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Suicide Island 30

Washed Ashore

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Feb 12, 2011 23:24 | Go to Suicide Island

-> RTS Page for Suicide Island 30

*Only for use by I-M.

tl by molokidan

Chapter 30 - Washed Ashore

1: Carrying the deer down to the river and disassembling it went easier than I imagined.
2: No, not here!
3: Ruff
4: I could have done more if Ikiru hadn't got in the way of my work, but thinking of what he had done for me, I couldn't be angry.
5: When I shot it, however, I think I pierced its stomach, so the contents spilled out all over its guts and meat.
6: I messed up...
7: I was so excited about this, too...
8: The contents had a strong stench, so I gave up on using half of its insides. I'll need to take more care from here on out.
9: Let's try to eat as much of it raw as we can!
10: Chopped liver...and I've heard that deer meat can be eaten raw.
11: Sei was also thinking of eating this meat raw also because of the vitamins it contained.

1: Ikiru.
2: Ikiru.
3: Ruff!
4: Wait!
5: OK.
6(2b):'s not just's really good.
7: I can't take it back raw to the school at this temperature...I guess that's the good part about being a hunter!
8: Right, Ikiru?!
9: Ruff!

1: What I learned hunting this time is that Ikiru is a vital partner to the job.
2: Eat a little more!
3: It's necessary that I get everyone to understand a little more...and--...
4: The reason he was so concerned about vitamins was because he hadn't been eating vegetables lately.
5: While tracking for his prey, Sei cannot gather mountain plants or fish, and vitamins cannot be received from raw fish or plants.
6: This is an urgent problem.
7: I don't want to keep all the meat to myself...
8: If I don't tell them right out...what will happen?

1: I can't stop thinking about it...but for now, I'll sink half of it in the river and take half of it back to the mountain cabin.
2: I'll smoke half at the cabin, and then pick up the other half on my way back...but
3: Thinking about what would come next
4: will make my steps heavier.
5: Hey, don't move it!
6: Ruff!

1: I hope this will do it...I don't THINK the table will burn...
2: All I need to do is smoke this, so it should hold up!
3: The inside's gonna get filled with smoke, so we can't go in! Alright?
4: Ruff!
5: Sei used a strategy taken from hunters in South America who would line up sticks over a fire to smoke their food.
6: It's thought as one of the origins of smoking.
7: I I'm going to explain this to everyone...
8: I can't...stop thinking.
9: This is how hard it is to assert something...
10: I--...

1: Up until now, I've never asserted anything.
2: If I asserted something, there would be duty and responsibility that came along with it.
3: And I avoided carrying things like that.
4: While I cast side glances at people who got things by asserting and taking responsibility.
5: It's not like I didn't want anything.
6: I just didn't have the confidence or willpower to take responsibility.
7: But
8: In order to go on living on this island
9: that won't cut it.
10: Sei's back--

1: Sei!
2: Tomo!
3: Ohhh, meeaaat!
4: You were quick this time.
5(2b): Yeah. Luckily, I was able to hunt at a close spot.
6: But isn't this only half?
7: It was too heavy to carry it all at once...I'm smoking half in the mountains.
8: exciting!
9: Let's begin, then!
10(2b): W...wait a minute!

1: Th...there's something I want you to listen to...!
2: In order to get this takes me an entire day...and sometimes many days of chasing deers through the mountains.
3: During that period of time, I have hardly anything to eat...and I can't fish or gather vegetables while I
4: In...return for giving you this meat,
5: I want other kinds of food.
6: H...hey, wait, do you mean...setting up an exchange?
7: I'm not saying I can't give you anything, but...
8: whine...
9: Wait...wait!

1(2b): The meat...only you can go get meat, Sei! Are you trying to monopolize it?!
2: You're not gonna give it to us?!
3: Hey! Don't say it like that...
4: Then how should I say it?! He won't give us the meat...
5: We have to separate it equally!
6(2b): Equally...? Then what am I supposed to eat while I'm in the mountains...? You all want to eat something during that time, right?
7: If you don't like this exchange I've proposed...
8: Then this--
9: will be the last meat I bring.

1: Hey!
2: Se...sei...?
3: And one more thing.
4(2b): I will also not be giving meat to people who act lawlessly on this island...attacking women...using violence to steal food...etc.
5: I-I will give them nothing...! No matter what...
6: Who the fuck do you think you are...?
7: I agree. I agree completely.

1: Lately, people who have been proactive in working and those who haven't have been receiving equal treatment.
2: The security around here has also gone down...
3: There are people who don't fish yet eat fish.
4: People who don't go into the mountains yet receive plants.
5: People who cannot suppress their desires.
6: I don't want to give food to those people either. I completely agree.
7: Sugi...san.
8: Hey...

1: Is it alright to talk like that...?
2: If you won't give me any...then
3: I'm not going to reverse myself any longer...! I didn't really care much for this in the first place.
4: Who's the one...who said that security and equality doesn't matter here?
5: That this is a no man's island!!!
6: Now give me
7: I'm taking some...
8: I-I will not allow lawlessness...

1(2b): Wai...wait a minute...! Everyone...
2: I was naive...! I should have thought about this...
3: I--...
4: This is an antagonism I brought along...
5: Calm down...! Alright?
6: Shut up!!
7: Move it...!
8: What should I do?
9: No...what am I thinking about! I'm up against people here?
10: Heeey!

1: H...h...ey
2: everyone...
3: W...we have trouble!
4: At...the beach! The raft...!!
5: Ryou-kun's group!!

1: Ryou...
2: Ryou....?
3: It can't be...!!
4: ...h...hang in there...
5: Ryou...come on!
6: Ryouuuu!!

1: Wh-what happened?!
2: Is he alright?!
3: Ryou...
4: Ryou!!
5: Uuu...
6:'t work...d...
7: Dammit...!!
8: Ryou...
9: What?
10: What happened...?!

1: Ryou...put me on the broken raft...and we came back here...
2: But I don't know...what happened to everyone else.
3: Th...
4: They...
5: They...hit us!! With a boat! Hit our
6: They fired at us!! F-fired!! W-we...c-c...couldn't do anything...
7: Fired!!? That can't be...
8: Hey!
9: D...dammit...I...I...
10: H...hey!
11: Gahah

1: A-are you OK...?
2: Hey?
3(2b): Then what happened?! Hey! Hang in there! Hey!!
4: H...he's dead...
5: I knew it...I knew it!! It was written on that sign.
6: Kuh...the nation...they have no intention of taking us back...
7: Ryou...

1: We can't leave...we can
2: never leave...
3: this...
4: Suicide Island...!!!

[Chpater 30 - Washed Ashore END]

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