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Translations: Gintama 701 by kewl0210 , One Piece 930 by cnet128

Kidou Ryodan Hachifukujin 10

Be Silent

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Dec 12, 2010 23:06 | Go to Kidou Ryodan Hachifukujin

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tl by molokidan

1-2: squeal
3: Let's send out a report just in case.
4: I understand that everyone is very busy during this mock battle,
5(2b): Ah, yes. That introduction? I should leave it out? Understood.
6: At this time, we have experienced a rare whale sighting.
7-8: squeal
9: And we are currently monitoring its cries.
10: That's "America."

1: Do not take your eyes off that whale.
2: Enemy attack.
3: An "American" submarine has invaded.
4: Then let's strike back.

1: This is our island. We must protect it by our own hands.
2: Yes, sir.
3: Carry out the plan just as scheduled.
4: Please evacuate at once. This area is in danger.
5: Your training is complete. Prepare for battle and get into situation.
6: Can you hear me, Fukujin squad? It's me. Natori.
7: Yes.
8: The enemy is here.
9: Eh?

Chapter 10 - Be Silent

1: Was that them?!
2: That was a blast we fired just now.
3-4: Cease fire!

1: We are currently locating them.
2: Their number and equipment is unknown. We will contact you with more information later.
3: We will do what we can here, but you six are the problem.
4: Should we send IT out?
5(2b): I will have the reserve squad bring out the rail gun. This is your special weapon.
6: Hand it over to Mukouda and Wang at Point 707.
7: Ah, yes, ma'am.
8: Natori.
9: You spoke about being a "soldier who thinks," correct?
10: Eh?
11: Ah, yes.
12: The enemy is most likely after the Fukujin.
13: Use that ability of yours to slip through them.
14: From here on out, the Fukujin Squad...

1: Did you all hear
2: what the Sergeant said?
3: I hear, but...
4: was I hearing things?
5: Were we supposed to read this as a real battle after all?
6: See?!

1: It was just as I said!
2: I'll be right over there to assist you!
3: No, Mukouda-kun, you need to stay there and receive the rail gun.
4: Then we'll regroup.
5: Huh?
6: Where's Wang-san?
7: As you can see,
8(2b): She took a hit and her back broke. She looks just like you now, Natori!
9: Uu...
10: Should I get her to stick her ass out like Nakarai-san?!
11: Bitches are just bitches, when you get down to it.
12: They're never of any use.
13: Is there anything we can do?
14: Huh?

1: Anything?
2(2b): We just need to forget about her. She'll only end up causing trouble...
3: Hey, Wang...
4: Deserting in the presence of enemies is punishable by law!
5: Showing your ass and trying to run is nothing a real soldier should...
6: Ohh?!
7: What, you got a problem with what I'm saying?!
8: No violence, Mukouda-kun!
9: This is instruction! Instruction!

1: Ehh?!
2: White noise.
3: What is this?!
4: Can everyone hear?
5: Huh?!
6: The communications went dead.
7: I can't hear anything! Hey, Natori!
8: Hey, guys, I think my radio is malfunctioning!
9: What should we do at a time like this...
10: Let's just head into the forest.

1: Woaaahhh

1: Ahh
2: It's back on.
3: What was that just now?
4: Hey, what was that!?
5: We'll carry in everything, just as planned.

1: Hey, Natori! Are these guys the backup?
2(2b): Hey, watch your head! Nakarai-chan will get mad at you!
3: Those people fell out of the sky, though!
4: Huh?
5(2b): So then if they aren't our allies....then that means they're...
6: enemies.

1: This is...
2: our enemy.
3: What are they?
4: What are those silhouettes?
5: Kuh
6: Hyah

1: Wonderful

1: It says US on their chests...they're from America.
2: Look at those empty bodies...
3: Hey, dangling penis!
4: They fell out of the sky? Can they fly? Is this American technology?
5: No matter how you look at it...that can't be a person.
6: Ahh, the hand moved.
7: Ah, the hand moved!
8: But regardless...
9: This means I can finish this without killing anyone.
10: Wonderful

1: There's no way to describe it but wonderful.
2: What's wonderful?
3: Hahaha
4: Is this the time to be laughing, dammit?!
5(2b): This is really bad! We have nowhere to run!
6: S-should we shoot?
7: Not unless dangling penis orders us to!
8(2b): So what do we do? C'mon, Natori!
9: Nothing.
10: Watch the enemy.
11(2b): Ah, my bad habit.
12: My bad habit came out.
13: I'm cool and calm.

1: From here on out, the Fukujin Squad...
2: will stand alone.
3: Stand alone means just what it reads: we are alone, with no backup.
4: And we're only equipped with paint bullets.
5: Behind us is the ocean, so even if we run along it...
6: They cut around us and completely slipped through our net.
7: You need to somehow lure them back to where we are.
8: But for an amateur squadron like us
9: that's absolutely impossible...
10: But it's not like we're going to kill people.

1: Hey? How long are we going to stand around like this?
2: The sun's gonna go down.
3: They've invaded our land, so we should be able to do a preemptive strike on them,
4: but I want to see how they move.
5: Let's just enjoy this tense atmosphere for now.
6: Pff
7: You sure sound calm, Captain dangling penis. I like that, though.
8: Oh, that's right. Stand alone doesn't mean I'm utterly by myself.
9: Everyone's with me right now.
10: How about we kill some time and talk about our first loves?
11: Hahaha

1: How about we buy some time?
2: No matter when we begin, our only choice is to charge straight forward and get through the forest.
3: It doesn't seem like they'll let us through very easily, though.
4: Still?
5: Still.

1: Gahah
2: Hey, Natori!
3: Dangling penis!
4: Mmm, I'm alright!
5: Because I'm in a Fukujin.

1: You can all fire back.
2: I haven't taken any major damage.
3: Eh?
4: But these are paint bullets, remember?
5: Exactly...
6: Just have fun shooting them.
7(2b): Act like it's a shooting gallery. Enjoy it.
8(2b): The enemies are like the stuffed animals are on the racks. I doubt you want these ones, though.
9: I want one!
10: They're more like Zippo lighters or something.
11: Can I shoot them too?
12: Let me shoot toooo!
13: Ah, Mukouda-kun. Did you get the rail gun?
14: The reserve squad is taking their sweet time!
15: After you get it, hurry and contact us at once.

1(2b): Natsume-kun, Yuge-kun, and Nakarai: There is an 80-90% chance that they're after these Fukujin.
2(2b): They're testing us right now. To see what we'll do.
3: To see what we can do.
4: We need to look at their hand as much as possible too.
5(2b): We need to stop all the shrapnel from raining down our way, and fight.
6: With these powerful Fukujin bodies!

1(2b): Hey, Natori! They're here!
2: I've got five new dicks for you all!
3: I can't wait to shoooot!
4: I think I can feel precum trickling out!
5: We've been waiting.
6(2b): Okey-dokey, sorry to keep you this long! I'll be right over to join up with you.
7: Yes, please.
8: You can't do a thing without me, can ya?!
9: Indeed.
10: We want you to become a hero, Mukouda-kun.
11(2b): Oh? Ohhhh

1: But you know what the important thing about becoming a hero is...
2: timing!
3: What?
4: Oh, and I'm gonna leave Wang here, alright?
5: ...OK.
6: That might be better for Wang-san.
7: Gimme a break!
8: Every one of you fuckers...
9: Hah
10: Ha
11: Hah
12: Ha

1: Me too...
2: Hey.
3: Here's yours...

1: Hiee

1: So smoky!
2: They're like UFOs, I can't hit them!
3: You don't
4(2b): You don't need to hit them. Just don't stop.
5: Keep up at this tempo,
6: at this rhythm.
7: If you can keep up a monotonous rhythm, then the next attack will live.
8: The next attack?!
9: I might be able to hit them if I get closer.
10: Ah

1: Oh?
2: You can't get any closer.
3: They might capture you.
4: Because they might capture me?
5: We'll be in trouble if you get captured.
6: Be in trouble?
7: Then there'll be no one to kick my ass.
8: Oh, OK.
9: Enough with the lover's spat, you two!
10: Do that somewhere else.
11: What was that about the next attack?

1: We're going to run away so we don't get captured.
2(2b): T-to where?!
3: The forest.
4: How?!
5: Now, Mukouda! Please!
6: Ohhhh
7: Sorry to keep you waiting!
8: Mukouda has arrived!

1: Ohhhh
2: Wang-san's there too!
3: Now, into the forest!
4: Yes sir!
5: If we can escape to the forest...
6: how will that change things?
7: We'll have a chance at victory.

1: Did everyone run?!
2: You're so cooool, Mukouda!
3: hah
4: Ha
5(2b): mumble mumble...now we've experienced a real war.
6(2b): Now we've experienced a real war, Soge-kun said!
7: Ah
8: Ahhh
8: The noise is coming in again!
9: Julietta's Gospel was right...
10(2b): This is the "invitation into the forest."
left: Be Silent

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