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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

World Embryo 60

Hatsumi Island [4]

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 7, 2011 11:39 | Go to World Embryo

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tl by molokidan

1: What...is this?!
2: What was the world we were just watching now...?
3: Calm down, Arisugawa!
4: How long has it been since we came "here?"
5: Since yesterday...? I saw master... (He didn't notice me, though...)
6: I've been here for a month.
7: And during that time, I should have tried...to see what would happen if I used "Kensei."
8: Which means that Jinki and this world are connected somehow.
9(2b): ...oh. We might be able to find something with our CAGEs...

Chapter 60 - Hatsumi Island[4]
black: A plan gone wrong--
the feelings of the people on the trembling island--
While Riku and Rena stare into the past...!?

1: Julie?!
2: You know her?! ...ugh
3: Arisugawa?! (Guh...)
4: She's right...I "knew" it.
5: I've known Julie's name...for so long.
6: Since such a long time ago...since that moment...
7: She's the one who appeared then!

1: Is it...you?
2: Why...
3: were you in a Jinki core...
4: U...kuh
5(2b): Arisugawa?! O-oh yeah. Tune us...
6(2b): Tune us back in! What happened to the island?
7: ...eh...
8: Waaaaaah

1(2b): N-no...I don't want to see the island! I just want to know what happened! Everything!!

2: It isn't just something that disappears!
3: Don't go making weird false accusations!!
5: Search more carefully!
6: Oraaaaahhh
7: Eh? The holy body?
9: Takao stole it?!
10: What are we going to do?
11: Who else could have stole it?!
12: I don't know!
14: I said what are we gonna do?!
15: Just calm down!
17: We're being falsely accused!
18: What...is this?
19: Would a society like this really collapse...after just having a single thing like that stolen?
20: Everyone...had it etched in their hearts...!
21: They knew...that it was DANGEROUS.

1: It's useless!
3: I can't
4: Holy body!!
6: What should we do?!
8: You were the closest one by!
9: Ah...uuu...
10: You're really just afraid, aren't you?!
11: What will happen?!
12: Grandma!!
14: Grandma
15: The coffin princess
16: And more than anything...FEAR
18: Get ahold of yourselves!!
19: Grand Mother!
20: The master of the house!!
21: There is no one who could gain anything by stealing that except the Takao house!!
22: Head to their estate!!

1: Master...
2: Get ahold of yourselves!
3: Ryuusei! Where's Ryuusei?!
4: That's the thing...
5: Ryuu-chan...

1: Takao's gone...
2: H-hey, stop it!
3: Where's Takao?!
4: Shirou!
5: Takao-kun?!
6: Wh-what happened? Aren't you supposed to stay by Julie-chan's side during the festival...?
7: Julie said that sensei...disappeared somewhere...so

1: Sensei...isn't she with you?
2: N-no...I was looking for her myself.
3: Let's look together. I have a bad feeling...
4: I've been here for a moth...
5(2b): and the whole time, I was watching Karasawa Shirou's memories...or so I thought.
6: But that's not it! This isn't a mere recollection.
7: It's like...the entire world from the past has been cut out and recreated here...that's the feeling I get.
8: Then...can we change it by interfering with this world...?
9: With this world from the past.

1: I wonder...it may just be a recreation, like a kind of game...
2: We can't change the events of the past...but there may be clues to the mysteries within the events!
3(2b): --that is all. Follow countermeasure pattern 21 and stand by...the plan is aborted. boop
4(2b): ...understood...if we cannot get contact with her like this, then the team will dismantle, destroy all documents, and leave the island...
5: ...u
6: ...why won't she respond? Same thing with the GPS...what happened, Sayoko-san?
7: Shirou!
8: A-ahhh! What is it, Takao-kun?!
9: ...I...know...
10: That you and Sensei came here to find out the secret about the Coffin Princess.

1: What are you talking about?
2: I heard you two talking...
3: You started this disturbance, didn't you? You're trying to get the Holy Body, aren't you?
4: But...I...
5: Be quiet! Takao-kun!
6: zaza..

1: ...Shirou?
2: Shirou!
3: ...don't follow me. It'll be better if you don't see this.
4: If you had any feelings for your sensei...she wouldn't have wanted this either.

1: She's dead...
2: Who's there?!
3(2b): Riku! That's...

1: Kuh...
2(2b): Julie! Do you know who that is?! Ahh! Don't fast-forward this part!
3: It'll be quicker if we go to look ourselves!!
4: H-hey, Arisugawa!!
5: S...Sensei...
6: was killed by someone...?!

1-2: uwaaaaaaaahhhh
3: Is it really that important?!
4: That cocoon?! The Coffin Princess?!
5: Is it really that important?!
6: ...Takao-kun...this...

1: the cocoon...!
2(2b): It fell over there...this is the real one...I think...Sayoko-san must have protected it with her life...
3: Yeah...that sure ended quickly.
4: The mission's complete...all I need to do is take this out with me now...
5: ...no...

1: Takao-kun.
2: Julie-chan
3: is the reborn soul of your mother...isn't she?
4: ...that's...
5: That's...
6: Sorry...but I did a little research. In the middle of the anti movement, your mother, Takao Juri-san, passed away.
7: She's the Coffin Princess.
8: Not long after, inexplicable death accidents began...
9: The cocoon's emerged form.

1: You're the ones...who did it, right? You and the reborn Julie-chan.
2: You used that "power" and killed them...correct?
3: The cocoon takes in the dead and then transforms into them.
4: Julie-chan...was the entity inside one of the three pillars, the Takao family's cocoon.
5: Ah...uuu
6: Sorry...I don't mean to scold you. I know you were desperate...and you may just have been ordered by someone.
7: But can you...tell me one thing?
8: Does Sayoko-san, the way she is now, also have the "capability?"

1(2b): ...this island is mad...they kill off anyone they like just to protect their traditions...
2: We're all prisoners in invisible chains...!!
3: Can you break them
4: for us, Shirou?!

1: Sure, Takao-kun.
2: Now you and I are
3: accomplices!!

1: The ceremony to create a Coffin Princess was so easy it was anti-climatic...
2: It involves pushing the cocoon onto the stomach of the "corpse," then praying for the one who will become the "host" to revive...that's all.
3: But that's probably why...it was kept under such tight security, over fear of what might happen if someone abused it...
4: Is this...what it means for someone to become a Coffin Princess...?
5: Then who did that
6: to Amane-nee...?

1: Even if I revive you like this,
2: you will probably still never see me again.
3: Your heart is caught in the cage "he" created.
4: You're a caged bird.
5: Just like her.
6: Look at me, mother.
7: Look at me!
8: If I was father...would you turn your head?

1: Are you alright? You were running so desperately.
2: I came to see my father. Let me meet him.
3: ...this is that woman's child...!
4: What's the meaning of this? Isn't the out-of-court settlement finished?
5: Poor thing.
6: Even if caged birds
7: wrench open their cages
8: they don't chirp.

1-2: Look at me
3: Look at me!!
4-10: Me
11: Me!!

1: Ah...I finally understand now.
2: That's why
3: I
4: love you.

1: Shirou!
2(2b): Hey...Takao-kun. Welcome...!
3: ...you're being too careless. At least lock the door.
4: Lock? ...hahahaha!
5(2b): There's no need for that! She'll tell me about any person who gets close to here.
6: ...Scanning...

1: Validating identification...Takao...Ryuusei. Hello.
2: "Ende"'s eyes reach farther than anyone's.
3: There's nothing to be afraid of.
side: ...Karasawa's "madness" begins swirling...the power balance on the island is about to crumble...?!

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#1. by tarmie ()
Posted on Jan 8, 2011
Thank you very much! :)
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