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Translations: Bleach 675 by BadKarma , Gintama 589 (2) , One Piece 826 by cnet128


+ posted by molokidan as translation on Dec 26, 2010 07:43 | Go to REAL

-> RTS Page for REAL 60

REAL #60

tl by molokidan

1: Ball, ball, ball!
2: Here comes the pick!
3: That's it, OK! Nice!

1: What is that...?
2: Wheelchair basketball...?
3: ...it appears so.
4: The Choufu Dreams--
5: the champions of Tokyo.
6: Yeaaaah, raise your voices!!
7(2b): We're gonna win the championship this year!! Got it?!

1: Yeah!!
2: Offsides!
3: Baaaaaall!!
4: Ball, ball, ball!

1: Switch!!
2: Woahh
3: Ball!!
4: Heeeyy
5: Is Nagai working hard?
6: He's the soul of the team.
7: Starting with Nagai, all the players on the team that came out of here have got tons of guts.
8: Because they were trained by Hara-sensei, right?

1(2b): Hmmm. Want some?
2: It's Nagai's present. (from Nabona)
3: Ohhhhh!!
4: What is that?!

1: How many times to we have to win to dominate the championship?!
2: Five times!!
3: And you're getting all worn out over THIS?!
4: Hey, you too, Fujikura!!
5: What's that?!
6: Buohhh

1: Now once more!

1(2b): Nice shooooot! Fujikura!!
2: Woah
3: Ah, sorry.

1(2b): Woah. Sorry, sorry.
2: It's better if you do it like this.

1(2b): Ohh. Thanks.
2: You played basketball, didn't you?
3: Eh?
4: You treat the ball a little differently.

1: Heeeey, I can't hear you!!
2: C'mon, let's goooo!!
3: Yeahhh

1: Huh?
sign: Croquette Fried Meat
2(2b): All by yourself, master? Where's Takahashi-kun?
3: Dunno...?
4: Where could he be, if he's not eating...?
5(2b): Owww! This is so full of beans I can hardly eat it.
6: Heheh

1-2: Push
3: Stop
4-7: haa
8: It's better if you do it like this.

1: Ahh
2: Quit it with that already.
3: Can I quit?
4: You'll drown.
5: It's overflowing from your head--

1: a sea of words

1: Ahh
2: Tch
3: Huh?!
4: Dammit!!

1: clinging
2: My only path is here.

1: What's wrong with clinging?!

1: Heeeey, what are you doing there all by yourself?!
2: Don't play alone!
3: We're the three musketeers, aren't we?
4(2b): Even though you may not like it. Ku ku

1(2b): OK, that's it for today!! Gather up!!
2(2b): OK...!! I'm Captain Kaneko, so...
3-5: haa
6(2b): Enough with that joke already. I'm sick of it.
7(2b): We lost to the Dreams -- so our chance to go to the championship in May was crushed, but...in July!!
8: we have been invited to a pretty big tournament!!
9: Hoh

1: The Flycatcher Cup!! And it's in Utsunomiya, where they have delicious pot stickers!!
2: Pot stickers?
3: We were surely called there because we gave the Dreams a tough battle!!
4(3b): The top of the top who will all be in the championship won't come out there, but it's still a national-level tournament!! It's the perfect stage to test out the strength of the reborn Tigers!!
5: Let's do thiiiiis!!
6(2b): Haa
7: Haa
8: Something wrong, Nagano-kun?
9: Ryou!
10: The skin around your hands has really gotten thick.

1: My arms are thicker, too!
2: Hm?
3: No, nothing.
4: Sorry.
5: Things are gonna get even harder for you from here on out!!
6(2b): The Tigers are extremely short on players, so they only need those who can really work. There are only two months left--
7: Will this become your debut game?
8: Or will you run beforehand?
9(2b): It's one of two. OK?
10: O...okay.
11: Any questions, Kiyoharu?
12: Eh?
13: Uhh
14: Well...
15(2b): The Captain spoke about us testing out our strength or whatever back there, but I don't think that's gonna cut it.
16: What?!

1: We need to take that cup!!
2: That is the only option. Got it?!
3: Y...
4: Yeah!!
5: OK, so with that intent
6: Not with that intent!! We're gonna take it no matter what!
7(2b): Y...yeah!!

1: Fufu! That's my Vince...
2: Thanks for the power.
3: Also...hey.
4: It's tomorrow, isn't it?
5: Yeah.
6: The tryouts.
7: Tomo-chan's
8: pro tryouts.
9: shkin!

1: Take that sheathed blade of yours--
2: and pull it out tomorrow.

1: Tom
2: Miyano-kun
3: It's a hard gate to get into.
4(2b): It'll be a tough battle, Miyano.
5: But--

1: You aren't alone.
2: I'm not just awake now

1: I've already finished all my stretches!!

1: Today, my path
2: will connect.

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