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Hunter x Hunter 329


+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 11, 2012 21:29 | Go to Hunter x Hunter

-> RTS Page for Hunter x Hunter 329

*Only for use by MS.

tl by molokidan

1: Greetings, ladies and gentlemen.
2: Today, I would like to announce a joint statement made between I, Teradain,
Lupe, and Bushidora.
slanted: The Hunters mobilize to stop Illumi!!
3: We three are often called the "Anti-Chairman" faction, but that is not our true
4: The Hunter soul that ruins through our veins is the one we inherited from the
late Chairman!! Make no mistake!!
5: We intend in carrying on his ideals and philosophies, and we would like to
invite you to work together with us, as allies.
6: Let us revive that legendary, all-around versatile group of Hunters the late
Chairman himself belonged to...!!
7: Let us reform
8: the Seirin Group!!! (*characters mean pure and dignified)
9: Our representative will be Teradain! The vice-rep will be Lupe! And I,
Bushidora, will be Captain of the acting forces!
10: And to show our unity, we will all be voting for our representative, Teradain,
in the election!

No.329 Spy

1: All those who agree with our purposes,
2: please vote for our ally Teradain!!
3: Next,
4: we would like to address something that affects our advocacy.
5: We have received highly reliable news from a powerful source
6: that has accused multiple Hunters of vile atrocities!
7: We are now searching for those Hunters!!
8: My wise comrades!! Let us unite together and rebuild the intelligent, morally
just Hunter organization that we joined!!

5th Election for the 13th Chairman
Total Number of Hunters: 661

1st Pariston 274 votes (41.4%)
2nd Teradain 77 votes
3rd Cheadle 63 votes
4th Leorio 55 votes
5th Ickshonpay 28 votes
6th Botobai 26 votes
7th Mizaistom 21 votes
8th Morau 20 votes
9th Biscuit 18 votes
10th Saccho 16 votes
11th Rinne 15 votes
12th Cutie 10 votes
13th Gin 7 votes
14th Sanbika 3 votes
15th Lupe, Bushidora 0 votes

Valid Ballots: 633 (28 absent)
Voting Rate: 95.8%

1: The re-election will happen between the top 8!!!
2(small): Are you kidding me...

1(2b): Uh, did you just say losing speech? Like, I totally didn't lose at all.
2: Cutie Beauty
3(2b): The "cute and beautiful" Hunter organization I was advocating for is now
being created by that sweetie Pariston!! So, to all my little angels who voted for
me -- send all your votes of love to Pariston now, please!!
4: Well, that old guy...ah, I mean Netero, everyone knows he was a total maniac.
5: Biscuit Krueger
6(2b): But let me just say one thing. Being a good little boy won't work all the
time! The Ant incident is a perfect example of that. Don't forget!!
7: Gin Freecss

1: I'll just keep supporting the organization from the shadows.
2: Saccho Kobayakawa
3: I won't say who...but I want someone worth supporting to stand in the top spot.
4(2b): Ah! Thank you so much for voting for me, everyone.
5: Sanbika Norton
6: ...but enough already. (I'll do my best at my work!)
7: Hm?
8: Rinne Hors-d'oeurve
9(2b): I'd rather just have Netero come back to life and be the Chairman again.

1: Ahhh, hello?
2(2b): Guess what, I got a map! My, my...it's such a help that these 'example-
setters' are so fearless.
3: The flight paths for six aircrafts and their destinations are written here.
4: Which means that Killua must be riding on one of the other remaining two.
5: Once I use Dokkiri Texture...
6: Want me to send you an image?
7: to edit it a bit, that is...

1(2b): Don't bother. There were an idiot on my end who was carrying one too.
2: And I've already figured out which one Killua's on.
3: Oh really.
4: That's right, I forgot about the "peeping tom"...
5: Am I being watched...?!
6: I didn't think I was old enough to get tailed by TWO people at the same time...

1-2: whoosh
3: I've felt eyes now and then ever since this mission began...
4: Someone's watching me from far, far away...! Yet I can't shake them off.
5: This is the first time I've ever experienced such a thing.
6: They must be highly capable...!!
7: Amane!! Come here!!
8: We're gonna fly!!
9: Yes ma'am!
10: Luckily, it's night time, and cloudy.
11: Killua won't miss this chance.

1: Atta boy...!
2: smirk
3: It's about time! Let's go!!
4: Yes ma'am!!
5: "Rider's High"
Tsubone can materialize any various types of vehicles based on her on boy. The
rider's aura is the prime force behind the ability, so she can't drive herself.

1: No type of scope should be able to pierce the clouds from ground level!!
2: Amane!! Fire on any suspicious aircrafts you spot in the vicinity!!
3: Yes ma'am!!
4: Hmm...it'll be a while until any of the aircrafts land.
5: I guess I'll help out Hisoka a little more...
6: ...yes...yes.
7: No movements yet...the target still has yet to appear...

1: We've lost all communication from Point C...!
2: Nothing's happened at Point A yet. Should we send them in for back-up?
3: We aren't sure that Point A is completely safe yet.
4: Illumi can control humans with needles, right?
5: Then he may have already finished his job there.
6: On all 20 of them...?! You think all 20 of them could get taken out without a
single chance to press the emergency button?!
7(2b): It just means that this is no job for amateurs, no matter how many we rouse
together. We should send out a warning to the pros who are going after the needle
8: Ratoon and Kenzaki aren't coming in...
9: What?!
10: The aircraft they're following, Aircraft 2, is nearby. Perhaps...
11: That settles it! I have to go out myself!!
12: This is my chance to prove I have what it takes to be Captain of the Seirin

1: What about the votes?
2(2b): All those who can go, should! Even if none of those out on the hunt right
now vote, we should still get into the top four! It's hard to believe the 40 votes
below the 9th spot, excluding Saccho and Cutie's, would all go to Morau or be
3(2b): Mmm...but we need every vote.
4: Even if we can't predict the votes well, I DO NOT want to control the voting
percentage by forcing absent votes...!
5: How about hiring some new Hunters from the Temp Hunter pool?
6: If we show them that our intent is to keep the organization going how it is now,
7: then we should be able to shave some votes off from Pariston's side.
8: ...true.
9: Announce this at once! Tell them our intents are exactly the same as the Temp
Hunter association!
10: This way, if things go well, these voters will get killed by the enemy and be
"absent" in the next election...
11: Although...Teradain would be totally against this if I explained it to him.
12: Since we can't read how the votes will go, we should be proactively encouraging
absent votes to nullify it...!!
13: Teradain is too foolishly honest, and Bushidora is too broad-minded...!!

1: You got a request from Mr. Teradain with the same terms as us...?
2(2b): Excellent!! That's wonderful!! Yes, absolutely!!
3: You don't need to worry about me!!
4: As long as they don't have a limit on their number of employees, then go ahead
and join them as you like!!
5: If there's anything you notice or any ideas that come to mind while working
there, please, let me know at once!!
6: I'll make the proper changes to our policy at once!!
7: Pfft.
8: Kukukuku...

1: Mmmmm, what a fine trio they are...I really like them.
2: So easy to understand...
3: I haven't felt the eyes since we've been in the air,
4: which means we were being followed up until then...

1: The weather cleared up...
2: We should be alright now that we're this far away from the hospital.
3: If someone sees Alluka when we enter the hospital, Tsubone will decide that I've
"suggested the implications of Alluka's ability" and force us to go home.
4: On the other hand, if we clear out a bunch of people from the surrounding area,
we'll be sitting ducks for Illumi...
5: It'll be difficult to near the hospital in this aircraft...
6: beep
7: I guess Goto's idea of heading into the hospital in a car with tinted windows is
8(2b): Canary? I can't get in touch with Goto.
9: It's me.
10: Have Hishita send out different cars at once to the three locations I list.
11: Understood. There are already four cars heading that way, so I'll be sure to
tell him.
12: OK. Have one near the hospital just in case.
13: Now that I'm above the clouds, I should have completely shaken off the person
14: I shouldn't have any problem until I get in the car...then all that's left is
the route to the hospital.
15: Gon...
16: I'm almost there...!!

6th Election for the 13th Chairman
Total Number of Hunters: 661

1st Pariston 272 votes (41.1%)
2nd Teradain 73 votes
3rd Cheadle 66 votes
4th Leorio 58 votes
5th Morau 53 votes
6th Mizaistom 44 votes
7th Botobai 37 votes
8th Ickshonpay 0 votes

Valid Ballots: 603 (58 absent)
Voting Rate: 91.2% (Conditions not met)

There will be a re-vote with the top 8.

1: Teradain...!!
2: We've been annihilated!!!
3: Our members who were going after the needle men, and the surveillance group!!
The Temp Hunter group...!!
4: And Bushidora...!!
5: Wha
6: That can't be!!! How could humans being controlled by needles be that strong?!
7: Illumi...!! He must have dozens of other strong people aiding him...!!
8: Nope, just one!

1: Alright! Nice timing, Hishita.
2(2b): I lost some time with that detour, but now I'm 60km away from the hospital.
No one should be able to find me...!
3: Take me to the hospital.
4: Yes sir.
5: What's wrong?!
6: There are people standing in the way...

1: Those are...needle men!! But it can't be!! How?!
2: There's no way we could have been tracked!! Was it the car?! Was this car
3: Hishita!! Put the pedal to the metal!! They're as good as dead anyway!!
4: I can't, Master Killua!!
5: Not unless
6: Master Illumi orders me to...
7: Wh...
8: Whaaaaaaat?!

1: We're completely
2: surrounded...!!
3: It can't be...
4: Why is he here?!
side: Killua...face to face with death!!
5: Illumi...!!
6: How?!

Next, Killua vs. Illumi!! How will their collision end...?!

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