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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 415

The Battle Over the Disc

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2011 02:44 | Go to History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi

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*Only for use by Utopia.

tl by molokidan

side: Limi from YOMI, who stole the disc containing secret "Yami" information from Niijima. Will the Shinpaku alliance be able to steal it back?
1: H-help!!

side: She can't just shut up and watch the enemy get away!!
1: Give back that disc!
BATTLE415 - The Battle Over the Disc
2: You're quick!
3: Girl!!

1: Huh? But how do you know that Rimi is a part of Kensei-sama's YOMI?
2: so it's true...and it's Kensei's YOMI? ...despite your skill, there were some inconsistencies in your movements, so I knew immediately that you were disciple class...
3: Hauu! You mean Rimi let out a secret just now?
4: You're too honest, so you shouldn't talk much with the enemy.
5: Despite being told that so many times by Ryuuto-sama?!
6: Ryuuto?! Asamiya-san is alright?!
7: Hauuu...now Rimi even revealed the fact that Rimi is deeply in love with Ryuuto-sama!!
8: At this rate, Rimi might even reveal the fact that Rimi is the leader of the martial artist group called "Titan," and that just a little bit ago Rimi was officially given patronage by Kensei-samaaaaa!
9: What a beneficial, stupid discovery!!
10: Heey, Miu-chan! Be sure to capture this one. We can probably get a ton of important information regarding "Yami" from her.
11: Eh? But Rimi doesn't know anything about "Yami," Rimi's just one member.
12: Oh...reaaaally?

1: Heaaaahhh!!
2: Watch out, Miu-chan!!
3: Takeda-san!!
4: Shall we begin, then?!

1: Yah!!
2: Taaaaahh!!
3: Guoh!
4: Kuh, looks like I won't able to protect her in a cool way just yet...
5: Yah!!
6: Yah yah yah!!
7: Nuuuu!!

1: In that case!
2: Wha?!
3: I suppose there's no reason for me to be fighting with my trainer on then?
4: H-he...was fighting with that mechanism on, when facing an armed opponent in a real battle?! Is he sane?!
5: Why yes, I am!!
6: The "height" I'm aiming for is different than yours, however!!

1: Deiyah!!
2: Gggh!!
3: Kuh! It's no good, I can't put much power into my swings!
4: Master Kouetsuji wrote "be sure to rest three days before returning to your training" in that letter, but this is bad...I never thought I'd have taken this much damage.
5: Maybe the nursing was done so well that I didn't notice!!?
6: Kukukuh! You're quite the fighter, but it seems you're weakened, eh?
7: Shuriken!!?
8: Uuu!

1: Gotcha!!
2: Kenichiiii!
3: Oh no, we won't make it!
4: Nooo, he's behind the tree!!
5: Nuuu!!

1(4b): Yamazuki! Khao Loi!! Ugyuu Haitou!! Kuchiki Daoshi!!
2: Strongest Combo #1!!

1: Ohhh!
2: Nunu!
3: Heheh! That's our Kenichi.
4: He's that weakened, yet when it comes down to it, he can still put out such explosive power.
5: Die, kiiiid!!
6: Ah...
7: Oh no, oh no, to think that I of all people would take my eye off my opponent.

1: Uooohhhhhhh!!

1: Don't you dare attack a kid, you bastard!!
2: I'm gonna toss you into oblivion, you weapon-using asshole!!
3: G-guohhhh!!
3: Shaaaaaah!!

1: Gefuhhh!!
2: How was that move?
3: I finished things using hardly any strength.
4: That was a special move.
5: W-well, yeah.
6: Just now..."Arashiguruma!!" (Storm Wheel)
7: O-ohh, really? Then I'll call it "Arashiguruma" from here on out!!

1: Hoo...
2: This is too boorish a thing to use.
2: Thanks, Chikage-chan.
3: ...what?
4: You know.
5: A-anyway, let's head to the top of the mountain!
6: Yeah, who knows what Kisara will say to us if we waste too much time.
7: I hope we can safely meet Ishida.

1: Tch! That armor is making things surprisingly difficult.
2: Mmmm, Rimi's job is just to get back the disc...
3: It's OK to run here, right?
4: Ahhh, wait!!
5: Ahh, she's running away with it!!
6: Kuh, I want to chase her, but I can't leave Kisara-chan and Takeda-san here alone.

1: They're here!!?
2: Freya, Thor, we'll be going on ahead!!

1: To our general, lalaaaaaa~
side: Siegfried makes a beautiful entrance!! The Shinpaku Alliance strikes back!!

TBC in Issue #10

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