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Translations: Gintama 687 by kewl0210 , One Piece 907 by cnet128

Hunter x Hunter 330


+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 11, 2012 21:29 | Go to Hunter x Hunter

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*Only for use by MS.

tl by molokidan

white: Is escape possible...?!
1: This can't be...!! Unless he knew beforehand which aircraft we were going to be riding on...!!
2: No...that's not even it!! Even if he knew, it'd be impossible!! We were flying dozens of kilometers above the clouds!! Tracking that aircraft from the land is impossible!!
3: Kil...

1: You're hiding something from me, aren't you...?
2: Something about Alluka...
3: Should I use Kanmuru...

slanted: A twisted power born from a warped love closes in on Killua!!
No.330 Confession
1: drag Hishita out, and escape by car...?
2: Or go back to the aircraft and escape by air...?

1: I should have completely shaken you off...!!
2: I'd be fine on my own...but
3: How did you know our location?!
4: it's going to be tough getting out of this and keeping Alluka safe at the same time...!!
5: If I tell you,
6: will you hand Alluka over?
7: Forget it.
8: Alluka's physical capabilities are no different than any normal child's.
9: I won't ask.
10: A single attack from one of those needlemen could put her in critical condition!!
11: What should I do?!
12: I'll have to call out...!!
13: "it"...!!

1: It was me.
2: I fell perfectly into his trap.
3: Ahhh...Tsubone.
4: The Missus is watching everything I see through the video feed from my scope.
5: Master Milluki must be cooperating in sending that video feed back to Master Illumi.

1: Ding-dong!
2: Tsubone was the peeping tom.
3: Once I was out of the clouds, I felt eyes on me again, and finally realized what was happening.
4: The timing was just too perfect...
5: I left the switching timing to Milluki, so yeah...
6: I was using my cell phone to check.
7: But I never thought you'd be able to sense that your recording was being watched. I shouldn't have underestimated you, Tsubone.
8: But since it was an order from Mom,
9: you couldn't remove the scope even after you figured out what was going on, could you?
10: Yes, master.
11: It is exactly as you say.
12: Tsubone.
13: Give me the nail from your middle finger.

1: grin
2: rip rip
3: My pleasure.
4: Here, darling.
5: Tsubone...
6: Tsubone, give me the nail from your ring finger.
7(2b): Of course. This is but a trifle.
8: Thank you...!

1: Now, Master Killua.
2: Speak your "wish."
3: Amane and I will handle the "clean-up."
4(2b): We want to repent for holding you back like this, so please, for goodness' sake, allow us to perform this task...!!

1(2b): You sure you can? If so, then I don't mind. But this means you'll handle the "wish" in the same sequence for Gon, too, right?
2: Rule 5...
3(2b): If you can sacrifice those two to kill me, then you should have no problem sacrificing droves of innocent people to save Gon.
4: No one human can have multiple wishes granted in a row.
5: If you just say "yes,"
6(2b): Then I'll be happy to die. And your inner mission will have been a huge success, correct?
7: Would it be more fun to kill Alluka and earn Killua's hatred,
8: or to leave Alluka alive,
9: save Gon, and make Illumi my enemy...?
10: Decisions, decisiooooooons~

1: Killing within the family is prohibited.
2: And even if Rule 5 has an exception where it doesn't apply to Killua,
3(2b): But if you "wish" it, that's different.
4: I don't mind dying as long as it means the rest of my family will be safe.
5: Now then, are you ready to do me in?
6: Killua will suffer for the rest of his life.
7: We call this a "transaction," Killua.
8: And I will live on forever
9: in Killua's heart...!!
11: If Alluka doesn't die, but Illumi does, and I'm not hated by Killua...
12: then even if Gon comes back to health, I won't have gotten any sort of bonus.
13: Then maybe killing Alluka, make Killua hate me, then kill Killua and have Illumi hate me...
14: is the best plan of action...?
15: It.

1: Heal Tsubone's left hand...!!
2: Huh?
3: OK.

1-2: Hand.
3: Tsubone...put out your left hand...
4: But...Master Killua...
5: It's fine.
6: It...is good at destroying things, but not very good at healing them.
7: You need to touch it...when it heals.
8: ...ok?

1-2: pop
3: Ohhh...
4: Okie-dokie!
5: Killuaaaaa!
6: I was a good girl, wasn't I?!
7: Of course you were.
8: Eheheheh!
9: You were very good, it.
10: It...
11: calls me "Killua."
12: Healing probably tires it out, so it'll fall asleep soon...
13: however.

1: This is all that happens.
2: If you ask it to heal something,
3: then there isn't any sort of cruel backlash!!
4: It is more kind-hearted than anyone else.
5: The ones who are cursed
6: are those who make the wishes!!

1: Go ahead and refer to it as a tool again.
2: But you will cease to be my brother...!!
3: slip
4: jump
5: Got it, Kil.
6: twitch
7: I couldn't be happier if there was a way to heal Gon without putting you at risk.
8: But this doesn't change the fact that "it" is a dangerous entity.
9: This hasn't erased all my doubt.
10(2b): You're still hiding something, Kil.
11: The fact that Milluki's Rule 5 doesn't apply to you is also part of that.

1: Until you tell me everything,
2: Alluka will never be free.
3: That's exactly why I can't tell you.
4: If I revealed the final rule, you...no, all of you
5: would happily
6: plant needles in my head again.
7: Master Killua.
8: Allow me to escort you to the hospital.

1: ...I have a very unfortunate announcement to make today.
2: Captain Bushidora of the Seirin Group was murdered at the hands of the evil Hunter he was tracking.
3: The 8 Pro Hunters and 98 unregistered Hunters that belonged to our group
4: in addition to the 15 Pro Hunters we gathered from a Hunter site also perished.
5: There is no longer any doubt now to the fact that a cold-blooded demon lurks in our midst!!
6: But unfortunately, the current Seirin Group does not have the power nor capabilities to capture them and bring them to justice.
7: Ladies and gentlemen!! Clearing this matter up should be the highest priority for the organization!!
8: ding
9: It is for that reason that I ask you to please give us a voting percentile of over 95% in the next election!! And please, let us exceed the majority!!
10: I have suggested that Mr. Morau, who as we all know is in possession of a very large pipeline, including a connection with the late Chairman, to become our next Captain, and am currently in negotiations with him!
11: At the same time, I am also making preparations to make public the names and abilities of the demons who threaten us to prevent any further tragedies!!
12: Are there any of you out there who wish to cooperate with our missions?!
13: If so, then please make your vote a vote for Teradain!!

1: ..uhh, ummm....there were so many problems with that speech, I don't know where to begin...
2: First of all, I said no to that whole deal when you called me about it, didn't I?
3: I was close with the late Chairman, and I did take part in the Ant incident...but I'm not a fighter!
4: Because of the way I plan, I work best as a support, and I don't think I'm strong at all even though I was singled out!
5: You read the introductions for the best 16, didn't you?! I'm a C Hunter!! And I used to be a man of the sea!!
6: drip
7: What are you doing trying to pull a man of the sea up to the land?!
8: If you really want to end this election as quickly as possible, then just send all your votes over to Pariston!! ...I wouldn't vote for him even if there was a gun to my head, though.
9: And one more thing! If you make that information public, you idiot, you'll just be accelerating your already imminent death!!
10: I told you loud and clear, didn't I?! You can't split up your numbers, you need to hit them all at once in order to capture them!!
11: And stop calling yourselves the Seirin Group!! (You're too weak for that!!)
12: I don't have any intention of joining up with some idiots who don't listen to other people's warnings! And I certainly have non intention of becoming the next Chairman!! Period!!

7th Election for the 13th Chairman
Total Number of Hunters: 635

1st Pariston 293 votes (46.1%)
2nd Leorio 95 votes
3rd Cheadle 87 votes
4th Mizaistom 72 votes
5th Teradain 43 votes (Confirmed as Dead)
6th Morau 14 votes
7th Botobai, Ickshonpay 0 votes

Valid Ballots: 604 (31 absent)
Voting Rate: 95.1%

The election will continue with the top 4 candidates.

slanted: The climax to two battles draws near...!!

Next time, the election reaches its climax!! What will be Leorio's fate?!

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