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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

A City For Honests and Heretics 7

Family Restaurant

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Mar 12, 2011 00:47 | Go to A City For Honests and Heretics

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tl by molokidan

{Family Restaurant}
(note: this manga flows right to left by each horizontal row, not all vertical then all horizontal)
1: yeeees!
2: I'll be right theeere!

1: I was supposed to be off today,
2: so that sudden phone call really surprised me, boss.
3: That Kenji is something else though, taking off without permission.
4: Eh?
5: I dunno.
6: We did go out to eat together after work yesterday.
7: Hey now.
8: Don't misunderstand.

1(2b): We're just co-workers. And
2: he already told me yesterday
3: that he has a girlfriend...
4: I was like
5: "fuck." Heheheh.
6: Whoops, excuse me.
7: Let's make that a banned phrase during work hours.
8: People these days say it too often anyway.
9: Ah
10: Table 35's light is on.
11: Must be the combover again.
12: It has to be him.
13: He always sits there.

1: Here you are.
2: May I take your...
3: Yes...one Morning Set A.
4: And another coffee.
5: You may choose between a Japanese or western-style salad.
6: ...Japanese it is.

1: Boss!
2: It wasn't combover!
3: It was an old guy with a perm!
4: Why wasn't it combover?
5: Now I won't get to see
6: the combover do his butler stuff.
7: Fuck!
8: God!
9: Oops, I said it again.
10: Boss.
11: Just between you and me,

1(2b): I see combover a lot on the way home.
2: I wonder if he's stalking me...
3: He was there on the road yesterday, so I had Kenji walk me home.
4: he's creepy.
5: Him and that combover...
6: Seriously,
7(2b): it's like "fuck."
8: Ah
9: I said it again.

1: Hoooo
2: Ahhh, getting so excited
3: made me thirsty.
4: But if I drink too much
5: then I'll have to go pee...
6: Yesterday
7: I bought a drink thinking it was Pocari Sweat,
8: but it was actually Aquarios!
9: Which do you drink, boss?
10: Well
11: I guess it doesn't matter.

1: Woah, there's another order!
2: It was pretty slow,
3: but things are picking up now...
4: May I take your order?
5: Two noodle bowl sets.
6: Would you like drinks with that?
7: The drink bar is self-service, so make yourselves at home.
8: This is hot, so be careful.

1: Yes, may I take your oder?
2-3H hah
4: Here is the salad
5: for your steak, sir.
6: Ah, excuse me!
7: I am so sorry!
8: I'll bring a new one right away...
9: I'm really sorry.
10: Hey, boss!
11: Can you speed out #6's order for me?!
12: Welcome!

1: Table 6?
2: Please wait a little longer.
3: I'm very sorry.
4: But we're completely full now, so would you mind waiting a half hour?
5: That will be 3280 yen.
6: 10,000 in the register!
7: Here is your change, 6720 yen.
8: And here is your receipt
9: sir...

1: Sir?!
2: Hey
3: don't ignore me...
4: Come on
5: I'm so busy already...
6: Fuck!

1-8: Fuck

1: Fuck
2-4: haa
5: Fuck.
6: Whoops, I said it again.
7: Haaah! Getting so excited
8: made me thirsty.
9: Need some Pocari Sweat...
10: Huh?

1: I thought I grabbed Pocari...
2: this is Aquarios.
3: Kenji,
4: which do you like more?
5: Well...
6: I guess it doesn't matter.
7: Hooo

No page?

1: I did it again.
2: Now I can die happy.
3: "One night only" my ass.
4: Just don't fucking tell me you have a girlfriend or some shit
5: after I make you scream.

1: Hey, Kenji?
2: Did it feel good?
3: It didn't feel good to me at all.
4: And besides, are you really dead?
5: It really didn't feel like I killed you.
6: I liked you so much.
7: So much it made me kill you.
8: Because I loved you.

1: Maybe it was just my imagination.

1: Boss.
2: I'm going to take my break now.
3: Is something wrong?
4: A visitor?
5: for me?
6: At Table 35?
7: ...but
8: that's the old guy with the perm!
9: What? He's been waiting
10: since morning for me to take my break?
11: Gross! Now it's not a combover, but a perm?

1: Fuck.
2: Seriously.
3: Ahh
4: I said it again.
5: No way.
6: That guy with the perm...is a cop?
7: Hooo
8: I always drink Pocari at home, though.

1: Yesterday it was Aquarios.
2: Which do you like, officer?
3: Well.
4: I guess it doesn't matter.
5: So..
6: to continue...
7: Yes...I know the person in that photo.
8: He always sat in this seat.
9: But I didn't know his name.
10: So I called him combover.
11: You know...because he was bald, tee hee...
12: Yes...he looked at me with strange eyes.
13: I thought of it as a bit of a bother.

1: Wow.
2: He was killed?
3: By who?
4: It wasn't me.
5: I did kill someone yesterday,
6: but it wasn't combover.
7: Because I killed
8: Kenji.
9: There would be no point in killing combover.

1: I killed Kenji to prove I love him.
2: Please don't
3: compare the two.
4: Kenji
5: and combover...
6: But...
7: was that really Kenji?

1: Which
2: do you like more, officer?
3: Well
4: I guess it doesn't matter.
5: I'm the only one here anyway.
6: Okie-dokie.
7: I'm really not embarrassed.
8: It doesn't excite me either.
9: There's just no reason
10: to hold it in.

1: See?
2: It's all my imagination after all.
3: So I can't kill anyone, either.
4: I don't love anyone.



My father-

Old men beating younger ones is a normal complex for any romantic old man to have. So there's a lot of manga like that. But one about someone just swinging a sickle around never came around, so I decided to draw it. It was called "#1" during the serialization because I thought of making a series surrounding the family. But I didn't in the end.


I had a sort of mexican image for this one, but the fashion and style ended up being Peru-ish or somewhere else in South America. I love foreign-looking worlds. I've never been abroad though, nor do I want to go abroad. I don't even want to come out of my room. So don't take this as a serious depiction.

Far Away-

I love watching reruns of old period dramas like "Abarenbou Shogun" and "Lone Wolf and Cub." I was influenced by those for this one. It's hard to draw Japanese clothing. I'd like to do another period piece, but I have no knowledge on the subject, so that's a problem.


I really wanted to do a series in this world. This was supposed to be the pilot. I originally planned for more epic scope, but had to trim it down. I wonder if some magazine somewhere will run it for me. It's the story I most want to draw right now.

Fehra in the Desert-

I actually spent two weeks drawing contents for a different story, but decided I didn't like it, and changed into this in one day. I liked the main character "Peter" in the movie "A Funeral of Roses," so I wrote a manga about a character with the same kind of sexual identity problems. Thinking up meaningful names for the characters was too much of a pain so I just picked them up randomly from a book. And I like setting stories in deserts.

Female High School Soldier-

This was serialized in Comics Punch. I was originally drawing a manga after getting inspired from a certain group's music, but there was a problem with the publishing rights

and I couldn't use the songs I wanted, no matter how hard I tried, so I had to choose the music afterwards due to time constraints. Therefore I thank everyone who helped me and gave me songs, and apologize for my rudeness. I wanted to draw a robot war with this one, basically.

Family Restaurant-

I often use family restaurants for meetings. There are a lot of different kinds of people in those places, it's fun. Annoying too. I bet it's annoying for the people who work there. There was a waitress as a cute as a doll in one of them, and so there were old men going there just to see her. I think that's what inspired me. I wanted to serialize it as a cell phone manga, so I drew it small like that. It was kind of experimental. I tried to make it so that she was in every frame. This is black-and-white, but it was in color in the cell phone edition.

Drawing cell phone manga-

I use a PC for the internet, and a cell phone for nothing else than phone and text messages. I have no intention to use it for anything else. But lately cell phones have become the nucleus for communication among young people. They use it for mail, talking, internet, shopping, TV, music, movies, memos, and all kinds of other stuff. But old generation people like me just can't understand why someone would want to read manga of all things on a cell phone. Therefore I didn't really have anything in mind when I started drawing a cell phone manga, but I realized later on that you really can't look at it (or draw it) like you would a manga on paper. For example, spreads won't work at the same size on cell phones, and there are other sizes of frames and scrolling problems to worry about. Cell phone has a certain kind of animation technology, though, so you can make frames move. There is also no need to split up pages in multiples of four. And using color doesn't result in a different printing cost, it's all the same price. What we think of as manga now has evolved from decades of turning black-and-white pages, so I think it's better to think of cell phone manga as something completely different. Especially in planning. "How should we make readers on the cell phone feel like they're reading paper?" Isn't that in itself an obselete way of thinking? Isn't it no longer a "manga" at this point? I think it's worth trying out, but these sort of hypocrisies pop up every now and then. As a person who draws manga to eat, I would be happy if both forms of media continue to grow.

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