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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

World Embryo 61

Hatsumi Island [5]

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 7, 2011 15:54 | Go to World Embryo

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tl by molokidan

1: ...umm
2: Shut up, just wait a little longer!
3: Ummm
4: Shut up!
5: What's with this world?! You can peep all you want in it, how impure!!
6: Hey, I didn't spend a whole month here because I wanted to...
7: No, no, no!! I never even THOUGHT of that!
8: *The two cannot be seen
9: Besides, doing Kensei is the same thing!!
10: Hmph! Like there'd be a Jinki User out there who'd use their weapons for such a thing!
11: Arisugawa-san, completely pigeonholing herself (See Vol. 3, Chapter 20)
12: Who would get excited looking at such a curve-less body...
13: anyway...
14: Well...different strokes for different folks...
15: Are you trying to sympathize?!
16: Hebuh!!

1(2b): We should just change the scene. Kensei!!
2: ...so I'm finally recovered.
3: Julie, search for us.
4: The past world that we're watching...we understood after going into Kensei that this is not "someone's memories!"
5: Our pilot is the Coffin Princess Julie, the reincarnated soul of Takao's mother.
6: Is Julie showing us this world...? If that's the case, then she's...

Chapter 61 - Hatsumi Island[5]

1-2: rip
3: ...welcome home...
4: That night...Sayoko-san was killed by someone, then brought back to life as a Coffin Princess.
5: Then I started raising her in the radio tower complex, where no one but I ever goes, so that no one would find her.
6: I named her Ende.

1: You can't give her the same name.
2: Until they mature, the Coffin Princesses have different "selves" than the original person.
3: So if you do that, they'll be unable to separate their own memories with the memories of their "original self."
4: If only...I had known about that sooner...Julie would have...
5: So that the same mistakes would not be made, I read all the documents containing information about the Coffin Princess that were handed down by the Takao house.
6: After pushing myself to read deep into the night, I came to understand many things.
7: Ummm...so what are these "Kanshu" (Coffin Protectors) and Three Shrine Pillars...and this "Voyager?"
8: Voyager and
9: master...
10: The Voyager is the master of the Coffin Princesses. Kanshu are...demons...I think?

1: A long time ago...there were apparently coffins that overflowed with demons on this island.
2(2b): These invisible demons possessed humans, killed humans, and turned those who heard their voices into new demons. Those who became demons were then forgotten.
3: The people of the island couldn't even remember their fear of the demons, so their numbers continued to dwindle. Then, one day, they appeared.
4: Three Coffin Princesses led by a Voyager.

1: The Coffin Princesses made the demons yield, and sent them all back to their coffins.
2: The villagers who now remembered those who fell to the hands of the demons thanked them, welcomed them in along with the Voyager, and revered them forever.
3: When a Voyager dies, the Coffin Princess turn back into cocoons and slumber...
4(2b): After that...the demons appeared again, many times...and at that time, the family lines that had been entrusted with the cocoons revived the Coffin Princesses and exorcised the demons.
5: Those...were the Three Shrine Pillars.
6: The Three Pillars? You mean the three families?
7: The Takao house, the Ootori house...
8: And the other...uhh...
9: ...what's going on here...

1(2b): ...I see. Where did they come from?
2: I...don't really know.
3(2b): In the records it only says "from an unvoyageable interval"...Shirou?
4: ...the world of the stars? A parallel universe? ...well, whatever.
5: Coffins? Is there some sort of ruins on this island that point to them?
6: No...I don't think so...
7: Coffin Protectors and Coffin Princesses...this is really confusing...
8(2b): What are the conditions...? The conditions under which a Coffin Princess returns to a cocoon...life...material...
9(2b): They made the demons yield...how...? What is their connection...?
10: Kamogari...ahhh, an older Kanshu...
11: Voices...infection...frequencies...?
12: How is it transmitted...
13: ...u
14(2b): Here too...there's a connection with memory...a cycle? There's a hierarchy...with the honeybees? With the queen bee?
15: Coffin...Princess...the box...how large...? What is...what...
16: Rou!
17: Shirou!!
18: ...you alright...?
19: Y...yeah, maybe I'm pushing myself too hard? I just want to understand the Coffin Princesses as quickly as possible...
20: ...the savage condition that the island's been in since the festival hasn't changed...with the way they're guarding and checking everything that goes off the island, there's no way the two of us will be able to leave...
21: But it'll be tough to stay here, too...and the diversionary tactics using Sayoko-san's ID won't last forever...

1: We have to make sure...Ende grows up as fast as possible.
2: Right...Ende <3
3: Yes...quickly.
4: But...Shirou. You can't do THAT just because you want her to mature quickly.
5: You can't let her absorb memories.
6: Coffin Princesses mature by absorbing memories
7: I thought she was maturing a bit quickly...don't tell me...
8: Haha, good idea. That would make things go quite smoothly.
9: Shirou!
10: I'm kidding. Your warning is in the right. I would prefer not to cross any dangerous bridges myself.

1: Believe in me.
2: ...Takao-kun, take this.
3: ...a walkie talkie?
4: If someone notices you, call me on this.
5: ...okay. You be careful too, Shirou...
6(2b): ...so that's the Jinki Hunter, Takao...? He really looks different...
7: Yeah, that's right, he almost killed you a number of times.
8: S-shut up!!

1: Do you remember anything?
2: I think you were close with him when you were young.
3: Are you talking about that girl who was called the deceased spirit...?
4: Unfortunately, I can't remember anything about Takao...
5: ...oh.
6(2b): ...something's weird with you. Every since you chased him then.
7: You said "In the end, a proper criminal was never found," didn't you?

1(2b): ...we're accomplices, aren't we? We're going to accept it all together, aren't we?
2: Soon we'll understand everything.
3: I...have a feeling.
4: Yeah...
5: I intend to.

1-5: snicker
6: ...gya
7: ...hie...

1: Good work today.
2: Ah, hold on a minute, Karasawa-kun.
3: Hm? What might it be?
4(2b): I was just about to go have some tea. Would you join me?
5: Sure...
6: ...sorry.
7: What is it?
8(2b): It's the current conditions of this island. Ever since that incident, the outcry hasn't stopped. Ever since the holy body disappeared at the festival.
9: You came from such a far-off place just to work here, only to see all this ugliness...
10: it's really unfortunate.
11: ...I feel the opposite.

1: The fact that they're showing me their ugly sides means they've accepted me, right? And people aren't all prettiness.
2: I like this island for its many faces.
3: Really...?
4: Well, I'll be off now.
5: Oh? Why in such a hurry?
6: Got a girlfriend waiting for you?
7: Hahaha, no, of course
8: not...

1: Karasawa-kun?
2: Heeey, Karasawa-kun.
3: Kaaarasaaawa-kuuuun.
4: ...is he asleep?
5: It's really...unfortunate.
6: ...Master?
7: Riku...!
8: Yeah...!

1: I see...so you found out.
2: Now...what are you going to do? Kill me...?
3: But the Coffin Princess is already born me. If something happens to me, something worse will happen to her, right?
4: Yes...we would never kill you.
5: We'll just make you obedient.
6: We'll cut your tendons, crush your throat, mess with your head, and TAME you.
7: So that two can live here in harmony until you grow old and rot.

1: ...that's scary.
2: By the way...is it OK if I ask how you found out?
3: You shouldn't trust people so easily.
4: Especially children.
5: Ohh
6: He's here.
7: We leave it to you, boy!
8: Ryuusei!

1: Takao-kun...
2: So it was you...

1: ...ha
2: Aha
3(2b): Aha aha
4: Aha aha
5: Ahaha
6: What are you laughing for...
7: Ahaha! Come on.
8: The one questioning me is none other than
9: the one who killed Sayoko-san:
10: Oootori Keishin-san.

1: What is he talking about?!
2: Stop making shit up!
3: You
4: Silence!
5: tried to send Sayoko-san into the cocoon.
6: Tried to betray the island, the Ootori family.
7: Our plan...was simply to replace the cocoon, and if no one noticed that, then all we'd have to do was regroup later.
8: But...when the cocoon disappeared from the altar, things turned to chaos.
9: And the one who did it...haha. Well, I'll leave that for later.
10: It got so bad that Sayoko-san had to run far away to avoid all the people. You followed her, and then proposed a deal.
11: "In exchange for letting you go free, add me into your plan"...you said.
12: ...but in the end, things didn't work out.

1: And midst the struggle, she lost her footing and fell.
2(2b): ...that makes no sense. Why would I do such a thing?! I have no motive!
3: Do you now...? I'm not exactly sure myself...I just explained what the witness saw.
4: Witness...?
5: your nephew, Kanenobu.

1: Who's that?
2: Aha
3: That's pretty cold of you! Did you forget him alreadyyy?
4: Ahhh, things are going just how it was written!
5: The sun's gone down already, and it's been so long, so maybe you should just go and see him yourself.
6: kiri
7: ...hiee
8: kiri
9: Uwaaah
10: kiri
11: What's all that noise...

1: A...Kanshu?
2: I studied...a great deal...
3: Including many "experiments"...

1: "Coffin Princesses absorb memories to mature."
2: And it is possible to show the memories they absorb to other people.
3: ...and as a result of my research--

1: I realized that I have absolutely no reason to sympathize with you people.
2: Are you watching, Ende? Do it.
3: Yes, master.
4: Loading application.
5: Escape Plan No. 12 "Pandemic," Start.

1: bzzt
2: rring
3: bnn
4: ...The story about "the Coffin Princesses exterminating the Kanshu"...is paradoxical.
5: The demons appeared when they arrived...
6: They were mostly likely the source of infection...
7: What would a foreigner need to do...in order to travel across eternity so as not to be expulsed? It's simple.

1: Hieee
2: Ruuuuun
3: Stand at the top of the system!
4: By being welcomed and thanked, they gained a safe habitat.

1: Grandpaaa
2: Hyaaaaa
3: gyaaah
4: So they simply planted fear and then bestowed a release from that fear.

1: It's begun...!
2: What will happen from here on out...
3: Arisugawa...
4: Arisugawa?!
5: Hey! Arisugawa!!
side: Hatsumi Island heads toward destruction...what will happen when Rena regains her memroies...?!

Next: Jan. 29

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