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Translations: One Piece 807 by cnet128 , Bleach 652 by cnet128 , Gintama 565 by kewl0210


+ posted by molokidan as translation on Dec 26, 2010 07:43 | Go to REAL

-> RTS Page for REAL 59

REAL #59

tl by molokidan

1: I'm gonna sit you up. One, two
2: three!
3: Pathetic.
4: Just quit.
5: Can you quit?
6: You can quit.
7: You still haven't even said you're going to do it.

1: Ahhhh, dammi...

1: I quit.
all small bubbles: haa
5: I quit, I quit!
6: This isn't something *I* should be doing!
7: I've had dozens of magnificent victories,
8: and an even greater number of pathetic defeats,
9: but...

1(2b): This is more pathetic than any of those losses...don't you think, master?
2(2b): Uuu...kuh...
3: Guh...
4: Sorry.
5: buuu

1: I know.
2(2b): I have experience with this.
3: Being completely powerless.
4: I know what I should do.
5: Guh
6: Shut my mouth

1: and just move my,
2: my arms!!
3: It'll surely come eventually...

1: the moment when it becomes "possible"--
2: Just quit.
3: You can't do it.

1: Shut your mouth
2: just move your arms--
3: What will it mean?
4: Even if you do become able.
5: You're disabled.
6: In a wheelchair.
7: Oh, THAT Takahashi-kun?
8: He's in a wheelchair?
9: Oh man. He's done for now.

1: Shut up...!!
2-3: Push

1: Stop
2: Balance.

1: Your head is the heaviest part.
2: And since that heavy head of yours is at the top,
3: you need to move so that it doesn't fall, right?
4: Or on the contrary, should I utilize this weight...
5-6: haa
7: for balance?!
8: Takahashi-kun, was it?
9-10: haa
11: You
12: have got good sense.
13-14: haa
15(2b): Alriiight, next! Show them how it's done, Takaya!
16: Uheh

1: Ohh, Nagai?
2(2b): It's been a while, Hara-sensei. Thanks in advance for tomorrow.
3: Don't forget to bring a present!
4: I don't have any presents...
5(2b): Just kidding. Wanna do a slope dash for old times' sake? Ku ku ku...
6(2b): Ahh, that brings back memories! Sure, I'll do it!!
7: OK then, see you tomorrow.

1: This sucks.
2: Owww...
3: Hooo
4: It's already been three months...?
5(2b): Ah. That reminds me, today...
6: What?

sign: Graduation Ceremony Inside

1: I am sure you are all proud to be graduates of our high school,
2(2b): thinking for yourselves, deciding for yourselves, and putting your thoughts into practishe!
3(2b): Ahh, he spit. This is the same as always.
4: That is exactly the kind of adult
5: that I would like you all to grow up to be!
6(2b): Haaaah, it sure is refreshing to be at the top now!
7: Eh, Masaki?
8: Uuu
9: Look at the third guy to your right, Seki.

1: Now, for the student farewell address.
2: Representing the current student body is Year 2, Class 1...
3: A high school student with a beard?!
4-5: clamor
6: There's no way that guy's...
7: What is he doing here...
8: clamor
9(2b): Hrm? Those boys sure are getting noisy over there...uuu?!
10: He came!!
11: He came back to settle the score!! I thought we'd be okay here, but...that scoundrel!
12: How tenacious!
13: School body representative, Fukada-kun?
14(small): Got it, Fukada-kun?
15(small): Just let me take over here.
16: What's wrong?
17: Yes, just now

1: I should be the one giving my graduation speech here,
2: Huh?
3: Hey
4(2b): but due to various circumstances, it was not to instead I come here bearing words
5: for all the current students at Nishi High.
6: Huh...?!
7(2b): What's he doing? Who is that?!
8: Could he be...
9: To all of you without any especially outstanding characteristics:
10: There's one thing you can be proud about now:

1: You went to the same high school as the pro basketball player, Miyano Tomomiiii!!

1(2b): Ehhhh, THAT Miyano?! I'm so jealous! Go get an autograph for me next time you see him!
2(2b): OK, I'll ask him! But he might say nooo?!
3(2b): Sure!! I will not refuse any sort of autograph!!

1: Pro?
2(2b): Has Miyano gone insane?! Well, I suppose he was always that way...
3: Thank you, Nishi High.
4(2b): In this gym, I practiced, played games,
5: punched, was punched...

1: snuck in here early in the morning and at night to do solo practice,
2(2b): got complained at for Kondou because the dribbling was too loud, getting punched by my teacher all the while.
3: And yet this was the only place I had...
4: so I honed my skills here.
5: I fell off my path time and time again,
6: but I was able to come back.

1: Because I created
2: my center here.
3(2b):'re not allowed to come back! (You dropped out!)
4: Get him off there!
5: Y-yes, do as he says!

1: Thanks, Nishi High.
2: I'll give back the key to the gym.
3: Whaaat?!
4: When did you take that?
5: Come on, Nomiya, get down!
6: Go
7: Gehoo
8: Ohhh!
9: I'm gonna be a pro.

1: Because I'm going to take the entrance test
2: to the Tokyo Lightnings.

1: I
2: am happy right now.

1: Do your best!
2(2b): I'll cheer you on. I'll go see you when you become a pro!
3: Go get Ansei Yoshiki's autograph for me!

1: Hey! Don't pull your pants down there!
2(2b): You guys called the police...? Who do you think I am...?
3(small): Want me to take a shit again?!
4: Well, whatever.
5(2b): From now on, I won't ever have to run past the school again.

1: Bongiorno!
2(3b): Are your hands alright--like sand dollars? Ku ku
3: Urahh
4: Come on, let's go.
5: If we're late the demon sergeant will kill us.

1(2b): Hm? What's this sound?

1: Yeaaaaah, nice shoooot!

1: OK, next!!
2: Speed, speed!!

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