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Boku to Issho 48

Parent's House

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Nov 13, 2011 01:50 | Go to Boku to Issho

-> RTS Page for Boku to Issho 48


tl by molokidan

48 - Parent's House


1: Uoooooohhhhh, Ikuooooooooooooo!
2: Ikuooooooooooooo!!!
3: Uoooooohhh, Ikuooooooooooo!
4: Ikuoooooooooooooo!!!

1: ...Dan...I'm hairy, aren't I...?
2: That's not true. You're beautiful, Jessie...
3: No I'm not! Look at all this hair!
4: You're so silly...that's just part of your charm...I love you, Jessie!
5: Ahhh, Dan...shave me...
6: shave shave shave shave
sfx: ding dooong
7: Hm?


1: Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!
2: He's heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere!!!
3: H-hey, where are you going!!?
4: Big bro!!

1: Big broooooooooooooooooooo!!!
2: Uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh
3: ...sooo, you're back from Yokohama.
4: Yup, from Yokohama...
5: I can't believe you made it back...do you have money?
6: Yeah, I got 20,000 yen from some worthless office lady.

1: Where's Itokin, bro?
2: Ahhh, I stuffed him into a facility...he was getting annoying.
3: Ahhhhhhh, man am I full!
4: That really hit the spoooot!!
5-6: What are you doing?!
7: Idiot! I may look like this, but I'm still in the middle of running away from home! Don't mistake it!!
8: How can you say that with a full stomach?!
9: Do you really intend to abandon me, big bro!!?
10: If you leave now, I refuse to ever see you again!!

1: Really?
2: Really!!
3: Forever?
4: Forever!!!
5: You won't even come to my wedding?
6: Not even your wedding!!!
7: Can you get married?
8: ....nnnnnnnnnnnnn.
9: Well that's a problem.

1: There really isn't anything I can do about that...
2: Right, old man?!
3: ...if I'm here, this family will be dragged down into Hell for sure...
4: ...I can't allow that to happen...no matter what...
5: ...hey...he's sleeping...for real...
6: He's a single cell organism.
7: ...bro just must be tired...and he's full too...

1: ...bro slept straight through the next day as if he was in a coma...he must have really been tired...
2: ...I guess I'll go wake him up...
3: No, he'll just make noise again...
4: Yoshida-saaaaaaaan, maaaaaaail!

1: Yoshida-saaaaaaan!
2: Maaaaaaail!
3: ...Yoshida-saaaaan...
4: Yoshida-saaaaaaaaaaaaaan.
5: I'm saying Yoshida-saaaaan, aren't I?!
6: C'mon, why didn't you open it?!
7: You killjooooooooooooys!!

1: I'm sorry, Ikuoooooooooo!!!
2: Ehh!!?
3: ...Uuu...Suguo...your big brother....he said "I wonder if there's red king crab in Yokohama Bay too,"
4: and then dived right in...to become some crab's breakfast...I tried to save him...but it was cold...and I can't swim...
5: But it's alright! Because I'm your new big brother from this day forward!! I'll live with more energy than he ever did!
6: Hello, my brotherrrrrrr!!
7: Aaaaaaaaaaaagggggggghhhhhhhhhh!!
8: Aaaaaaaaaaaagggggggghhhhhhhhhh my ass!!

1: Why did you come home by yourself?!
2: That's horrible! Don't you think that's horrible?!
3: What happened to your Love & Friendship Naivete Club, huh?! I thought I let you in there, assmonkey!!
4: Hmph! You think I'd be content to sit and play around with those pencil-dick chuckleheads all day?!
5: That isn't the life for me! It's a shithouse!!
6: You were kicked out, weren't you?! Tell me the truuuuth!
7: N-noooo, I wasn't! I left on my own!!
8: I was kicked ouuuuuuuuut!!!
9: You jackass! How did you manage to get kicked out of there?!
10: That was your last citadel! Like the sugar chunks at the bottom of a cereal box!!
11: uuu...uuuuuuu...
12: B..but...it just didn't feel right...
13: ...I didn't feel like I'd be able to get along with them...
14: Liar! You looked like you were having a lot of fun playing cards with them!
15: Ahh, how do you know about that?! Hey! Hey!!

1: Eh!
2: They're back!
3: Yeah...for the time being...
4: Really?! Great!!
5: Ahhhh, I was really worried...
6: It seemed like they were so serious, you know.
7: They did all seriously leave once more, though...
8: ...so...
9: ...what are they gonna do now...?

1: We have no place to live.
2: ...now dat tings are like diiiiish...
3: we might as well just all die, eh?
4: Noooo, I can't die heeere!
5: I might get invited to an orgy next week, afte rall!!
6: No, no, I can't die! I will never die!

1: ...but...the truth is...
2: we do have one place to live...
3: Ehh, where?! Where's that!!?
4: We really have one!!?
5: Ahhhhh, I knooooow!!
6: We could go to YOUR HOUUUUUSE!!

1: Ohhhh, good idea! Great idea!!
2: I'm sure if it's your house, we won't get in anyone's way!
3: Why didn't I think of this sooner?! Alright, let's go! Let's gooooooo!!
4: ...there is one person there...
5: ...the person my brother and I...hate...and fear more than any other person in the world...
6: ...that one person.

1: Tomorrow, we all secretly headed back to our parent's house...
2: Me, big bro, and Itokin alone...

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