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Translations: Gintama 589 (2) , One Piece 826 by cnet128 , Bleach 674 by cnet128

A City For Honests and Heretics 3

Far Away

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Mar 12, 2011 00:46 | Go to A City For Honests and Heretics

-> RTS Page for A City For Honests and Heretics 3


tl by molokidan

{Far Away}

1: --The End of the Tokugawa Era
2: Suginami - Oume Highway
3: I'm sorryyyy
4: er, I mean, excuse me!
5: You idiot, what the hell are you saying?! Be careful!

1: That was a close one...the girls of Edo are just so seductive, I....
2: forgot to look in front of myself...
3: Getting caught up in what's close to me and losing sight is what leads to failure.
4: Just like sensei said, I need too look farther away...at the big picture.
5: Looking only at what is close to oneself will never allow one to see a beautiful view.
6: What we need to think about is how Japan should be 10, no 50, and 100 years from now! The Meiji Restoration is no more than a stage of preparations for that.
7: If you want to climb high and see a beautiful view, you must first drench yourself in sweat and mud.

1: Which means that even that a strong will capable of committing the most hideous, barbaric acts is even necessary for this restoration to happen!
2(2b): So Toudou-sensei's approving even terrorism here...? Does ol' Shouzaburou here really have the guts to do such a thing?
3: Shouzaburou was born as the third son of a poor, lower-class samurai. Therefore, in order to reduce the mouths that needed feeding,
4: he went to Edo and became a live-in worker and student for Toudou-sensei, who was both a Western and a military scholar.
5: Please, Shouzaburou-kun!
6: Take this to my sworn ally Yamanouchi-sensei by evening!
7: Eh? Me...?
8(2b): Yes. My senior apprentice Yoichi-kun has syphilis...so I'm asking you this time.

1: If it doesn't get there by that time...
2: something horrible will happen to you.
3: Yes, sir!
4: Shou-chan!
5: That's amazing!
6: Sensei entrusted you with such an important job?!
7: Ummm
8: In English, they call this "PRESSURE"...
9: You'll be fine, Shou-chan, I know you can do it! For sure!!
10: That's just my opinion, though!!!
11: Hana-chan was a servant who took care of the sensei, but also had concern for Shouzaburou.

1: Yamanouchi-sensei is Toudou-sensei's sworn ally...
2: They must be in the middle of some important discussion planning to achieve something great, so he's gotten agitated...
3: Shouzaburou felt that in her smile
4: and the faraway sky that reflected in her eyes waited a radiant future and unlimited possibilities.
5-6: Good luck!
7: Oww, that's hot!

1: Alright...I'm gonna become a first-class warrior and make Hana-chan stare at nothing but me!
2: Then I'll propose to her, for sure!
3: But first I have to deliver this...
4: Hm?

1(nb): Grrrr...
2: Wh...what's with her...?!
3: Oh yeah, I remember hearing some rumor about a weird woman that's been appearing around these parts.
4: I think they called her "Okyou the Madwoman"...
5: Something about her getting raped by a male passerby and going crazy...
scroll: *too fuzzy to read
6: Ever since then, she's always been standing on the side of the road searching for the man that violated her.

no page 79?

1: Western medicine might be able to heal the illness in her heart.
2: That's why the Restoration is necessary, so rhat we can save unhappy people like her.
3: For sure...
5: wahhh

1: Hyaaaaa
2: Help meeee!
3: Hey, look...Okyou-chan's chasing another man!
4: KIheeeeeeh
5: He actually looks like a pretty nice guy...
6-8: haa
9: I finally shook her off.
10(2b): I really must have no luck...I've always been one of those people that bees and dogs seem to go for...

1: Still, how pathetic for a samurai like me to run from a woman...
2: I was born with a weak constitution, so I have little strength, and no skill with a sword...
3: Hm?
4: Huh?!
5: It's gone!
6: The letter is gone!
7(2b): I dropped it while I was running!
8: Where
9: Where did I drop it?
10: I have to find it...

1: Why did she pick it up...

1: I finally got an important job from sensei, and now look...
2: I've already crashed and burned...
3: Immediately, on my first try.
4(2b): No...this is no small thing. That letter...
5: could be a secret document capable of overthrowing the Tokugawa government faction. Then what'll I do...
6: If it doesn't get there by that time...
7: something horrible will happen to you.
8: No matter what I do,
9: I must get that letter back...

1: Hmm? Going home already, Okyou-chan?
2: Looks like you didn't find the guy that raped you today, either! Hahaha!
3: Hey, don't tease her too much!
4: Gilgamesh Night! (*an old tv show)
5: Ijiri Okada! (*a comedian)

1: Waaahhh

1: I put too much power into it...
2: I killed her...
3(2b): Wait, that's right...a strong will capable of committing barbaric acts is necessary for the Restoration...

1: If you want to see a beautiful view, then drench yourself in mud and sweat...then climb up to the top in a state of filth!
2: What I'm going to see isn't this close to me. It's a distant, bright, shining future that holds infinite possibilities!
3: We may be able to save Japan!
4: Therefore...your sacrifice is necessary for the sake of the Restoration!
5: It has to be!

1: Mmm, thank you for delivering it.
2: Good work...ummm...
3: My name is Shouzaburou,
4: Yamanouchi-sensei.
5: Your face looks very pale, are you alright, Shouzaburou-kun...?
6: Compared to the amount of energy that you are using for the sake of our country, sir, my fatigue is laughable...

1: Hmm...well then, if you'll excuse me, I will open this and ascertain its contents at once. I have been waiting eagerly to read this for some time.
2: Mmm...
3: This says...
4: Chinpo <3 (Penis)
paper: Chinpo
(the signature is illegible)

1: Buhahahaha! Tou-chan, that nut!
2: So THAT'S his counter?!
3: I won't lose this time either!
4: Po...po...po...
5: "Boin" ends in an "n"... (*this is a japanese word game called shiritori, you can read about it here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shiritori)
6(2b): How about "bokki" (erection)? No, that's too easy...bo...bo...bo
7: Bo
8: "Bo-bo no omanko" (A hairy pussy)
9: OK...I'll go with this!

1(2b): Here you go. Take it to Toudou-sensei, alright?
2: If it doesn't reach him by tomorrow afternoon...
3: something horrible will happen to you!
4: Ummm
5: And what exactly would that horrible thing be...?
6(2b): Those who don't deliver it in time will have to pay the bill the following night at the geisha house!
7: Wahahahaha!

1: What have I done...
2(2b): I killed a person for a stupid perverted game of shiritori...
3(2b): It figures, sensei would never entrust a small fry like me with anything important.
4: It's my fault for getting too conceited...it's my fault!
5: Hey, Okyou-chan isn't standing out here today...
6: I wonder what happened...?

1: Maybe something happened?
2: It's weird for her not to be out during the daytime...
3: Shouzaburou fled in a daze,
4: and the next thing he knew, he had reached the Toudou estate.
5(2b): Now, having become little more than a common murderer, the only glimmer of hope that remained for Shouzaburou
6: was the one and only smile of Hana-chan...
7-9: Hana-chan!

1: An annn an welcome home, Shouch-uaaan I'm getting fucked by sensei right nooooow ann
2: annn just annn wait a minute ann and I'll annn make you some tea ann

(same image)

1: Yeaaaaaaaah
2: C'mooooon
3: rattle
4: Forget the faraway.
5: I wasn't even seeing what was right beside me...
6: The next day-
7: Shouzaburou suddenly came into his sensei's room apologizing for quitting his job as a live-in student.

1: Oh, you're going to quit...this is pretty sudden.
2(small): Youngsters these days...
3: Did you have a change of heart or something?
4: I'm sure you'll be able to succeed wherever you go, Shou-chan!
5: No matter what!
6: That's just my opinion, though!!!
7: In the end, Shouzaburou's feelings never reached Hana-chan.
8: Ahh, I've got to pour sensei some tea now.
9: Byyyyyyyyyyye!
10(small): Look, look!
11: fart

1: A criminal cannot go on being a live-in student!
2(2b): When I go home, I'm going to have to show my face cleanly to my mother and father and then slit my belly. I'll take responsibility like a samurai should.
3: I think I matured a little after this incident.
4: And I will never run around pathetically like before.
5: Mt. Fuji...it really never loses its beauty.
6: I wish I could have been able to walk the path of Restoration along with sensei...

1: I wish I could have seen a more faraway place...
2: To think...
3: I'd end this close to where I started...

1: What?
2: You're alive...?
3: After that, Shouzaburou ended up living a long life
4: Uwaaaaaah
5: and was able to see a comparatively distant view.

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