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Boku to Issho 37

The Journey of a Man

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Dec 26, 2010 07:40 | Go to Boku to Issho

-> RTS Page for Boku to Issho 37


tl by molokidan

37 - The Journey of a Man
38 - Oww
39 - Itokin Drive
40 - Tip
41 - Gigantic
42 - Help Me
43 - Be Careful About Smoking Too Much
44 - Stupid Ikuo
45 - Boat
46 - Rationality, huh...
47 - Discussion
48 - Parents' House
49 - Homecoming

1: That's right...it's just like Itokin says...ever since I born,
2: I've been unlucky.
3: You gotta be fuckin' kiddin' me!!!
4: is what I thought, but to my regret, I couldn't win...
5: I couldn't defy it.
6: Could this be my destiny?
7: But I met up with Yoshida Ayako, and am eating nice hot meals now...
8: Did her fate help me turn in the right direction...?
9: Also, Itokin...
10: In truth, I've been...
11: Hiding one good destiny from you...

37 - The Journey of a Man
1: ...right, Itokin?
2: Hmmmm?

1: I met your mom, you know.
2: Hmmmm?

1: About one month ago, I saw her selling chicken kebabs by the supermarket.
2: That was your mom, without a doubt.
3: Yoshida Ayako knows the truth as well!
4: R-really?! Really, sister?!
5: Is this true, Aya!!?
6: ..yes..
7: ...so, what? My mama was working in front of the supermarket?
8: Yes.
9: That close?
10: That close.

1: Liaaaarrrrrrr!
2: No, it's truuuuue!!
3: B-but why?! Why wouldn't you tell me immediately?! Isn't that a bit weird?!
4: I took you there immediately! But she had already vanished!!
5: I'm serious, Itokin!!!
6: Your mom was there!! She's totally alive!!
7: Now stop trying to go against your fate!!
8: Accept it!! And leave on a journey, Itokin!!

1: ...f...for reals?
2: ...are you saying this for reals...?
3: Yeah! There you go!!
4: ...h...how...
5: ...did she look?
6: "Amazoness," right?
7: ...yeah.
8: Exactly...
9: An amazoness, huh...
10: M...mom...
11: My mom...

1: was she beautiful?!
2: No, super ugly! Absolutely ogrish!!
3: Was she slender!!?
4: No, she was huge! Like a pig!!!
5: M-mommy!!
6: My mommy!!
7: And so, the next day...

1: From this moment on, I Sakisaka Suguo will follow my destiny
2: and send this man to the side of his mother at all costs!

1: Wh-what, what is wrong with you people?! You got somethin' to say?!
2: Somethin' to say about this amazing journey?!
3: ...I guess I'll say it, then...do you have any clues at all?
4: We'll be off now!!
5: HEY!!
6: ...I wonder if they'll be OK...
7: Yeah right...
8: ...they'll probably last about three days...poor Itokin...

1: Maaaan, I sure was surprised, though!
2: To think that I have a family!
3: I wonder what we'll talk about when we meet~
4: I don't really have anything to talk about, though~
5: By the way, Suguo, how are we gonna search for her? Isn't there any kind of clue you have at all?
6: Yeah, there is! This piece of paper is all we've got!
text: Cunt

1: H...
2: Hmmmmmmmmmm~
3: Hey, Itokin, which way do you want to go?
4: Eh?
5: You and that woman should have almost exactly the same brain makeup! Therefore your movements should be similar.
6: Itokin, where would you naturally go from here?
7: ...s...somewhere warm?
8: Alright, then we're going south!!
9: Ehhhh, really?! Are you sure that vague of a direction is enough!!?
10: Hell yeah it's enough!! Just trust me here!!

1: Hooooooo~
2: ...we sure walked a lot.
3: ...yeah, we really did...
4: Guess we might as well go get a bite to eat around here.
5: It's lunchtime anyway.

1: Hey, look! Look at this awesome shit, Itokin!
2: Eh?
3: Ta-daaaaaaaaaaa!!!
4: I brought weinerrrrrrrs!!!
5: Listen up, Itokin! We're gonna cook these here, put 'em in buns and eat 'em!!
6: W...woooow~
7: And I have tea too! Want some tea?!
8: S...sure, gimme some.
9: Mmmmmm, delicious!! These weiners are damn goood!!
10: Yeah...
11: ...he's really having fun...

1: ...that was good...
2: ...yeah...it was...
3: ...I guess, you know...
4: Eating outside tastes different.
5: ...yeah...
6: It's different...

1: Wanna go home?

1: You tricked meeeee! You took advantage of my naiveteeeeeee!!
2: S-shut up, I was just kidding! Kidding!!
3: Fine, fine!! I got it, c'mon, let's go!!
4: Ah, why?! Why are you getting mad?!
5: Heeeeeeeeeeeeey!
6: Raaaarrr!!?
7: Ohhh, Eight Years!!

1: Wh-what's up, Eight Years! What are you doing here?!
2: A...Ayako-chan...told me...
3: I...I'm coming too!
4: I want to help you search!
5: Ohhh, thanks so much, Eight Yeaaaaaarrrs!
6: The way I am now, even having you with me makes me feel a bit stronger!
7: I-I made sure to bring a book too!
8: Ohh, really?! Great job!!
9: A book?
Book: The Best Mystery Ramen Tour in Japan

1: This ain't no goddamn Mystery Ramen Tour!!
2: You can do anything, Eight Years! Live an aggressive life!
3: I wanna go here.
4: Hey, that's not the kind of trip we're oooooon! We're going to find my mommy, aren't weeeeee!!?

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