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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

World Embryo 62

Hatsumi Island [6]

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 31, 2011 11:22 | Go to World Embryo

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tl by molokidan

1(2b): This smells..."bad."
2: The first one to notice the event was a man standing outside a lone.
3: Around dinnertime, all the families huddled around their TVs were directly attacked.
4: Next, the disturbance moved to their home telephones.
5: Since no cell phones existed on the island, no one noticed that every phone was ringing at the same time.
6: At this point, if there was even one person in every family who managed to get infected, they would begin attacking everyone else.
7: Then, the speakers in the town cleaned up all those who somehow survived that long.
8: The town hall siren signaling the end of the day became a murderous route for the infection...

Chapter 62 - Hatsumi Island[6]

1: Afterwards, as you might imagine, came the loyal embodiment of this hellish situation.
2: With this, Hatsumi Island was finished.

slanted: The island that hides Rena's past...what is the truth her partner Riku sees...?!
1: The last day
2: ended quickly, darkly, and quietly...

1: Arisugawa?!
2: Arisugawaaa!!
3: Be..yond this...
4: I...!
5: Beyond...this?

1: The radio tower...exploded?!
2: What about Takao?! And Ende?!
3: ...I can sense no more moving bodies.
4: Ende...when you commence the plan, do not hold anything back...until our opponent is crushed.
5: ...0.5% order execution error calculation. I will go now, Master...

1: Arisugawa?!
2: Stay back!!
3: Stay back...!
4: You can't see beyond this...
5: Ari...

1: The Kensei was undone?!
2: Do you know where she "descended" at? Julie...
3: ...Julie...?
4: Ju...

1: gyaaa
2: Someone!!
3: H-hieee
4: waaaah
5: Hyaaah
6: This way's blocked too...?!
7: You call this a realistic scene...?! It can't be!
8: Things don't match up, this is like a nightmare!
9: ...since when? Since when did things go awry?
10: Back then
11: owww...
12: Are you the one who hid the cocoon?
13: Just keep searching!
14: Are you the one who hid it?!
15: What, dammit?!
16: Holy body!

1: We said we would send those bastards swimming today, didn't we?!
2(2b): This entire incident would be used as a way to get a connection with Tokiji...so that we could become free...and leave this island!
3: This isn't the cocoon...it's the fake that Sayoko-sensei switched in...
4: Ahhh, it's broken...now even if we put it back, they'll know it's not the real thing...
5: Holy body!
6: Father...right now...we must chase them...
7(2b): Unless we get a hold on this situation, they'll just be able to come up with as many substitute faces as they need...they could be gone tomorrow...now is our only chance, isn't it...?
8: If only...I hadn't urged her back there...
9: I never would have been blamed for her death...

1: Father...
2: Father, please...
3: You're the one person I don't want to be called "Holy Body" by...
4: I don't like being known as "Holy Body of the Coffin Princess"...
5: Re...na...

1: ...what happened...?
2: My body...won't move.
3: What a mess.
4: To think, of all things, the eldest son of the Takao would do something so stupid...
5: Ryuusei-kun...we've already finished our investigation. We know you're with him...
6: The problem is that the Coffin Princess is already born...this is precisely the time when we need both families to unite...
7: You must not be concerned about Karasawa...
8: Now, stay in there and feel ashamed of your foolish actions until the decided day comes!
9: Oh...I should have made Ende attack...
10: I should have...stopped Shirou...
11(2b): He was having Ende...absorb people's memories, and I didn't even notice...I...did nothing until today...that's why this all happened!

1: I must stop them...Ende...and Shirou...!
2: Move...
3: Move...!!
4: Julie...

1: M...o...th...er
2: Mana...! Is that you, Mana?! Y...you were eaten...
3: Someone! Is someone there?!
4: Holy body!!
5(2b): Help me! Holy Body!!!
6: Ho...

1: Holy bodyyyyyyy
2: Gya...
3: ...snicker
4: snicker snicker
5: heheheh
sfx: ahahahahaha

1: Dead, dead!
2: They're dead!!
3: My mother, my grandma, they were both punished!!
4: That's what they get for being so obsessed with that cocoon!!
5: I'm not the "Holy Body" of the cocoon!!
6: ...it can't be.
7: This is...
8: It can't be!
9: the real...me...
10: I'm Rena!!!

1: cough cough
2: Ohhh...
3: She's matured.
4: I should have done this earlier!
5: Heeey! This way, this way, Ende...

1: Ryuu-chan, you missed!
2: My aim was off!
3: This gauge is so hard to see! Do something, Julie!!
4: It's just like that game!
5: In that case...!
6: A katana...?
7: ...a flag?

1: A blade...flag. (Jinki)

1: Validating hostile beings update...
2: Synchronizing version information and updating.
3: Activating armored CAGE strengthening.
4: Ryuu-chan, Ende's powered up!
5: I know...but I'm still going to stop this!
6: I'm going to stop this!!

1: Hieee!
2: clink
3: screech

1: ...hey!
2: Hey, you!
3: Are you alive?! Stay with me!
4: Ha...
5: Ahahaha
6: Hahaha
7: ...is this a case of Lost Rebound...?

1: This way!
2: Send the women inside!
3: Close of all the entrances!
4: Master?!
5: Where is the master of the household?!
6: The Coffin...is screaming.
7: Is it reacting to the Coffin Princess...?
8: ...this will not do.
9: ...what?

1: Ende!! That's enough, shake her off!
2: Let's focus on escaping!
3: ...Ende?!
4: Julie! That's it, that's Shirou!!
5: If we can take down Shirou, then Ende
6: Both Coffin Princesses...lost their minds.

1: It looks like "something" intervened with their battle...
2: This rumbling and light I've felt since a while back...
3: That buzzing noise flapping at my ears...was that the noise that awakened me?
4: ...I see, so the coffin...
5: is below here!
6: ...this will not do.
7: At this rate...they'll kill each other!

1(2b): Ende!! Stop!!
2: Stooooooop!!
3: Julie!!
4: Stop him!!
5: Stop him, Julie!!
6: Juliiie!!
7: ...mother!!!

1: ...you finally...
2: called me that...
3: Ryuu-chan...

1: Mo...

1: Ende...!!
2: Eeeeeeeende

side: The destruction of Hatsumi Island...and now, Riku, knowing the truth...returns to the present...
1: The rumbling turned to buzzing, and then compressed scenery, images, and time axes flew across my eyes.
2: Then...what I saw
3: What I saw was...

Next: Feb. 28

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