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Translations: Gintama 565 by kewl0210 , Bleach 651 by cnet128 , One Piece 806 by cnet128

History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 418

Rittoku no Kan

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Feb 16, 2011 01:58 | Go to History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi

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*Only for use by Utopia.

tl by molokidan

1: When I take these off...
2: something amazing happens.
slanted: The super-fast goth loli girl Rimi strips off her shoes!!

BATTLE418 - Rittoku no Kan

side: Rimi from YOMI proves her equality to Miu in speed as they continue their battle. What secret lies in the shoes she just took off...?!
1: Steel!!
2(2b): She was kicking with those things on?! If I wasn't durable, I'd be dead!!
3: Wonderful, aren't they? Kensei-sama ordered these shoes especially for Rimi. They used to have steel in them at one point, but Rimi's training progressed...
4: and now they contain a very heavy type of gold!!

1: G-g-g-gold!!
2: Those are gooooolden shoes?!
3: What an overreaction for mere gold, Fuurinji!!
4: D-don't you know? You can sell gold for a lot of money!!
5: No, I know that.
6: With this, and the YOMI emblem, it really shows the difference in economic power between us and "Yami."
7: Platinum
8: ...I suppose today's main dish will be one dried sardine...
9: You're growing right now, Miu, so eat your uncle's portion.
10: We should all eat an equal amount!
11: There was a period of time when Ryouzanpaku was especially poor...
12: We'll just have to bear this until Akisame comes back from his outside work...I guess.

1(2b): If I beat her and take those shoes, it'll be like gathering a "spoil of war," so it won't be a crime, right? It's gotta be.
2: Uuu, that's practically the logic of a thief...
3: snicker.
4: Fine, it's only been a little bit since Rimi entered YOMI, so Rimi doesn't even have an emblem. If you beat me, I'll give you the shoes...but,
5: Today Rimi's mission was only to get back the disc...
6: And let alone fight with Rimi...
7: you probably can't even lay a finger on Rimi.

1: Speed up!!
2: Genya no Tsubame!! (*Phantom Night of the Swallow)
3: Thank you <3

1: Better think again!!

1: Wh-whaaaat?!
2: I-impossible! How can you keep up with Rimi's top speed?!
3: Rittoku no Kan!! (*1/10th of a Moment Sense)
4: What?!
5: Tei!!
6: Taking the five senses to their utmost limit means developing a sixth sense, in other words, "intuition."
7: Masters use this sense in their martial arts like a sensor to catch movements they can't follow with their eyes!!

1: Rittoku is a number holder, which stands for 1/10th of a moment. When one becomes a master, they level up even more to "kokuu" and "shoujou," which are a tenth of that tenth...
2: I've been used to following the movements of masters ever since I was a kid, so I'm already able to use this "intuition" in my martial arts.
3: I'm more experienced than you!!
4: Kuh!

1: Guohhhh! How long are you two going to keep fighting on top of me?!
2: This treatment is disgraceful to all thick men all over the world!!
3: Now's my chance!
4: Oh no!!
5: Thor-san!!
6: Gotcha!!

1: You fooooooooooll!!
2: The strong will destroy the weaaak! You may be fast, but you actually thought you could beat me in power and guts? I won't let you go even if it kills me!!!
3: Awaaah!!
4: Noooo!!
5: I'm gonna catch you, little girl!!
6: Let go of Rimi, fattyyyyy!!
7: Guhah!!
8: Y-you called me "fatty" a second time!!? ...I can hear the voices of all the thick men in the world calling out to me, telling me not to hand it over to you even if I die!!
9: Uuu.
10: Deyah!!

1: Nuguuh! These muscles have been powered up from taking attacks from the valkyrie sisters day and night!!
2: N-no matter how fast you may be, those quick kicks will be like water off a duck's back!!
3:'s true, you're very resilient.
4: And in Kensei-sama's program, Ragnarok was designated as a vault of special humans, but...
5: Rimi did not become the leader of "Titan," defeat Kronos...
6: and get selected by YOMI for nothing.
7: Ahh! She tightened the end of her foot!
8: That's enough, Thor-san!! Let her go!!

1: Ogata-style Kitsutsuki Rekkyaku!!!!(*Woodpecker Ripping Kick)
2: Even if the power on her first strike is weak, if she keeps putting pressure on the same spot, it can become serious damage.
3: Thor-san, let her go!!
4: Guaaaahhh!!
5: N-no matter if my arms may rip from their sockets...
6: I will not abandon the spirit of the thick men of the world!!

1: Guohhh! I will not let gooooo!
2: Dosukoooooi! Oh no, I gripped it too tight and it broke!

sfx: papan
1: My mission was to get back the disc...and now it's broken...
2: There's no reason for me to stay here any longer!
3: Four...
4: You're Fuurinji Miu from Ryouzanpaku, right?
5: Three...
6: Woahh!
7: Two...
8: One more!!

1: Ahhh!!
2: I immobilized her!!

1: Ahhh!!
2: Tahhh
3: Rimi will clean you up someday!!
4: Kuh! Was that an escape move, or did I miscalculate?!
5: Uohhhhh, I'm sorry! I'm sorry, thick men of the world!
6: But it's no use crying over spilt milk...
7(small): Eguh! But how will I show my face to anyone...
8: Ahh!
9: More importantly, we need to go back and help everyone else.

side: No time to get down over the disc breaking! Without Miu and Kenichi, how is the Shinpaku Alliance faring in their predicament? Next issue!!
1: Tccch! You're pretty strong.
2: Zan!! (*Slash)
Next Issue: Feb. 23

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