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Translations: One Piece 824 by cnet128 , Bleach 671 by cnet128 , Gintama 585 (2)

History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 414

Between a tiger and a wolf

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 20, 2011 03:34 | Go to History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi

-> RTS Page for History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 414

*Only for use by Utopia.

tl by molokidan

slanted: Don't I have a spot this time around?
BATTLE414 - Between a tiger and a wolf

side: Kenichi's group attempts to transport the "Yami" data. But pursuers appeared in no time...!!
1: Neither of you move!!
2: Do you have some kind of thing where you need to fire up into the sky every time?
3: Why yes, I do. Only after firing up into the air once, can a policeman fire at the leg or shoulder!

1: Kuh...
2: But midst a chaotic battle like this...
3: Go on, Miu-san!!
4: Ehh?!
5: Kehhh!!
6: I'm worried about the one that ran past us!! Even though it was a surprise attack, for you to be touched like that...Niijima...no, the disc might be in trouble!!

1: Nuahh!!
2: B-but!!
3: I can't leave Kenichi here like this when his wounds haven't healed...
4: That's right, we only have two opponents!!
5(2b): There's three men here, and we even have a gun, so we should be alright!! ...probably.
6: Nun.
7: When will you learn your place...
8: You're causing me so much trouble!!
9: Urah!

1: Mmm.
2: Uoryaaahh!!
3: Kuh!
4(2b): Fu ha ha! My body's moving pretty well today!! My back is a little itchy for some reason though.
5: Who are you, girl?!
6: Who did you call a girl, you bastard?!
7: Uoohhhhh!!

1: Chikage-chan!
2: Go! Fist of Life.
3: I won't let myself actually lay a fist on someone from the weapons group!!
4: Ha ha ha! It seems like I've become more accustomed to the flexible path!!
5: Go!!
6: Miu-san!!

1: Got it!!
2: But even though that being had the speed to slip through my defense...there's something more. Their aura didn't feel like the special, heavy aura of a martial artist.
3: Truly mysterious.
4: It looks like it'd be best here to start off with inner martial arts!!

sfx: dabadabadaba
1: I think that's a very inefficient way to run, you know!
2: Isn't it strange how he isn't getting tired, though? Could that laugh be a special way of breathing?
3: What, Kisara-chan, are you worried about Ukita?
4: W-why would I be worried about that big lug?!
5: Ehhh? I am, thouuuuugh...
6: Something's coming!! I hear footsteps coming up that are light, but moving at a beastly speed!!
7: Hurry, you two!!

1: I don't hear anythiiiing?
2: That guy's ears match his pluck.
3: Ahh, look, we've reached the mountain villa, comrades!!
4: Uuu!

1: Katsu!!! (*A buddhist shout used to focus one's energies)
2: Hooo.
3: Hey, hey, why are there enemies at the mountain villaaaa?

1: Y-you three!!
2: Are you the protection Inspector Honmaki mentioned?!
3: I'm Ishida. Sorry, but Yami already came here and threatened me...
4: Wait, did we fall into a trap?!
5: Hm? It's coming...something's coming here with frightening force...
6: It's like we're trapped between a tiger and a wolf here...what should we do?
7: Hmmm. I see, so this is where the top players are at.
8: Their auras are completely different.
9: Fine by me!!

1: I wanna see how far I can go here!! If my power can't match up to an enemy I fight here...
2: Then I'll just die smiling knowing that this was my limit!!
3: Hey, let that old guy go, you shitty priests.
4: I'll take any kind of fight someone wants to pick with me!!

1: H-have these two upped their ranks at some point when I wasn't watching?
2: I thought they were just chasing after Kenichi, but all of a sudden they've started walking on their own paths!
3: I heard that in Ragnarok a guy named Kensei used his power of observation to gather up all the people he could find with latent martial arts potential...
4: but these guys are on "our" side after all!!!
5: I've got a full hand of pawns under my control now!!!!

1: They've come from below as well, you two!!
2: Tch.
3: A pincer attack, eh?
4: As the king here, I've got to put myself at top priority in the planning!! Niijima-style presence erasing technique!
5: Empty your mind! Become a tree!
6: With the power of nature, our General Niijima can erase his entire presence and become one with the forest!!

1: What was that just now?
2: Did she give us both a body search in that instant?
3: Ahhhh, that's strange...
4: Neither of you have the disc!

1: Are you from YOMI, the barehanded group?
2: Look, you missed checking someone, little girl.
3: Guwahhh, let me go!
4: Eh?
5: Gyaaaah!
6(2b): Uwaaah, Rimi didn't notice you at all! Looks like she needs more training.
7: But...
8: Oh nooo! I can't believe this happened to me!
9: What a disgrace!
10: I Got the diiiiisc!
11: Wait!!

side: Miu and Rimi clash!
1: Miu-chan!
2: Give back that disc...
3: YOMI!!
4: Uhah! You followed me all the way from there?
5: You're pretty fast!!
Next: Jan. 26

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