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Boku to Issho 42

Help Me

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Nov 13, 2011 01:48 | Go to Boku to Issho

-> RTS Page for Boku to Issho 42


tl by molokidan

42 - Help Me

book: Super Erotic Body
Right heeeere~

1: Appuh!
2: S-someone!!
3: S-someoooone!
4: Help meee!!
5: P-pleeaaase!! ...!!
6: Help meeeeeeeeee!!

1: H...
2: Help!
3: Please!
4: H-help!!
5-6: Pahh!

1: Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyy!
2: I-I saw youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!
3: I saw youuuuuuu, Itou Shigeruuuuuu!!!
4: What the hell were you doing?!
5: Wh-whaaaat!!?

1: Don't give me that! The kid, the kid! You just looked him in the eyes!!
2: Eh, what kid?! What eyes?!
3: You aren't humaaaaan!!
4: Guess what?! I'm gonna tell everyone about this!!
5: Uooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh!
6: Hold on, kiiiiiiiiiiid!! I'm gonna save youuuuuuuu!!
7: Npah!
8: Doryaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!

1: Hey, wake up!!
2: Wake up, Shouta!!
3: Don't just give him some random name!!
4: Hey, wake up, boy!!
5: ...you alright?
6: ...t...thank you...
7: ...brother...
8: You swallowed a lot of water, but you're OK now...

1: ...why...why...didn't you save me?
2: ...forgive me, boy...I was so absorbed in reading that I didn't notice.
3: ...but you looked me in the eyes...
4: ...why...didn't you save me...?
5: Forget it, kid, he isn't human. If you talk with him any more you'll just end up getting corrupted.
6: ^calling pirahnas

1: Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh?!
2: What, you mean Itou-kun was going to let that kid die!!?
3: Yeah! He just kept reading the porno mag!!
4: Uwaahhhhhhhh, that's so horrible! Itokin is the worst!!
5: Why, Itou-kun?! Why did you do something like that?!
6: You aren't the kind of person who does such terrible things like that, are you?!

1: Eh?
2: Don't give us "Eh!!"
3: You weren't listening to us at all, were you?!
4: Why didn't you save him?! Why were you ready to let that kid die?!
5: Ahhh, okay, okay...
6: ...that clearly should have been the end of his life...
7: That young boy was being called from the heavens...
8: it not good
9: to interfere.
10: You stupid! Super Sacrilege!!
11: Wh-what are you talking about?!

1: ...a...also...since I was reading a porno mag at the time...
2: ...I had a huge hard-on...
3: And one more thing.
4-5: Enough already!!
6: I can't swim
7: even a little.
8: Well you should have at least called for help!!
9: Yeah, there's no reason to just ignore him!!

1: Wooooow, I'm impressed!
2: You did a really good thing!
3: Yeah, good job big bro!!
4: You don't need to say it, I know I'm good.
5: Myyy~ what a fine young man you are!
6: I'm so proud!
7: This might get public recognition!
8: Yeah, who knows, you might end up in a newspaper or on TV or something!!

1: Ahhhhh, how niiiiice, a newwwwwspaper!
2: Wish I could be in one toooo!
3: Ohhhhh, that's right, I forgot! I'll be featured for murdering someone!!
4: Fuckerrrrrs!!
5: W-we didn't say anything!
6: ...wonder if I'll get any money?
7: Oh, you might! Buy me something when you do!
8: Ayako.
9: ...if I get mojney, Ikuo...
10: you're coming with me to a foreign country.
11: Why?

1: Kazu said once that he was glad he got to go to a foreign country when he was a kid...
2: That's why I'm gonna go with you.
3: OK!!
4: What are you saying?! It's like you've turned good all of a sudden!!
5: You really are the best, big bro!
6: A foreiiiign countryyyyyy, how niiiice!
7: Wish I could go toooo!
8: OK, Itokin, I'll plan a special tour for you.
9: R-really?! To where?!
10: Hades.
11: Hades?!
12: That means Hell, doesn't it?!

1: The next day, the elementary school principal called us.
2: Since the boy big brother saved was in one of the classes there, the teacher wished to commend him.
3: ...but bro went somewhere with Itokin in the morning.
4: What an idiot! He just lost his sole change to actually get some kind of award.
5: in return, I decided to accept it.
6: Noooooooooooooo!!

1: You said we were gonna go hunting for stag beetles!!
2: What is this?! Why are you doing this!!?
3: Shut up.
4: And get the fuck in there.
5: You're out of your mind! I can't swim, I'll die!!
6: I'm gonna teach you, dumbass!!
7: ...listen up, Itokin. As a man...you have too many holes.
8: If you have a lot of holes, the chance that you might die at any moment gets higher.
9: That's why I've decided to fill up at least one of them!! Now swim!
10: Y-yeah right! You're a galactic moron!! And meddlesome!! Go away!

1: Fine then, let's do this! If you can swim 10m, I'll do that super awesome festival with you!
2: That's right, I'll go with you all the way to the end of the penis festival!!
3: ...r...really?
4: Yeah, really!! Let's smash it in the hole together and sing songs!!
5: A-alright, here I go! Hold me tight!
6: I gotcha! Leave it to me!!

1: Su-Suguooooo! Suguoooo!
2: I know, I know, I'm coming!
3: Ohhhhh!!
4: Owwwwww! I strained my leg!
5: Argh! Owowowwowowowow!

1: Ahhhhh, hang in there, Itokin! Move your legs!!
2: I'm coming in right after you!

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