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Holyland 129

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Aug 31, 2011 00:06 | Go to Holyland

-> RTS Page for Holyland 129


tl by molokidan

act.129 Izawa: Two Years Ago[3] ~Two years ago[3]~

1: Looks like Izawa-kun's really been busy!
2: Yes! Thanks to you--
3: He's garnered even more attention than his results permit!
4: Hahahaha! He's handsome, that's why. It's a good thing.
5(2b): Because of the declining birth rates, we've been getting less and less
gifted students. Appeal in sports is also an important merit for our school to
6: And he's still a first-year. I have great expectations.
7: Do your best.
8: Yes sir! Thank you very much!!

1: Excuse me.
2: Huh?
3: Izawa-kun was so amazing!
4: He's super popular, even in my class!
5: Take me with you next time to cheer him on, please <3 (The truth is, I'm
also a fan <3)
6: I'm excited for next year.
7: Oh yeah.
8: Izawa's ability is already top class on the national level now.
9: He's obviously going to be busy next year, too...
10: I need to look more at the future.
11: If things go well--

1: it could be possible to send a high schooler to the olympics!
2: You all training?!
3: Yes sir!!!
4: Yes sir!!
5: Hm?
6: Where's Izawa?

1: Here, sir.
2: Why aren't you in the ring yet?! I told you to start sparring once you
finished your shadowboxing.
3: I have no partner...
4: I haven't done my mitts yet today, either.
5: What!??
6: Hey! What's going on here!!?

1: We all...
2: have our own practice to do, so...
3: You guys...
4: Fine!!
5: Hey, Watanabe!! Get down!
6: Change with Izawa.

1: Alright, nice tempo!!
2: Left! Smoothly...!!
3: OK! Good, Izawa!
4: Goddamn it!!!
5: Our club's become the motherfuckin' Izawa gym!
6: Hah! It's a good thing he was late today.
7: What does he think we are, just his sparring partners?!
8(2b): He does have talent...Izawa...but the thing that I can't stand
9: is how he never has an eye for us! His seniors....

1: In last year's preliminaries...you were in the best eight, right?
2: If only you had gone this year...!!
3: I won't say that if I had gone out this year, I could have made it to
4: It's just
5(2b): When I was a first year, I had to kiss ass and get my ass beat all the
time in spars. Every day sucked. It hurt, and no one gave a shit about me.
6(2b): And because of weigh-ins, I couldn't even eat what I wanted...it's like
those three years of suffering I went through
7: are being completely ignored by him...
8: That's what I can't forgive!!!
9: Just don't let him ignore you, then.

1(2b): Make it so that he can't ignore you! Ignore us!!
2: ...let's do it!
3: I'll help too!!
4: Not you.
5: You have next year to worry about, remember? That's not a good idea, you sit
6: Besides, there's no reason for us to do it ourselves anyway.
7: I have some friends, you know.
8: When...do you wanna do it...?
9: hah

1: Today! It's best to do things when the excitement is at its peak, right?
2: Ah...Micchan? It's me.
3: Ummm, I have a little request for you--
4: Yes...?
5: It's me...Watanabe, the third-year...

1: I have something to talk to you about...you mind comin' outside now?
2: If it's something you want to talk to me about, then can it wait for school
3: It's urgent!! Just get out here fast!!!
4: It's because this is something you can't do at school, isn't it?
5: You mind switching?
6(2b): Ah, ok.
7(2b): Izawaaaa...you sound pretty strong over the phone, but how about inside?
We just wanna talk to you frankly, man to man...
8: You gonna run away, even from something like this...?!

1: Just like your father's still running away...from that "incident!!"
2(2b): Guess there's no helping it, eh, Izawa? But do you mind if I ask you
something? Does cowardice come from genes?
3: Wait...I'll be there soon.
4: He's here...!

1: Watanabe...Kobayashi...Okamura...not the smartest bunch...
2: Do they want to fight with me or something...?
3: If that's the case, then they're barking up the wrong tree. Did they forget
that I have experience in practical karate?
4: I've been fighting daily since I was a kid at the dojo!!
5: Heh! Thanks for coming.

1: So you gathered people...for a first-year?
2: Who's the cowardly one now?
3: They cut off my exit...
4: I have no choice!!
5: You still gonna talk back to us, at a time like this...?! Just how conceited
are you...?!
6: Since you're a first year, we thought the least we could do as your seniors
7: would be to teach you how to answer properly, before stepping out.
8: He's all yours, Micchan!
9: Thanks.

1: This guy looks like he's gonna be worth softenin' up!
2: There aren't any special characteristics in their fists or bodies...they're
just thugs...
3: I can do this!! I just need to back up against a wall and take them on from
the front.
4: I have no choice!!!
5: When one has no choice but to face a lot of people at once, utilizing walls
to avoid attacks could in a way be the correct choice.
6: Ohhhh, he's up against the wall!
7: He may be more used to fighting than we thought!
8: But of course, this also creates a big risk.

1: It's alright. I'm faster...than that thing!!
2: th-thump
3: I'm up against amateurs. I just need to start with the closest!!
4-6: thump
7: ...go! Bring it out...!
8: Bring it out...!! ...bring it out!!
9: Bri...
10: thump
11: --it won't come--

1: Why!??
2: My legs...
3: my body...won't move...
4: What's wrong...?!
5-6: Why...
7: am I cowering!??
8: Even with the advantage of not being attacked from behind, one also loses
the ability to move around, step back and avoid attacks -- and most
9: the pressure of being cornered by enemies is great! When one is surrounded,
possessing the strength of an unwavering body and heart is necessary.

1: ...yeah.
2: Doing any more than this could be pretty serious! We might kill him.
3: OK, we'll stop as soon as you start crying, then.
4: C'mon, where's all that big talk now?!
5: How long as it been...
6: the pain...feels distant...
7(2b): Heeey! This guy's pretty stubborn. What should we do? We really might
kill him...
8: What should we do, Watanabe?
9: Wanna kill him?

1: Destroy...his fists...
2(2b): I just want him out of the club. For Kobayashi and the second-years,
too...and for the future.
3: Erase him from the club...I'll take full responsibility.
4: Fists...
5: With these...fists...I was going to see
6: a different world...

1: All we wanted for you was to apologize...
2: This isn't it.
3: See any big rocks around?
4: I can't end here
5: You had this coming, alright...?
6: Dad--
7: Wai...
8: I...!!!
9: F...
10: Forgiv...

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