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Translations: Gintama 616 by Bomber D Rufi , One Piece 847 by cnet128

Suicide Island 29

Hunting Dog

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Feb 12, 2011 23:24 | Go to Suicide Island

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tl by molokidan

Chapter 29 - Hunting Dog

1(2b): Yes, yes, good boy! Good boy, good boy!
2(2b): Uuu...grrr
3: Ikiru...
4: Stop!!
5: R...ruff!
6: That's it! Good boy!
7: Alright, now bring it to me.
8: Yes! Good boy!!

1: Good boy, Ikiru, good boy! Good boy!!
2: Ruff!
3: Puppies want to play every day. And when they want to play, their desire to train is strong.
4: Sei continued Ikiru's training by using a dog he made out of deer fur and skin.
5: That's right, pull it!
6: uuuu
7: It was an attempt to teach him the scent of deer and to increase his attachment to them.
8: After Ryou left, I entered the mountains to hunt,
9: but maybe because I had Ikiru with me, I wasn't lonely.
10: Rather, my heart felt calm.
11: Wanna eat it together?
12: Yeah...

1: OK!
2: He's so cute.
2: But--
3: It'll be hard to get fish from here on out...to be honest, I don't know if we'll have enough for a dog...
4: Oh come on! The poor thing...
5: But we don't have HIM anymore, remember?
6: Who knows if we can actually fish properly...do we really have the room to be feeding a dog?
7: Alright, let's go!
8: We'll take responsibility for our own food!
9: Ruff!

1: We entered the mountains and neared our spot--
2: Possibly due to effects of the deer skin, Ikiru clung straight to the scent of the deer.
3-4: sniff
5: He's getting excited.
6: I may be able to trust in him now...and
7: at this spot, I would be able to carry the deer down to the valley. I wouldn't even have to set up camp.
8: I'd really like to hunt them here...

1: Sei's spots
2: School
3: Valley river
4(lower): Low grassland
5: Hut
6: Nut trees
grey line: The x marks are the spots where Sei saw the deer.
7: It's alright...I've been seeing deer daily.
8: This is different from before, when I didn't even know the layout of the land.
9: I'm counting on you, Ikiru!
10: A while after we entered,
11: my heart gradually grew quieter.

1: Ryou leaving...
2: everyone's eyes
3: on Ikiru...
4: winter coming...
5: those circumstances grew farther away
6: and the completeness of chasing my prey filled my heart.
7: Ryou...
8: I must be that kind of person.
9: He told me that he wanted me to tell everyone about what I understand,
10: but that's only what I understand,
11: and it's separate from everyone else.
12-14: haa

1: There!
2: I've watched TV and read books numerous times because people told me to.
3: But it never did anything.
4: The answer has to be found
5: There....this is the leeward side.
6: by myself.
7: There are a lot of bushes that can serve as blind spots.
8: I need to find my own answer, for myself.
9: Let's go.

1: That's a pretty big group...
2: Since there are so many, there will be a greater number of eyes looking around, so the risk of being noticed will be greater.
3: It'll be really hard to move closer from here.
4: I want to try and wait for them to move.
5(2b): But which way will they move...think.
6: Toward the mountains...or the river?
7: I always see them at the river early in the morning.
8: If they came up from the valley, then--...
9: the mountains.
10: We're going to get above them...quietly!

1: Good. Seems like they're going to climb up the mountain.
2: The problem is...the direction of the wind.
3: If it goes west, then we'll be on the windward side, and we won't be able to hide.
4: This is all up to luck...

1: Alright.
2: They're coming!
3: Now to find a place to aim from...
4: I was excited.
5: That's no good...
6: After searching for them and their tracks daily
7: Nope...
8: getting a grasp on their movements, reading ahead...
9: It'll be hard to see from there, and the path of my arrow won't be obstructed...
10: I was finally chasing my prey--...
11: Hurry...

1: Oh...
2: So this is hunting.
3: OK.
4: This'll work...!
5: I'll have to aim from the upper left.
6: In order to hit pierce the muscle in its shoulder...
7: I'll need to pull back really hard.

1: I'll use the new big arrow I made recently.
2: And...
3: count on Ikiru once more.
4: Stay down...got it?!
5: here it comes...

1: I won't be able to shoot if they go right...
2: Go left.
3: Left...
4: Yes.
5: A male...it's big.
6: Still not yet...more.
7: Come in more...more
8: More...

1: Have patience! ...Ikiru...!!
2: ...u...

1: piiii!!
2: It hit!
3: It's gonna run...
4: Go!!!
5: ruff!!

1: I thought it hit pretty deeply...
2(2b): It's fast...can he make it?!
3: Deer are overwhelmingly faster than dogs.
4: Not to mention the fact that Ikiru is still a young puppy.
5: Normally, he would never stand a chance.
6: But...having been struck in a vital spot, the deer's stamina had been greatly reduced.

1: Ikiru
2: continued to chase.
3: Alright.
4-5: haa
6: He's still chasing it.
7: haa
8: As its small pursuer caught up to it,
9: the male deer became even more withered.
10: Even though it brandished its horns,
11: threating its enemy,
12: Ikiru kept his distance,
13: continuing to howl.

1: There was nothing it could do.
2-3: ruff
4: And finally, it became unable to move.
5: Ikiru! ...
6: Good dog...!
7: Perfect...!

1: Thank you.
2: Hunting dogs can finish their prey off by both biting and howling.
3: For biting, they actually attack their prey by biting, sometimes completely finishing it off.
4: For howling, they continually howl and corner their prey, stopping it at that spot and waiting for the master to finish it off.
5: Ikiru was growing as a hunting dog.

[Chapter 29 - Hunting Dog - END]

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