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Translations: Gintama 616 (2) , One Piece 847 by cnet128

A City For Honests and Heretics 4

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Mar 12, 2011 00:46 | Go to A City For Honests and Heretics

-> RTS Page for A City For Honests and Heretics 4


tl by molokidan

*note: All the names here are names of candy, japanese or otherwise, but their names have censored-out * in the middle)
1: Kit-k*t
2: P*i no Mi
3: Baby Ch*co
4: P*cky
5: Ch*co Roll
6(2b): Or*o, Flan
7: M*lky
8: Cr*nky
9: Capr*co
10: Le*f Pie
11: Ap*ro
12(2b): M*rble Choco, Ch*pa Chups
13(2b): C*lon, Kin*ko no Yama
14: Co*ntry Ma'am
15: P*no
16: Y*kimi Daifuku
17: Ko*la March
18: B*sco
19: P*ccho
20: Ch*lsie

1: Good mooorning, students of Pure ***** Women's Academy!
2: This is the Armed Autonomous Student Council!
3: Let's make today another great day of healthy, refreshing armed self-defense
4: by following the regulations of the Pan-Women's Academy Autonomous Union (PAU)!
5: The autonomous jurisdiction is only effective on school grounds!
6: And the use of weapons for anything other than self-defense is strictly prohibited. report any trouble with students from another academy to the autonomous organization at once!
7: Especially be careful about making contact with students from East ***** Women's Academy!
sign: Gun Archive
Rifles and Machineguns
8: We have a truce with the east girls right now, but there is no cease-fire set for their school campus, so it is forbidden from entering.

1: Well, we had some fun singing karaoke,
2: so now how about we get to the real business...?
3: Yoh
4: Here.
5: Money please.
6: Hmmm...
7: And you made sure to wear these for three days, yes?

1: Yep, I sure did!
2: They're pretty stinky, right?
3: For a cute girl "selling" like you,
4: I'm sure there would be people that would pay up two digits' worth just for one time.
5: Huh?
6: No, it just occurred to me that there's more than half of your parfait remaining, yet you haven't eaten it...
7(2b): Ah...you're right!
8: Yaaaaay!
9: Th...this parfait is really good, huh?

1(2b): That's right...that's how female high school students need to be...they all need to be the same degree of stupid, with the same pigment of white legs.
2: And they all like sweet things.
3: Hee hee hee...
4: If you'll "sell" to me too,
5: I'd be happy with giving you these as well...
6: Tickets to the most popular ice cream shop among girls these days, Parlor 31.
7: You can't get anything these days unless you wait in line for around 2 hours.
8: But with a ticket, you get priority.
9: All the girls are after these.
10: Wooow.

1(2b): I've taken a liking to you...so next time we meet, I'll give you these tickets.
2(2b): By that time, we should be much closer...hee hee hee...
3: Gehhhh
4-6: hah
sign: Karaoke Hell
7: The doctor said I have some disease called "excessive sugar intake reaction syndrome."
8: When I eat candy, my body has a fit.
9: Oegghh...

1: It's a type of neurosis. Mental unrest that comes with feeling stressed when meeting with other people is the cause.
2: Lots of young girls have it. First you'll need to go to counseling and patiently fix this problem over time.
3: There are even people who start to hallucinate and hear things as their syndrome continues.
4: Hm?
5: And a special type of "dark circles"
6: appear under their eyes.

1: She doesn't seem like she's one of ours...
2: And I think that's the hairstyle that's been popular with the East girls...
3: An east girl is "selling" in our turf...?
4: This morning we will have a meeting regarding the public morals enforcement that will be carried out at 5 PM.
5: Our goal will be to expose and secure students identified in taking part in the prostitution known as "selling" or any other impure activities.
6: After being temporarily detained, prostitutes will be turned over to the police. Students will be strictly interrogated and dealt with by the autonomy organization.
7(2b): The building we're searching is a karaoke parlor known to be a spot for prostitution. The designated time for the search is two hours, so please be quick and precise in carrying out your mission.

1: If there...
2: are no further questions...
3: Tsubame-san!
4: Do you mind?
5: Umm...Ishiyama Naoko-san from the 7th Division...what is it?
6: You were the scout we sent in this time, weren't you?
7: After staying in contact with the prostitutes and staff in the karaoke parlor for one month, I have accumulated much data.
8: But I have one question.
9: There are also East girls present who are trespassing on our campus in order to "sell."
10: Should we target them as well?
11: It could possibly cause a diplomatic problem if things do not go well.
12: Wouldn't that be a problem during our truce?
13: Are they truly students from East?
14: Where is your proof?

1: I have no proof...
2: But I am sure.
3: We cannot simply accept unverified information like that.
4: Listen carefully...there is an important purpose to this crackdown.
5: We need to assert the legitimacy of an armed, autonomous group like this to the public in order to garner support.
6: And in order to ward off complaints that the implementation of an outside force is necessary, we need to make sure our discipline is taken seriously.
7: Maintaining an autonomous armed force is the only way to protect
8: noble education and healthy student life from violence and chaos!

1: Ruman*
2(2b): Che*ssy, *sco
3: Capr*co
4: *roll choco
5: Carame* Corn
6: I saw on TV that there's some disease going around that keeps you from eating sweets.
7: You get it from holding back your irritation when you're sick of talking with people but keep on doing it.
8(2b): That's ridiculous. Just don't talk if you don't want to. There's no reason to force yourself around friends.
9: Yeah!
10: B...but seems like that disease would be really painful...
11: I feel a little better today, so I think I can eat a bit.
12: This is really good, though...is it new?

1: Yeah! it went on sale yesterday.
2: I bought them all.
3: That girl's always by herself.
4: It may be easier to be alone, but it must cause her trouble too...
5(2b): I don't know her name...and I've never spoken with her...
6: I probably won't ever, huh...
7: That reminds me, did you go to Parlor 31?
8(2b): There's no way to get in there without a ticket. Even if you wait, they always run out of ice cream...
9: By the way, I heard rumors that there's gonna be a "selling" crackdown soon.
10: Eh? Isn't it just another threat?
11: Yeah, probably.

1: Hey, Naoko, you're a member of the autonomy, aren't you?
2: Don't you know anything?
3: chew
4(2b): I have to keep my morals as a friend and as a autonomy member balanced. That's the difficult part.
5: shaka shaka
6: My group hasn't received any special orders...
7: But it looks like the officers are moving.
8: Ohhh! We should keep from "selling" for the time being then!
9: Yeah.
10: Uggh..
11: Oh no...I feel like I'm gonna puke.

1: Hey, look at that ass.
2: She's alone. Let's pick her up and share her with everyone.
3: Shut up, you idiot. She's wearing a uniform from an Allied school!
4: I'm back!
5(2b): Lay a finger on her, and the autonomy forces will track you down and blow your brains out. Hieeeeh!

1: Sorry to keep you waiting!
2: yaaay, snacks, snacks!
3: They're eating again...
4: They're actually eating again...
5(2b): Would they just start the crackdown already? I want to be free from this pain as soon as possible.

1: It's that girl...
2: She's "selling"...?
3: But we're doing a crackdown today, how stupid can she be?!
4(2b): If you're gonna "sell," then at least gather some information. You won't be able to do anything by yourself!
5: And if you end up with a disease, you'll still have to go along with everything, just like me.
6: Tch
7: Eh? The girl that just went in now?
8(2b): You want to know what room she went in? I'll ask the inspector inside, hold on a minute.
9: Dammit...that girl's alone...
10: so I'm worried...

1: Uwahh, who are these people...
2: Alright.
3: snap
4: Let's begin.

1: This is the Girls' Alliance!
2: Get on the ground!
3: We will now exercise the rights of the autonomy. Both of you will follow our orders.
4: Who the hell are you people?! Let me go!
5: Resisting will only be doing a disservice to yourself!
6: P...please, don't call my wife...

1: Can't you hear me?! Hurry it up!
2: Put your hands over your head!
3(2b): N...no. This...is my first time.
4: Hurry up and get down!
5: What the hell are you people doing?!
6: Kyaaa

1: You're just kids! Who the hell do you think you are...
2: Treating adults like this!
3: Just get on the ground!
4: I'm leaving! This is unbelieva...
5: Owww
6: Fuck you! You were soliciting prostitution!

1: Come in and I'll kill her!
2: I won't let you trick me!
3: I only make deals with the East autonomy!
4(2b): I'll kill you all! You goddamn Pure girls!
5(2b): Ah, team leader...there was a girl from the East here as well. It looks like she's high on sugar, and won't communicate properly.
6: I thought so...
7: It isn't the drug that's doing it to her...it's that her symptoms have gotten advanced.

1(2b): The bullets have pierced through, we can't get near the entrance. Tell Tsubame and have her contact the East autonomy.
2: Nah, Tsubame is a peacemonger. She won't accept compromises.
3: Then we don't have much time. Let's just kill her.
4: That'll just start another war with the East.
5: Oh, yeah...
6: But taking care of her here is the best solution.
7: I guess our only choice is to capture her alive then.
8(2b): Are the snipers here? You can see that place from #14 on the 2nd floor.
9: Yeah, that's it. You got it?
10: What are you going to do?
11: The right window, is it...? We should be able to clear this distance.
12: We will fire two shots in exactly 30 second increments. We will begin counting now.

1: Hey! Show yourself, you Pure sluts!
2: What are you getting scared for?! Bitches!
3: Wha
4: flash
5: Hiieee

1: Ohhhh
2: Cunt!

1: kah
2: Target conquered!
3: We'll pretend like she was never here,
4: so throw her away somewhere outside the school grounds.
5: Why would she "sell" here, though...
6: What reason could she have for infiltrating enemy territory...
7: Who knows...
8(2b): Obviously...because she had no other place to go...

1: What's all the commotion?
2: Woahh.
3: The alliance did a crackdown.
4: All arrested students will now be transported to an autonomy facility.
5: Hurry up and walk!
6: You will be detained until tomorrow evening, when interrogation will begin...
7: All squadrons: roll call!
8: If I hadn't done something, I too would have been abandoned like that
9: Hurry up and get in.
10: and erased...

1: We'll pretend like she was never here,
2: so just throw her outside the school grounds.
3: Captain.
4: We're thinking about going to Parlor 31 now
5: to celebrate, what do you say?
6: We found someone among the student who had some tickets.
7: See?
8: That's...

1: Hee hee hee.
2: Captain,
3: you have dark circles under your eyes.

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