Or cool?
11: No, no.

1: He looks kinda stupid to me.
2: Yeah, Natori is an idiot.
3: If you're gonna go buy some bread, I'll come with you.
4: Then buy one for me.
5: Who would buy you anything?
6: Heaaahhh
7: Wow
8: Look, goosebumps!

Chapter 9 - Light My Behind On Fire

1: A mock war between these six will begin at nineteen hundred hours the day after tomorrow.

1: The Captain is Private Natori Fujio.
2: Eh
3: We have six "Fukujin" available for use.
4(2b): There are two spares left, but for now we want to monitor your organization abilities. Everything from here on out is up to you.
5: Any questions?
6: Yes.
7: What?
8: I have no idea how to pilot a Fukujin.

1: There is no basic control scheme.
2: "Fukujins" are things you learn with your body by riding in them.
3: That is why we have been training for these past three months.
4: We have reserve members on standby,
5: so we will change the members of this squad if the need arises.
6: You are free to do as you wish until the battle begins.
7: I know she told us to focus our minds, but...
8: What the hell is this?
9: Our wounds aren't even all the way healed yet, and now we have to wear these stupid suits.
10: Haha
11: Hey! Hurry up and change!
12: Once you're finished, go and introduce yourselves to the machinery squads.

1: Nakarai-san.
2: I'm always hungry.
3: Eh?
4: Then you need to hurry up and eat.
5(2b): Nakarai-san. You're always full, aren't you?
6: Eh?

1: You're a pig who's so full she can't think of anything.
2: Ehhh?
3: I'm not a piiig!
5: You're a pig at a slaughterhouse.
6: I'm different.
7: I'm wild.
8: But by listening orders we get to eat, remember?
9: Fried shrimp and stuff.
10: And if you were ordered to be slaughtered, would you obey?
11: I will survive until the end.

1: Hurry it up!
2: #04, complete!
3: Bring down the heads.
4: Yes, sir!
5: Shoh
6: Hey, lend me a hand.
7: Just a little more...

1: Insert them into the Fukujin after all preparations are complete.
2: One, twooo!
3: Moving #05's head right nooow!
4: Alright! I'm first in!
5: Are you going to leave your glasses on?
6: Yes.
7(2b): A, alright!
8: OK!
9: Preparations complete on #02.
10: OK, time for your first ride.

1: Hey! Natori!
2: The day has finally come, eh?
3: Eh?
4: Ah, yeah.
5: Let's fight hard together!
6: Show me your guts!
7: Fuhaha!
8: Do people in Tohoku eat the tails of their shrimp?
9: Yeah. Are you from Nagoya?
10: No, Yokohama.
11: Yokokids eat the tails too?

1: Hmph
2: Hu
3: Hu
4: Huh
5: Hmph
6: Huh
7(2b): Hey, wait! Wait, wait!
8(2b): Uu! That's it, Wang-san~
9: Hmph
10: Hu
11: How can they walk already?

1: Deesh bananas ah yummy
2: Ah
3: Hmph...
4: Um
5: Try your best!
6: These bananas are really good, so be sure not to squash that one.
7: This is surprisingly...
8: hard...
9: Ahh!
10: You have to grab it more fluffily.
11: Not snappily, fluffily!

1: Fluffily!
2-3: Ohhh
4: That's it, that's it!
5: Now just yank back the skin!
6: It's more like a pinch than a yank! Piiiinch!
7: Piiiiiinch
8: Ohhhhhh!
9: All this stuff about pinching and yanking makes no sense. Am I the only one left out here?
10: Eaaaahhh

1: Get in.
2: This is not a Fukujin.
3: Hurry up and get in.
4: Don't get all messed up just because you're a reserve.

1: This is the rifle made for the "Fukujin."
2: It's big, but it's built basically the same.
3: All soldiers must be able to disassemble and assemble their rifles,
4: but now you must train yourselves to do the same job from within Fukujin.
5: This is going to be much different from simply peeling a banana.
6: Now, begin!

1: Ah
2: Ahh

1: Waahhh
2: Who's trying to mess me up?!
3: Is that you, Nakarai-san?!
4: I-it's Natori. Are you hurt, Wang-san?!
5: I'm desperately training myself here.
6: ...sorry.

1: Look, goosebumps.
2: Why am I the Captain?

1: Captain dangling penis!
2: How are you doing?
3(2b): Ahh, umm
4: I still can't walk right. Or even stand up straight...
5: Really?
6: Yes, really.
7: No banana either.
8: But you're the Captain.
9: Why AM I the Captain?

1(2b): Ehhh? I don't know...
2: I have absolutely no
3: idea.
4: Why was I even selected to ride in the dekopon...
5: in the Fukujin in the first place?
6: Awww, come on!
7: Why are you making ME think about that?

1: So then, Captain dangling penis...
2: Ummm...
3: Why did you join the army?
4: Because I care about my country...
5: I am against the war...
6: But I feel like I must brush away the shrapnel that rains down outside of it...
7(2b): What I should be doing right now is... You're not making any sense.

1: Yeah.
2: What are you doing?
3: What do you do when you want to take this off?
4: This thing.

1: Hey, you!
2: Where are you stationed?
3: Oh
4: Ah
5: Ahhhh

1: What are you dressed like that for?
2: Hm?
3: That's someone from the Yomoda school.
4: Umm, I...
5: Hey, you! Do your best, alright? Haha!
6: You're really being mean, man.
7: He's part of the stuffed animal division.
8: I'm cheering you on, aren't I?
9: Stupid otaku.
10(2b): Muuuu? Where's dangling penis?
11: He said he was going to cool down.
12: Outside.
13: In his suit? Does he have a death wish?

left sign: Kuro-chan Special
right: Pork Cutlet Special
1: Woah

1: I refuse.
2: Even if this is a direct request from you, Sergeant.
3: I will not do what I do not want to do!
4: I'm part of the health squad, I believe in HELPING people!
5: And Fukujin carry guns, don't they? GUNS!

1: I refuse to ride in a tool made for killing people!
2: Hey, you!
3: Yes, do you have a problem?!
4: Hey!
5: Owwww!
6: Do you know where you are right now?
7: That hurts! Giuhgiuhhh!
8: It'll break! It'll break!

1: Why are you in work clothes?

1: Does the suit embarrass you?
2: Unless you wear this, you'll get scarred.
3: Mm
4(2b): I'm not embarrassed by this at all. Because wearing this and listening to orders lets me eat food.
5: Ahhhh
6: You're the Captain now, so you're gonna be the one who gives the orders, right?
7: Are Fukujin tools made for killing people?
8(2b): Aw, c'mon! Don't ask me stuff like that!
9: Order me.
10: Tell me to do something.

1: Fine.
2: Then would you punch me if I ordered you to punch me?
3: I...
4: can.
5: Want me to punch you?
6(2b): Dangling penis? Right here?
7: How?
8: With my bare fist?
9: In the face?!
10: ...no.
11: You can't punch people in the face when they're wearing glasses.

1(2b): Ah, OK.
2: Anyway, I have a request for you...
3: The next time I start whining like this...
4: Oh.
5: The Captain has returned.
6: One, two!
7: What were you two doing together? A secret rendezvous?
8: What's a rendezvous?
9: You can cover the scars on your face with this face paint.
10: No, I'm fine like this.

1: Sorry I'm late.
2: OK.
3: squeal
4: The Sergeant personally requested that someone ride in the Fukujin.
5: Someone who didn't even go through training...
6: Who is she?
7: Are Fukujin tools made to kill people?
8: That depends on the person riding in them!
9: Eh?

1: I didn't apply to ride in a Fukujin so that I could kill people.
2: Logic that allows someone to kill another is out of the question.
3: Even if it gives people goosebumps,
4: I'm going to prioritize my own will.
5: I will not kill another human being.
6: I will create a squad that helps people.

1(2b): Ah ah
2: Can everyone hear?
3: This is a mock war,
4: so let's prioritize getting used to riding in the Fukujin.
5; Yes, sir!
6: How naive.
7: Someone who couldn't even move right during training,
8: talking about getting used to it? Don't make me laugh.
9: I plan to go through with this as if it were a real battle,
10: but just remember that when it comes down to it, this is only a mock war.

1: A mock war?
2: No,
3: this is real.
4: You think people use paint bullets in a real battle?
5: All we have to do is get the flag in the designated location.
6: Shut up! You write it as mock battle, but read it as a real battle!
7: Uryaaaaa
8: Ahh, Bakada!
9: Mukouda-kun!
10: Ah
11: Umm, Wang-san, you're in #03, right?
12: Ohhhhhhh
13: Get back here, you two!
14: Boy are they energetic.

1: A whale?
2: In this season?
3: We're getting no signs...of any kind of metal.
4: Any signs of metal?
5: None at all.
6: Is it a lost whale?
7: Did you scan for sound?
8: No screw sounds, either.
9: The size looks like a humpback or a sperm whale.
10: Hmmm
11: I can monitor it if you want to listen.
12: It shouldn't have any effect on the mock battle...
13: Listen to it, Yoshi.
14: OK.

1-3: squeal
4: How relaxing.
5-8: squeal

1: Buhah
2: Here it comes, here it comes!
3: This is what I'm talking about! Boiling blood, pulsating flesh!

1(2b): T-they're really serious about this!
2: Wow!
3: This is crazy.
4: Is this really a mock battle?!
5: Are those two gonna be OK?
6: Hey, Natori.
7: Do you have a plan?
8: Hm?
9: What are you doing?
10: Ah nothing.
11: I'm just scared and can't stand up.

1: OK!
2: Yahhh

1: Woahh!?
2: Hohhhh
3(2b): W-what are you doing, Nakaraiii?!
4: Th
5: The Captain fell on his ass, so I kicked it to get him back up!
6: It was an order.
7: An order?
8: Yes, an order!
9: That's right, it was an order.
10: I asked her to do that.
11: Now, go bring back the two that went out of bounds.
12: Yes, sir!

Chapter 9 - Light My Behind On Fire END

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