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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

A City For Honests and Heretics 6

Female High School Soldier

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Mar 12, 2011 00:47 | Go to A City For Honests and Heretics

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tl by molokidan

{Female High School Soldier}

1: In order to survive, we have to abandon "humanity."
2: But unless we later return to "humanity," there will be no point to survival.
3: This zone is under the control of our army.
4: Therefore it is forbidden to move to another zone without permission.
5: Anyone who does something suspicious will be shot without warning.
6: I repeat

1: You really like doing that, First Lieutenant Takigawa.
2: Looking at the sun through your hand.
3(2b): Female high school soldiers' hands are transparent down to the blood vessels, so it looks like glasswork.
4: You mean you were absorbed by its beauty?
5: Nah.
6: I don't really think it's beautiful.
7: Don't take photographs. We're confiscating that film.
8: But the panties...

1: To think I'd come back home on a mission...
2: Who knows, this might be my final farewell...
3: Murakami ran away from the front lines of his squad and destroyed this place, where he was also from.
4: And so we, the other members of her squad, came to clean up his mess.
5(2b): This is horrible, though. I'm sure a lot of the people I know died in this...
6: First Lieutenant Takigawa, look!
7: There's a survivor!
8: The Captain is interrogating her...

1: Mieko...
2: I can't believe it...she's alive?
3: Eh? Your ex-girlfriend?
4: No, just an old friend.
5: She didn't answer her phone, so I was worried.
6: heeeeey!
7: Miekoooo, it's meeeee!

1(2b): Dammit, the helicopter's making too much noise...Miekooooo!
2: Heeeeey!
3: ...Mieko...
4: I had no way of knowing that Mieko's family was killed by her old friend, Murakami...
5: Murakami apparently escaped to the western desert.
6: wow. He probably went through Kouenji and then got on Oume Highway then...

1: His goal is to get to Tokorozawa, Captain.
2: How do you know that?!
3: Don't just say whatever just because you want to!
4: There's a school he used to go to in Tokorozawa.
5: So what?
6: All the places that have been destroyed in this town are places that had some sort of connection with Murakami's upbringing.
7: Where his elementary school was, where his family lived, his apartment, the cheap hotels he brought girls to...
8: He's probably...
9: trying to destroy all the places he has memories of...

1: You're from the same town as him, aren't you?
2: Tch!
3: Yes. I went to high school with the last three survivors...
4: They were people with whom I seriously promised "eternal friendship"...
5: He probably knows his way around this area...want to put him in charge?
6: Yeah.
7: Dammit...now I'm gonna get more work.
8: I was secretly planning to come back home ahead of Murakami and propose to Mieko.
9: Mufufufu
10: Mufu
11: In other words, that "eternal friendship" we all pledged together was total bullshit.
12: First Lieutenant, we're leaving now!

1: That afternoon, we of the Female High School Soldier Squadron took a combat helicopter
2: across the western desert, searching for Tokorozawa.
3: No needless chit-chat, OK?
4: Shut uuuuup!
5: I don't want to walk all the way there.
6: Stop being so selfish!
7: It was an old model, so the air conditioner didn't even work right.
8: Old Female High School Soldier Model Type-B
9: And it looked so stupid.
the hair looks like an old lady's lol
too much perfume
what the hell is that
skirt is too long
it's scary!
pic by First Lieutenant Takigawa lol
10: I have a question, First Lieutenant Takigawa!
11: Why did you stop calling out to that girl earlier?!

1: Because if I reached her, it would show my emotion and nostalgia.
2: Which is a very dangerous thing to do on the battlefield.
3(2b): Unless we become one with these female high school weapons, we will not survive.
4: Yes...we have to unify ourselves...
5: Until the war ends...
6: we cannot revert to "humanity."
7: Keh
8(2b): Murakami...thought the saaame way.
9: I read a letter in his room.
10: He wrote it just before he escaped...I'll forward it in a mail to you.

(the whole joke with the letter is that it's written with lingo and emoticons that are used by high school girls)
letter: Ummmm, so today I was really depressed, and some old guy was like "You're gross, Murakami (>_<) I was like WTF? It hurts...Mika is just being herself...trying to be cute! (lol) eheheh! SOOOO I decided to run away for a little bit. You know, get my thoughts together..I'm a little embarrassed, ahaha. this is so fun. So anyway, I know they're gonna get really mad at me when I return (cut off)
1: This is gross...
2: He's always been a little crazy.
3: He was a pervert who put on mascara in the cockpit, after all...
4: That's not true.
5: He was just trying to become one with the female high school soldier.
6: Eh?
7: No...he may have been trying to become a FHSS himself.

1(2b): And so the "human" Murakami was in the way. He denied his own existence.
2: He went to destroy all the "traces" that he had lived.
3: So that's why he destroyed the town...
4: Hahaha! So he really is a nut!
5: Therefore, if Murakami wants to erase all things connected to him,
6: then we, who've shared the same meals with him for years,
7: should be his targets as well...

no page?

1: This may be a trap.
2: ....eh?
3: He may have just acted like he was going to Tokorozawa to draw us out here...
4: Hie
5: The scout helicopter is back.
6: Dammit, that scared me...
7: Make contact with the helicopter and scout the surroundings.
8: Roger!
9: I'll do a call to the old man for the time being.

1: d
2: Disperse!
3: Disperrrrse!

1: Our radar is being jammed! We can't find out where he is!
2: hyu
3: CQB Mode!
4: Tahara!

1: Don't lose him!
2: What is the general doing? Mow him down!
3: Move!
4: He went behind the building on the right!

1: Ah...
2: Captain Tsunefusa...
3: Behind you, Kurayamaaa!

1: Murakamiiii!

1: Ohhhh
2: grip
3: F...First Lieutenant!
4: H...hurry...
5: Help me...

1: Hiieee...

1: ...Murakami.

1(2b): Are you my old ally? Er, ex-old ally?
2: Like?
3: You deciding whether or not to slap me?
4: Are you like, totally clueless?
5: Like, seriously?
6: Woah, that's like, so funny.
7: Like, hello? Everyone else is dead!
8: Why don't you die already?
9: He's lost his mind...
10: Since I'm an old friend of yours...
11: I'd like to capture you alive...
12: But it's too late now, I can see!
13: We've both changed too much. Things aren't the same as before.
14: You don't even have a scrap of your humanity left.
15: You've been possessed by a Female High School Soldier.
16: That's, like, my line?
17(2b): Y'know? Sorta?

1: What? What? A mail?
2: That's YOU!
3: If you don't put it on manner mode you'll be sent to the detention barracks!
4: Hold on, let me check my messages.

1: Murakamiiiiii
2: Ah
3: woah, like...

1: Why did you let your guard down, Murakami?
2: Being careless on the battlefield can mean your life.

1: The message
2: was from Mieko.
text: How are you? It's been a while since I heard from you. I've decided to accept the proposal you made to me before you went out on your job. I can only pray that you haven't changed your mind.
I love you.
3: ....eternal friendship my ass. That bitch...
4: Dammit...
5: Maybe receiving a message from the woman he thought he killed shook him up too much.
6: Too late.
7: If that's the case, then it means there was still a piece of his humanity left inside him...

1: In any case, one year later,
2: the war ended.
3(2b): After coming home, I told Mieko that Murakami "died in battle." She never heard anything, so I left her in the dark.
4: A little bit later, I married a different woman and left my hometown.
5: If I said that I had no lingering affection for Mieko, that would be a lie.
6: But once you have a child,
7: mysteriously enough, those sort of feelings thin out.

1(2b): Hey, look at my hand! It's transparent right down to the blood vessels.
2: It looks like glasswork...
3: Beautiful, huh?
4: Father.
5: She turns 16 this year. As the days go by, I think she starts to look more and more like me.
(Serialized in the July 2007 issue of "Weekly Comic Punch")

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