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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

A City For Honests and Heretics 5

Fehde in the Desert

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Mar 12, 2011 00:46 | Go to A City For Honests and Heretics

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tl by molokidan

{Fehde in the Desert}

1: Searching for a certain bug
2: in this wide, barren desert is quite a job...
3: The boys fight over the tower that stands in the center of this wasteland.
4: To them, the "tower" is one of the few treasures that exist on this plane.
5: Especially Tsurugi...

1: Your battle opponent, La Baule, is heavily injured.
2: Tsurugi...this is the second time I've had to talk to you after a battle, and I've heard the truth is even worse than I know...
3(2b): It seems like all the students at our school desire that "tower" in the desert. What is so important about those ancient ruins?
4: In any case, if this happens again, prepare to be expelled. You'll be graduating in only another half a year. Don't do anything stupid.
5(2b): La Baule is a coward. He broke our pact because he lost and told on me.
6: That isn't true!
7: I saw what happened.
8: When you and La Baule were talking about the fight in the storage room...

1: You did, Miss Doran?
2: La Baule's parents also said they would like us to take care of this discreetly.
3: Instead of turning you over to the police, we will give you 20 lashings.
4: Any objections,
5: Tsurugi?
6: Hie...

1: Six more.
2: Anima!

1: Tsurugi!
2: Welcome back!
3: Owww, my butt hurts...
4(2b): No one got in the tower while I was in confinement, right, Anima?
5: Not a soul.
6: I told everyone that this tower is yours.
7: That's what we decided on in the fight pact.
8: C'mon, let's go inside.
9: Whether you're here or not, I'll never let anyone inside.

1: Look.
2: The town is wavering...
3: Next month,
4: I hear they're going to tear this tower down.

1: klak
2: Look at all these specimens.
3: This is practically like your lab now, Anima.
4: No one will steal them if I put them in here.
5: And you have your expensive telescope on the upper floor, don't you/
6: koh
7: Why do you only let me in?
8: Because I'm your best friend?

1: Is there any other reason?
2: Liar.
2: It's because deep down, my "heart" is a woman's.
3(2b): Even if you had a male best friend, you still wouldn't let him in.
4: To him,
5: this is the only sacred place where he can talk with "her" about love.

board: Doran is a slut who gets it on every night!
1: Miss Doran is a very beautiful woman.
2: Therefore, she is a very suitable target
3: Ahem.
4: for the boys' distorted passion.

1: I'd advise you boys to stop thinking about stupid things
2: and focus on your preparations for the final test.
3: Miss Doran.
4: I have a question.
5: What, Tsurugi?
6: There's a rumor going around that said had a miscarriage because you smoked too much.
7: Is that true?
8(2b): I see...so you're the one who wrote those words on the blackboard.
9(2b): Tsurugi. I will overlook this teasing of yours.

1: You know, I sympathized with you a little...
2: Because when you were being whipped on the rear,
3: I heard you crying like a girl.
4: Ehh?! Tsurugi cried?
5: But he isn't a girl...
6: Tsurugi's a weakling...
7: Now, let's begin our class.
8: Wha...
9: Tsurugi isn't a weakling.
10: Tsurugi cried because he is proud and pure.

1: Hey, Tsurugi. About us controlling the "tower" together...
2: What do you think? Consider the conditions too.
3: It's a good deal, eh?
4: You won't lose anything...let's solve this peacefully.
5: It isn't good to monopolize things, Tsurugi.
6: I've fought five times to protect that "tower," Antoine.
7: I have no intention to hand it over to anyone now.
8: If you have any complaints, then I'll accept your challenge at any time.
9: Let's go, Anima.
10: ...what should we do?
11: Guess we've got no choice...

1: Hey, Tsurugi!
2: Wait!
3: At this rate, Antoine's group really will challenge you.
4: Then I'll just fight back.
5: But even if you win, you'll be expelled!
6: That tower will be dismantled in another month.
7: I just need to protect it until then.
8: More importantly, let's gather up the bugs in there.
9: Huh? Why?
10: I thought of a fun idea.
11(2b): The next day, Antoine's challenge came.

1: Geez...
2: This is ridiculous...
3: Why can't I smoke in public on the school grounds...?
4: Especially considering all the stress this job gives me.
5: Ahhh...I can't wait to have sex with him again...
6: I want to hurry up and get out of here.
7: Just staring at those kids' faces
8: irritates me...
9: clack

1: Hey, who just locked that?!
2: Open it up!
3: Hiee
4: What now?
5: Tsurugi.
6: Heheheh! Just watch.
7: I have a present for you,
8: Miss Doran.
9: Who...

1: Gyaaaaaah
2: Run!
3: Tsurugi!

1: Two hours later, a custodian found Miss Doran.
2: She had passed out due to dehydration and shock.
3: The final battle--

1: Hey...um, I'm sick of my job.
2: I know I'm not meant to be a teacher.
3: Take me somewhere.
4: Where?
5: Anywhere away from this desert.
6: Somewhere I can't see that horrible tower...

1: Ahhh...
2: Miss Doran!

1-2: Ha
3: Uu...
4: Hey, Anima.
5: Why are you crying?

1: You aren't a girl...
2: No, Tsurugi...it's because I'm a boy
3: that I'm crying.
4: If I was a girl...
5: If I was Miss Doran...
6: You know...
7(2b): If this wasn't a desert...if we could get more treasures...
8: We wouldn't have to desperately protect these ruins.

1: Don't you agree, Tsurugi?
2: This desert
3: is too wide.

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