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Rebel Against the Forbidden Crest 5


+ posted by molokidan as translation on Feb 3, 2011 02:26 | Go to Rebel Against the Forbidden Crest

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*Only for use by E-G.

tl by molokidan

1: LIE
Originally written by Furuya Juusei

1: No, that's not it! Babies are born from stomaches!
2: You just don't know! They come out of you-know-where!
3: Yeah right! Think about it, how could a baby come out of something that small?!
4: It gets bigger!
5: Shut up! My father has never lied to me!
6: That puritanical father of yours with his samurai philosophy probably just couldn't bear to tell you the truth, hahaha...
7: You dog!
8: Alright! Let's meet here again tomorrow!
9: Fine!

1: Ask him when you get home!
sign: Takazaki
2: Damn Takenoshin...acting like he knows so much!
3: Nobujirou! Your father is home!
4: Okay!

1: What's wrong, Genjirou?! You look like you're confused about something!
2: There is something I want to ask you!
3: I will be waiting in my room!
4: What happened?
5: I don't know...
6: What is it, Nobujirou?
7: Please promise that you will not lie to me!
8: Umu!

1: Have I ever lied to you before, Nobujirou?!
2: Then I will ask you my question now!
3: Where do babies come from?
4: They actually come out from stomachs when they split open, don't they, father?! Please answer!
5: Mu...muuu...
6: Th...th...that's true...
7: I knew it!

1: B-but why would you ask about a thing like that?
2: Because my peer said they do not.
3: Oh.
4: I see. But true warriors have no use for discussions like those...
5: Try to keep those things out of your mind as much as possible! Understood, Nobujirou?!
6: Yes, sir.
7: Meanwhile, Sakagami Takenoshin...
8: who had merely overheard that babies actually come out of women's private parts...
9: was starting to get worried that his 14-year old mind still did not actually know the truth.

1: So he asked his adopted sister...
2: Oh my! Where did you hear such a thing...
3: But it's true, isn't it?! Your private parts expand, right?!
4: You mustn't talk about such things!
5: They come from the stomach, obviously!
6: Now, I have to get ready for tea ceremony practice, so let me go!

1: Hahaha
2: That's what you get for acting like you know so much!
3: The stomach...
4: Hahaha...of course they expand! To this much! No, maybe more...
5: And then the baby's head just pops out there. I'd love to see it myself once...

1: Wh-which is it?! Do they really come from the stomach?!
2: S-sister?

1: You were talking about babies at noon, remember? And you were actually right!
2: Come, snuggle up next to me!
3: Shut your eyes tightly...
4: I'm going to teach you about the truth now!

1: Ah!
2: There's nothing to be embarrassed about!
3: Feels good, doens't it?
4: Now touch my breast with your left hand!
5-6: Ahhh...
7: S-sister!

1: You feel so good you're about to melt, right?! Now we have to put the male part and the female part together!
2: We aren't real brother and sister, so it'll be fine. Now come...
3: I-it hurts! It hurts, sister!
4: That'll go away soon. Soon...
5: Uuuu...
6: It...feels good...
7: Good...
8: Uuu...

1: Auuuu...
2: Auu...
3: Uuu
4: M-more! Harder!
5: Ahh
6: Uuu
7: Ahhh, sister! Something's coming out! It's coming out!
8: Hold it in a bit longer! Just a bit longerrrr!

1: Yae was the daughter of Takenoshin's father's first, deceased wife, while Takenoshin had been born from the second.
2: And now that Takenoshin had been taught full well how how a baby was created...
3: he became filled with confidence...
4: and screamed at Nobujirou the next day...
5: making a complete laughingstock of the boy...
6: Stop, stop!
7: You still believe that? Hahahaha...
8: Are you mocking my father?!

1: Fine, if you know how babies are made, then explain it to me!
2: Th-that's...
3: If you want me to teach me, then grip my hand and beg!
4: I already know!
5: Oh?
6: You already know? Then tell me!
7: The stomach expands!
8: The stomach expands?
9: Uhahaha
10: Hahahaha

1: Before the stomach expands! How do babies get inside girls in the first place?
2: Get inside?
3: What do you mean get inside?!
4: Heeeeehahahaha
5: Enough already!
6: fuhahahaha
7: heehahahaha
8: Fuhaha! See?!
9: You don't know anything!
10: Want me to teach you, Nobujirou?!
11: The truth is!
12: Just as Yae had thoroughly taught him, Takenoshin explained all the details of sex...
As Nobujirou listened, his eyes got wider, until his face became beet red...

1: And then, you know what happens? When a man starts to feel so good he can't even describe it, something comes out of him! Hot water!
2: Lll! Llll!
3: Lies!
4: Y-you're! You're just telling lies!
5: How could that be?!
6: How could that beeeee?!
7: Where are you putting your hands?!
8: Nobujirou! Are you saying you're going to kill me?!

1: Yes! My father does not tell lies!!
2: But if you will not believe that and continue to mock him, then I will not hold back!
3: I'm only laughing at you because you believe the lies! I'm telling the truth! Don't you understand, you bullheaded idiot?!
4: You're the bullheaded idiot!
5: Fine! If you really think I'm lying, then I'll cut my belly instead! This belly!!
6: What?!
7: But what will you do if I was right in the end?!
8: It's simple!! Make my father commit seppuku for telling a lie!! No matter what!!

1: Fine!
2: This is a promise between men now, it cannot be broken!! We vow on our blades!!
3: Yes!
4: In the end, they both went off to find proof for themselves!
5: If possible, Takenoshin wanted to go find a woman who was just about to give birth...
6: Meanwhile, Nobujirou had no choice but to ask his father the same question once more...
7: You're still talking about that?!
8: This has nothing to do with samurai!!

1: Looks like I'll have to beat that weak mind of yours into shape, then!! C'mon!
2: He was beaten horribly...
3: Then he was forced to listen to his instructor, and only let out of the house at dusk...
4: Gradually, Takenoshin's words began to sound true, while his father's became the opposite...
5: At this rate, he was left with no faith that what his instructor was teaching him was even true...

1: Even though this matter has everything to do with my father...he keeps screaming lies at me...
2: Why won't he tell me the truth...why won't he understand my feelings more...

1: As if he had suddenly become possessed, Nobujirou instantly decided that he would find out the truth from a passing woman no matter what.
2: To him, this was a critical thing that could possibly send his father to his death.
3: Wait, old man!
4: He yelled in a low voice, charging forward.

1: Auuughh!
2: Struck with the back of a sword, the elderly servant collapsed...
3: Who are you?!

1: Next, the woman fell...
2: The hem of her kimono slipped back, exposing her white leg...
3: Then, the scent of her hair began dancing strangely with Nobujirou's heart...

1: haa, haa
2: The night wind of February...
3: blew ample excitement into the man's body.

1: What are you going to do to me?
2: P-please forgive my rudeness!
3: I-I...I want to ask you something! I thought you would know the answer!
4: What?
5: How are babies made?!
6: Eh?
7: All my father will tell me is that they are born from stomachs splitting open! But one of my peers knows much more than that!
8: My honor as a samurai is banking on this! And a samurai's life is as well! So I must know! Please teach me! The truth!

1: The woman was dumbfounded...
2: Please, tell me the truth!
3: Fine then, I will.
4: The seeds that become babies are transported to our private parts from the genitals you men carry...
5(2b): In other words, unless a man joins his body to a woman, a baby cannot be born. The seed goes into the woman's womb, and when nine months have passed, the baby comes out of the woman's private part and into this world.

1: Are you sure you are not misunderstanding?!
2: Y-yes!
3: With this, Nobujirou finally realized that he had completely lost to Takenoshin...
4: He could not make his father commit seppuku now...for he could not bear to live on after doing such a thing...therefore, as of tomorrow, nothing but death awaited both father AND child...
5: Why didn't he tell me the truth...
6: Nobujirou cursed his father over and over again...
7: Did I say something wrong?

1: Excuse me!
2: I will sacrifice my life in exchange for my rudeness tonight!
3: Eventually, he placed his genitals inside the woman's private parts...

1: haaa...haaa...haaa...
2: What an amazing feeling it is to make a baby!
3: This could very well be the most amazing pleasure in all of the world...
4: Ah
5: Just like Takenoshin had told him, he achieved a state of pleasure that was absolutely inexplicable, and actually felt something rushing out from his genitals!
6: Uuuu!

1: It is unfortunate that I will not be able to see an actual birth, but I am thankful for what I did get to experience! Now I can die without any regrets!
2: This insolent being's name is Nobujirou...
3: In three days, you will know me as a dead man!
4: By the time he got home, it was practically dawn...

1-2: ahhh ahhh
3: These moans aren't from pain!
4: I...I can hear my father moaning too!
5: He must be right in the middle of his pleasure now too!

1: Father! My stern, sober father!
2: There he is, wound up, twisted up, tangled up with my mother...and his penis must be...
3: Who's there?!
4: Mmm!
5: What is wrong
6: with you?!

1: Tell me! Why were you standing there listening in secret?! Have you gone mad?!
2: Hurry up and tell me! I still cannot even believe what I saw!
3: You bastard!
4: smack smack smack

1: Three days passed...
2: He didn't actually see our bodies, so please forgive him...
3: When he got out of the shed...
4: He immediately said to his father...
5: You can do anything you want, just promise that you will come with me right now! You should understand if I explain the circumstances to you.
6: His son seemed very prepared for something...
7: but his father saw this as a chance to get to the bottom of why his son kept talking about babies and went as far as to listen in on him, so he agreed.

1: Wait here for a moment!
sign: Sakagami
2: What's wrong?
3: Just be silent and follow me please, father!
4: My, my!
5: Well isn't this a surprise!
6: That's my line!

1: Just what are our idiot sons up to now? Hahaha...
2: Take...this should be fine!
3: I don't care about the location...let's get on with this. Did you figure anything out?
4: I lost. I clearly lost to you.
5: So you finally admit it!
6: I shouldn't even have gone out of my way to bring my father here!
7: So I did win after all!
8: What about the promise, then?
9: Of course, I will keep it!

1: What is all this about winning, losing, promises?
2: Please commit seppuku, father!
3: Wh-what?!
4: Wh-what's going on here, Take?!
5: We staked lives on our argument as to whether babies come out of stomachs or women's private parts!
6: And Nobujiru's father's life was offered up on his side! His father has no choice now!!
7: That's right! Father!
8: I've finally found out now that babies come out of women's private parts!

1: Thanks to you telling me that half-assed lie about them coming out of stomachs, things turned out like this!
2: Now you must commit seppuku like a proper father, to show everyone that you are still an honorable warrior!
3: Don't be ridiculous!
4: What are you talking about?!
5: It's true that this may seem ridiculous! But father, haven't you always taught me?!
6: When a samurai makes a promise with another samurai, no matter over how frivolous or ridiculous a thing it may be, they must stake their lives on protecting it! That's what it means to be a true warrior!
7: Or was that a lie too?!
8: Do not show your back to your enemy! Do not be double-tongued! Do not tell lies! And when you feel shame, you are to take full responsibility! Are any of the lessons you taught me mistaken, father?!

1(2b): Nobujirou! Are you saying your father lied to you?! I have never once told you a lie!
2: Father!
3: You're still saying that?! You still insist that babies come out of stomachs?!
4: Yes, they do!
5: That's impossible!
6: He's trying to avoid his lie!
7: Hey! Take!
8: Sir Takenoshin, was it...? Listen here. My son Nobujirou appeared right out of his mother's split belly! I saw it with my own eyes!
9: Father! Are you sure you aren't mistaken?!
10: Yes, I am not! It is the truth!

1: B-but! That can't be!
2: H-hey!
3: F-father! Is that even possible?! It's...
4: Yes, it is!
5: It's called Caesarean section, and is a special case...
6: Well, Nobujirou?!
7: I wasn't lying, now was I?!
8: No, sir!
9: You're just making excuses! That isn't common knowledge! All normal babies come out of women's private parts! That's where they're supposed to come out of!! Cut your belly!!
10: Take! Would you stop it?!
11: Nobujirou?! Do you think this is all over now?!
12: Well it isn't! Not one bit!
13: Stop it!!

1: Sakagami-sama, please do not force him to be quiet!
2: Takenoshin is right! He is correct!
3: But my father was also not lying, so he was correct as well!
4: But I...I was wrong...
5: And in order to find out the absolute truth about this matter, I went as far as attacking a woman and raping her. Then I made a promise to her!
6: Ehh?!
7: What?!

1: In order to make up for my lawless behavior, I would sacrifice my life in three days' time...and today is that day!
2: Father, please act as my assistant! And I would like you to display my head here for five days afterward!
3: In order to show that woman that the man named Nobujirou is truly dead...
4: Nobujirou! What woman are you talking about?! Tell me!
5: Nobu! You...!

1: Nobuuu
2: Let me go, father! Despite how ridiculous this may seem, a warrior's promise is still a promise!
3: Son...
4: Please assist me! Father!!
5: Farewell, father!
6: Farewell, Takenoshin!

1: uaaaahhhh
2: You have become a fine man, Nobujirouuuuu!
3: Muuuuuu

1: The display of his head was not in vain...
2: for news of the boy's death...reached the side of that woman...
3: What a pure soul...
4: Afterwards, it is said that this woman went off to become a nun--

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