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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

A City For Honests and Heretics 2


+ posted by molokidan as translation on Mar 12, 2011 00:45 | Go to A City For Honests and Heretics

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tl by molokidan


1: There is a mental hospital run by a monastery up on the hill, from which the entire town can be seen.
2: A long time ago, some aristocratic family lived there.
3: gah
4: Through the recommendation of my deeply religious father, I've been coming here several times a week to do god's work.
5: I bring the patients water and food, and clean their rooms.
6: Hoo

1: There is a woman in the room at the top of the hospital's tower.
2: Excuse meeee!
3: If you aren't going to eat your food, may I take it away?

1: She just sits in a chair doing nothing all day,
2: staring out the window and gazing upon the town.
letter: To you
3: And there is always a letter here when I come.
4: The address reads: "To you."
5: These letters can't be sent anywhere, yet she writes them so incessantly.
6: Is her mental illness truly the reason for these meaningless actions?

1: From behind, she looks beautiful and charming.
2: Her nobility emits a light that allows no one to draw near.
3: When I see her like that, I feel an indescribable throbbing in my breast.
4: Who is she? And when did she come here...?

1: Wow. What do you do with the letters, then, Camilla?
2: When I give them to the director, he just throws them into the trash without even opening them.
3: What's written inside? I'm really curious.
4: Just read them, Camilla! In secret.
5: If I get caught by the director, he'll scold me!
6: You won't get caught.
7: I've heard rumors about that woman...
8: Huh?
9: My mom said she was the one responsible for the arson incident 20 years ago.
10: No way?!
11: A lot of people died in those big fires, right?

1: She was just a commoner, but fell in love with a man from a noble family...
2: Of course, things didn't work out, so she went crazy in the end and started setting fire to the town.
3: They say an aristocratic family used to live on that hill...
4: Yeah, that's right.
5: The man's family was ruined after that, and he skipped town.
6: I see...so then it became the hospital.
7: Mmmmm, but how romantic! The flames of love!
8: It's just a rumor. That story sounds too well put together. You read too many books, Miche...

1: Look! It's the ruffians!
2: I'm scared, Nola. Let's hold hands and walk...
3: Hey, missy, how are you on this fine day?
4: Let's go on a date!
5: C'mon, just tell me your name!
6: Stop acting innocent! You know you wanna do it with me!
7: You whore...

1: The next day
2: I secretly removed her letter from the director's trash can.
3: Thank you for the meal.
4: What, you're already full, Camilla?
5: rustle

1: I thought the letter was prosaic, rambling, and sometimes even abstrat,
2: but it was a love letter. It was clearly a letter written to confess feelings of admiration.
3: It was filled with passion and affection, incomparable to any romance novel...
4: To me, it moved me unlike anything I had ever experienced before.
5: That night, I read the letter many times,
6: and became intoxicated to a frightening degree with sweet, sensual sexuality.

1: From then on, I waited for the right moments
2: and continued to steal the letters from the director's wastebin.
3: Hasn't Camilla been kind of weird lately.
4: ...mmm.
5: All day long
6: Why is she so dirty...?
7: I thought of nothing but the letter.

1: After reading many letters, I became to perceive her concrete actions and mental state.
2: Adultery...and their difference of class...this adversity created a compulsory, physical distance between the two.
3: Woah, woah, I can't believe this!
4: In the middle of the street!
5: It's broad daylight out, what does she think she's doing...
6: But on the contrary, it built up a mental connection between the two that was deep and intimate.

1: Hm?
2: This gap brought the woman heavy pain,
3: Am I just hearing things?
4: the backlash of which induced abnormal desire.
5-7: Hooo

1: However, these vicarious actions brought only momentary feelings of satisfaction, and nothing more.
2: Therefore
3: it became necessary for her to repeat her actions and have affairs with numerous men.

1: Annnn
2-3: Ahh

1: Wow, we gathered a ton of people today, too!
2: Ahhhh
3: A chance like this to lay a young girl for free rarely comes along!
sign: End of the line
2 hour wait
Line up and wait patiently!
4: In the end, her eccentricities became known to the public, and she backed herself up into a corner.

1: You whore!
2: I don't remember raising you that way!
3: Please, stop! Are you trying to kill her?!
4: Let me go!! I'm gonna give her even more!
5: She's disgraced this family so much, that I should kill her and then die myself!
6: Don't you dare come out of that barn!
7: You're going to stay in there until things die down!
8(2b): Uuuu...how could MY daughter do such a thing...something must be wrong with her...

1: Ahh...what should I do, what should I do?
2(2b): I can't go to the hospital anymore? But I want to read your letters...
3: I want to read them, I want to read them, I want to read them, I want to read them
4: I want to read them and connect with you!
5-7: Hafuh
8: Ahhhhhhh! I'm cummiiiiiiiiing!!

1-6: Hah
7: Please! Open the door!
8: Director! Please wake up and open the door to the hospital!
9: I...I want to see you!
10: If I can't see you anymore...then I at least want to tell you how I feel. It's the only reason I have for existing.

1: boh
2: Hey...it's a fire!!
3: Everyone, wake up! The fire isn't only in one spot!
4: This is arson!
5: You should see the flame you lit in my heart now.
6: Since all you do all day is sit in that chair and stare out the window.

1: The arson continued for two days...and a leeward town was burned to the ground.
2: Then, on the night of the next fire, she fell from her tower and died.
3: It wasn't because she went crazy from watching the town burn like other people say, though.
4: Woahhh.
5: Only I, the single person who read her letters, knew the truth.
6(2b): The flames she saw from her window were none other than the reply to her letters which she had been awaiting for twenty whole years. To her, the one who lit those flames was "you."

1: Somewhere within this sea of flames,
2: she felt your presence.
3: She simply believed that you were there...

1: Camilla had always been a strange girl,
2: but I can't believe she'd set fire to the town...
3: A young girl going crazy and setting fire to the town is so similar to that incident from twenty years ago, that it's really creeped the townspeople out.
4: They found dozens of that woman's letters in Camilla's room.
5: So she did steal them from the director's room...
6(2b): Maybe she was gradually influenced by those letters, and became the lady in the tower herself.

1: I think that woman had an affair with a nobleman, then went crazy and set fire to the town...
2: But...that story
3: has to be made up, huh...?
4: Eh?
5: The woman who committed suicide was the director's younger sister...she was apparently moved to that hospital from another one in her hometown immediately after it was built.
6: Weird rumors started up again because of the fires, so the director confessed the truth in the newspaper.
7: It was a man who was responsible for those crimes, anyway, and he was already arrested and given a sentence.
8: But...
9: Then what were those letters about...
10: That's the thing...

1: Th...they were blank?
2: Nothing was written on them?
3: Yep, all of them...the director knew of his sister's eccentricities, so that's why he just threw them away without looking at them.
4: What's wrong?

1: You mean she just stared at those blank letters, fantasized on her own, and then set fire to the town?
2: But...that's so pitiful...Camilla...
3: They were magic letters,
4: which only Camilla could read.
5: Excuse me.

1: Oof.
2: If you aren't going to eat your food,
3: may I take it away?
4: Are you listening, Ms. Camilla?

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Posted on Mar 14, 2011
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