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Dragon Ball 98

Fortuneteller Baba

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Feb 10, 2011 14:52 | Go to Dragon Ball

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tl by molokidan

1: While the team pondered over why the seventh Dragonball would not show up on the radar, Kamesennin spoke up: "Go to Fortuneteller Baba"...but who exactly is this fortuneteller, who is apparently capable of divining any object?!
2: Does this person really know where the Dragonball is?
3: If Muten Roushi-sama says so, then it must be true! But yeah, I dunno about this fortunetelling stuff...
4: More importantly, Gokuu, your clothes are all ripped up! And you smell bad too.
5: That's because I had this on the whoooole time I was fighting!
6: How filthy...
7: We should probably go down to town and buy you some new clothes. She may not even want to tell your fortune like this!
8: Well, alright, I don't mind...

1: I don't like
2: these clothes!
3: Hahahahahah!!!
4: They look great on you! You look just like a little rich kid!
5: What shall it be?
6: I'm fine with what I've been wearing up until now.
7: Shall I made a brand new set of those clothes, then?
8: Yeah, have him do that.
9: OK!
10: And you want this circular "KAME" mark on it too?
11: Yeah! Put it on the ripped part in the front too! And open a hole for my tail.

1: These are simple clothes, so it'll done in a jiffy.
2: Give me about one hour.
3: Use the cheapest fabric you've got, OK?
4: What should we do?
5: Want to go into a coffee shop and wait until they're done?
6: Sure!
7: OK, then I'll go bring Upa here while I have the time!
8: I've almost got all the Dragonballs, after all! Upa's gonna be so happy!
9: OK, but you'd better come back here without getting lost!!
10: Yeah!!

1: There it is, there it is!!
2: Upaaaaaaa!! You here? I'm baaaack!!
3: Gokuu-san? ...
4: Ahhhhhh!!! It is you, Gokuu-saaaaaan!!

1: I'm so glaaaad!! You're alive!!
2: You think I'D die?
3: I was praying the whoooole time!
4: Heheheh! I beat those Red Ribbon guys!
5: And I got six whole Dragonballs! One more and we can bring your dad back to life! So come with me!
6: Where is the seventh ball?
7: I don't really know right now, but there's someone who can tell me!
8(2b): Umm...it's my first time leaving Karin...I'm a little scared...
9: It's fine! I felt that way too at first, but there's a lot of different stuff out here, it's really fun!
10: I wonder if I can ever become strong like you, Gokuu-san?
11: Sure you can! Once your dad comes back to life, just get him to train you!

1: This is Upa!
2: N-nice to meet you.
3: H-hello...heheh!
4: I'm Pu'er.
5: Your clothes are done, Gokuu.
6: That's a pretty cute girl...
7: You're a boy, aren't you?
8: Yes!
9: O-oh, he's a guy...?
10: Tch!
11: Lately I've been able to tell boys and girls apart better than you, huh?!
12: Y-you're not gonna change here, are you...?
13: Hohoho!
14: Don't scratch your wiener!!!
15: Heheh!
16: I got new shoes too!
17: Thank you, Yamucha!

1: How much longer, Pu'er?
2: It should be around here...
3: If you say so. All I see is desert around here...
4: But according to the map we got from Muten Roushi-sama, it should be...
5: There's a building over by that lake! That must be it!
6: I see!! Yeah, that sure looks like the right place!

1: It sure is hot here...
2: Looks like we aren't the only ones who've come.
3: Ummm
4: glare

1: Yes, yes, get in line please, that's it.
2: Hey, is this the portion-seller Baba's house?
3: She isn't a portion-seller, but a fortuneteller.
4: Are you five all together?
5: Eh? W-well yeah, but...
6: Heh heh heeeeeh!
7: Is that soooo?
8: I seeee!
9: Well then, when your turn comes up, you will be called.
10: Weirdo...
11: Don't you find it strange...?
12: There are mostly buff guys lined up here...

1: Hey, don't scare me like that! It must just be another group of five friends from some dojo.
2: Ahhh, I see, I see!
3(2b): So it was stuck in there! My solid gold weightstone! Isn't this wonderful, dear?
4: Look, it's not all buff guys!
5: Hmmm.
6: Next, please!
7(nb): Alriiiight, here we go! Yeah!!
8: ...t...those guys seemed really pumped up...
9: There really is something suspicious about this place!

1: I...I think I hear some weird voices...
2: W-what's going on?
3(nb): Hiieee! Hiiieee! (wobble wobble)
4: Too bad!
5: Please come again!
6: Gyo-gyohhh!!
7: Next pleaaase!
8: ...wh...what was that?
9: Wh-what happened to those guys who just passed by?
10: Heh heh heeeeeh!
11: That's it, come along!

1: I...I'm scared...
2: Y-you coward...
3: Yamucha-samaa!
4: Now! Please go inside.
5: I have brought theeeem!
6: Hoi.
7: Oh my.
8: Another bunch of young'uns...

1: Are you that portion-seller Baba?
2: It's Fortuneteller Baba!!
3: That's a weird name.
4: It's not my real name! It's a nickname!!
5: Ummm
6: There's something I want you to find for me!
7: Sure thing.
8: Just pay up 10,000,000 zenni.
9: 10,000,000 zenni!?
10: Y-you need money?!
11: T-there's no way we'd have that much money...!
12: I figured as much.
13: Come this way, then.
14: Wh-what are you going to do...?

1: Wh-what should we do...?!
2: Prepare to escape at any second...!
3: You'll be battling here with my fighters one at a time.
4(2b): If you win, you'll go on to the next fighter, but if you lose, you'll change with one of your own. If you can beat all five of mine, you win, and I'll give you a fortune for free.
5: Huh?
6: Ohhhh, so that's all!
7: That's what those five guys lost at.
8: Fu fu fu...hey, grandma.
9: Three out of the five of us went pretty far in the last Tenkaichi Budoukai, you know.
10: Hoh.
11: Then color me excited.

<-Next, #99: Five Warriors

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