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Translations: Gintama 701 by kewl0210 , One Piece 930 by cnet128

Kidou Ryodan Hachifukujin 13

Palm to the Sun

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Feb 18, 2011 15:18 | Go to Kidou Ryodan Hachifukujin

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tl by molokidan

1-2: Gmah
3: Gmuh
4(2b): Gmuh gmuh
5-6: Gmah
7: You can keep eating...
8: just listen to me.

1: Setting aside what actually happened, good work in the battle the other day.
2: At this time, I would like to form you seven into a Fukujin squad
3: and promote you from trainees to official soldiers
4: as well as further promote you to elite soldiers.
5: With this,
6: your lives...

1: are entrusted to Mechanized Infantry Division #1 of the East Ring Army.

Chapter 13 - Palm to the Sun

1: Natori will remain the Captain.
2(2b): Ah, yes, ma'am.
3(2b): What was that, Mukouda? Go on, say it.
4: In that case, I will indulge myself, ma'am...

1: The reason we were iced in the forest
2: was because of his strategy.
3: No it wasn't.
4: Oh?
5: Didn't you do any reflecting at all when you were in the infirmary?
6: It wasn't Natori's fault that we got our asses kicked.
7: Then whose fault was it?!
8: Wang, the coward?
9: Or this guy?
10: Ah, Yuge?
11: Or, uhh--
12: It wasn't anyone's fault.

1: It's simply because the Ame-chans' robots were fucking strong as hell.
2: Dumbass.
3: At least accept that much.
4: Nuuu
5: What the fuck is "Nuuu" supposed to mean? Cool down.
6: Natsume and Mukouda will team up next,
7: as the advance guard.
8(2b): Mm? Eh?
9: Natori will remain the Captain

1: and team up with Wang
2: to act as the core command of the squad.
3: Then,
4: Yuge
5: Yes ma'am.
6: and Fuse
7: will be the rear guard.
8: During the next mission
9: you will carry out your orders in this formation.
10: What is the next mission?

1: A guerilla faction has captured hostages and taken over an old US Army base in Yomitan, Okinawa.
2: Your goal is to free the base and secure the hostages.
3: You will leave this island at 06:00 hours tomorrow morning.
4: That is all.
5: After you finish breakfast, come to the video room.
6: Tomorrow...
7: Okinawa?

1: "One person is missing..."
2(2b): So why didn't anyone ask her about it?
3: Like we could, dumbass.
4: Thank you for the meal.
5: Sure, was it enough?
6: Yes, it was very good.
7: Yeah, you've been eating nothing but infirmary food lately, huh?
8: I bet anything would taste good now.
9: Hahah
10: That reminds me, what happened to that one girl?
11: That white-haired girl.
12: Ah...so you noticed too.

1: There is a possibility that they will return.
2: So if you don't want to experience any more disgrace...
3: then I suggest you think of a counter-measure yourselves.

1: We now know that we are not aware of the reason as to why they didn't destroy us.
2: Do we have proof that they'll come back?
3: What I mean is that we have suspicions about "America"'s participation.
4: Y
5: Yikes!
6: Mmmm
7: Floating in thin air...
8: without pilots...
9: Mmmm

1: I felt like they were reading our movements, too.
2: Eh?
3: Mmmm
4: Like, with ESP or something...
5: Could it be possible?
6: No...
7: way!
8: Wh
9: When Nakarai was fighting

1: the enemy robot in the forest switched
2: from #11 to #10,
3: meaning there might have been some sort of remote control involved.
4: This one?
5: Yes, ma'am.
6: Nakarai's Fukujin was fighting on equal ground with #11...
7: but #10's controller was overwhelmingly powerful.
8: By the way

1: is Nakarai alive right now?
2: That has nothing to do with our current discussion.
3: Getting back on topic...

1: I...
2(2b): I don't think the enemy's remote controlling and flying is very questionable. The real question is the technology
3: they're using to control it, which is similar to the Fukujin.
4: Technology is just a bunch of components that necessitate effort to improve
5: like, strength and durability.
6: So looking at it from a build standpoint
7: Hey, Natori, you're getting off track!
8(2b): A-as far as counter-measures go,
9(2b): I-I think the problem lies elsewhere.
10(2b): Like having our sight and sound stolen...that
11(2b): w-was from the enemy's electrowave interference...

1: Which meant that
2: in the end, our communication
3: was
4: cut off...
5: I agree.
6: And so?

1: A...
2: And so...

1: What about
2: sign language?
3: Sign language?
4: Er, um
5: Sign language?
6: Ahhh, sign language!
7: No, no, I just mean, for example
8: if we were speaking with words, they'd overhear us.
9: And if our sound gets cut off, we could still use sign language?
10: What if we try making some signals?
11: What about
12: our sight?
13: Hey, Natori, what if we lose our sight?

1: Ahhhh
2: Yeah, electrowave interference could cut that off too.
3: Mmm
4: If we're blindfolded, we can't see the signals.
5: My Fukujin's eyes were blurry, but I could still see, you know?
6: The intercommunication submonitors were dead, though.
7: Yeah, mine too.
8: Mine too.
9: So wait, that means
10: that the main monitor of each individual Fukujin wasn't interfered with?
11: Alright.

1: I want you all to create a sign language
2: and learn it by tomorrow.
3: Eh?

1: "Watch and wait."
2: "No problem."
3: Ummm, "Attack."
4: That's all.
5: Wawah!
6: Alright, I memorized them!
7: Hahah!
8: You sure that's enough?
9: Yeah, that's the absolute minimum we need.
10: Ahhh, I'm starting to get dizzy!
11: Hey, Mukouda, you alright?
12: Ohhh
13: I'm perfect.
14: I'm getting out.
15(2b): Ah! OK, good work!

1: Hoo
2: Apparently Fuse got those injuries from the battle.
3: People say he's an immortal robot.
4: Natori.
5: You kept your scars.
6: Is it for some kind of prayer?

1: Nah...
2: Loosen up your shoulders
3: and have confidence.
4: We all have little experience here. So put up your head and stick our your chest.
5: That's what you have to do as our captain.

1: Nakarai's alive.
2: See ya.
3: Ah
4: Hey, Mukouda!
5: You understand this one?
6: Huh?
7: There's no such sign...

1: Ohhh
2: You're trying to make fun of me, aren't you?
3: No, no, I just said that I'm glad everyone was able to erase their scars.
4: Yeah right!

1: Nakarai...

1: Okaaay!
2: Sorry to keep you waiting, ladies and gentlemen!

1(2b): Here are the reborn Fukujin, people of the transport squad "Treasure Ship!"
2: Please, take a good look!

1: You can't tell at first glance, but...
2: well, how do they look?
3: Who's the old guy?
4: Ummm
5: Why is #8
6: all white?
7: Ahhh...the coloring is different, but the abilities remain unchanged...
8: Er?
9: I'll take this.
10: As you see, we have prepared 7 Fukujin.
11: We will now introduce the seventh pilot.

1: Hurry up and get over here!
2: Ah
3: Dahhhh
4(2b): I know, I'm going! Don't push me!

1: Sergeant!
2: Can you please explain to me how a sanitation squad member got to become a Fukujin pilot?!
3(2b): Our squad is not one for attacking...we are going for an absolute defense.
4: Thus we have chosen pilots bearing these characteristics.
Chapter 13 - Palm to the Sky END

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