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Steins;Gate 5

Phantasmal Homeostasis I

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 11, 2012 21:54 | Go to Steins;Gate

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tl by molokidan

1: ...Where's Kiryuu Moeka?
Chapter 5 - Phantasmal Homeostasis I
2: Attract Fieldα αWorld Line 4 Divergence 0.523299%
3: She was right there until just now, wasn't she?!
4: Kiryuu? Who's that?
5: I've never heard that name before.
6: What...?!
7: You're kidding...!
8: Are you saying that Moeka herself disappeared because of the experiment...?!
9: Then that means I killed her...
10: Okabe...did it happen again?
11(2b): A similar thing happened yesterday. You started talking about something that
only you could remember.
12: ...!! Oh...!

1: It's just like John Titor said. If the past and the World Line change, then people's
memories are re-established to mirror that change.
2: For some reason, though, I can retain my memories from before and observe the
3: click
4: Moeka's mail address is still in here...!
5: Which means...everyone else forgot about Moeka...?!
6: Okarin, are you alright? Your face is so pale!
7: Y...yeah, I'm fine...
No Subject
to Shining Finger
Call me when you read this.
8: First I have to make sure she's still alive...!!
9: Please...!!
10: brrring
Subject: It's Moeka
from Shining Finger
8/4 14:52
What's wrong?
I'm a bit busy right now. Sorry. I'll send you a message later.
11: ...p...
12: Phew...
13(2b): Okabe. Explain what happened.

1(2b): I see...I don't quite understand the sequence in which this happened, but
considering the law of cause and effect, it isn't hard to believe.
2: That D-mail changed Kiryuu whatever's actions, making it so that she never came to
the lab to begin with...
3: Is that even possible?
4: I'm not sure...but...
5: What?
6: According to your explanation, she's the one who both sent and received the mail.
7: This could also just be one of your delusions...
8: Hmph.
9(2b): Seems like you still insist on denying my power, dear assistant! The power of
the demon eye that can gaze upon all of time, in every world: the "Reading Steiner!!"
10: ...shut up.
11: Is this power of mine truly for real...?

1: If it is, then holy shit...
2: Fuuuuuhahaha!!
3: I said SHUT UP!!
4: ...the next day--
5(2b): Tadaaaaaa! Look, look! Mayu-shii had Ruka-kun wear her Rai-Net Kirari-chan costume!
6: Oh, come on...Mayuri-chan!!
7: Uhyooooo! Good job, Mayu-shi!! Both the clothes and the model are the perfect pick-me-up!!
8: But...he's still a man. (He's got one.)
9: Hello! You two sure look cheery.
10: Ahh, Kurisu-chan! You're here!
11: Don't you think these clothes fit Ruka-kun?
12: Yes, he looks very cute.

1: C...cute? There's no way...
2: Why do you look so sad? You should have more confidence in yourself.
3: Kukuku...idiot assistants need to learn to keep their mouths shut.
4: Excuse me?
5(2b): Rukako. What dost thou desire?
6: Huh?
7: That's one hyper acrobatic topic changing skill you've got there.
8: Now that you are officially a member of the otaku world,
9: you should announce your true desire.
10: If you do, the chaos in this land will influence the choice of Steins;Gate, and
support you.
11: ...? M...my desire...?
12: ...if I...
13: say it...promise you won't laugh...?
14: Can I moe instead?
15: I...

1(2b): want to become...a girl...
2: Huh?
3: I...don't really like my own face...
4: That's why I've always thought that if I was a real girl, I'd be able to have more
confidence in myself...
5: ...um, hold on a minute. What is this girl talking about?
6(2b): ...Kukuku...dear assistant...no, Christina.
7(2b): You are making a grave error here...this is no girl. It's a man!
8: Eh?!

1: N-no way! How could something this cute be male...
2: Kyaa!
3: Flat...shock this serious will send me into slumber for at least three nights...
4(2b): ...But Rukako. How serious are you about that wish?
5: (Well) ...for example. When I go to sleep at night, I hope that I'll wake up as a
6: I always dream about those sort of things.
sound effect: boooing
7(2b): That reminds me, according to an old saying if a woman eats a lot of meat,
she'll bear a son, and if she eats a lot of vegetables, she'll bear a woman.
8: Hmm.
9: ...Christina. Do you have any interest in testing whether or not that's true?
10: Ah...are you talking about sending a D-mail back to the period when Urushihara-san's mother was pregnant?
11: Indeed! We'll tell her to "Eat more vegetables!"
12: W...wait a minute!

1: What if it works?
2: This will change the whole seventeen years that Ruka-shi's been alive, won't it?
Who's going to take responsibility for that?
3: Well...
4: I'll take responsibility.
5(2b): If we try this, I might be able to turn into a girl, right? If that's so, then I
want to try...!
6(2b): Well, that settles it...Rukako. I order you to become lab member 006.
7: Eh...?
8: The phone microwave (tentative title) is the most top secret element of our outfit.
In order to use it, you must become a member of our lab.
9: Ah...yes, sir...!
10: You are now a member of the lab, Rukako. Let's begin the experiment at once...
11: ...oh, wait! Rukako's 17 years old, right? So you were born in 1993...when cell
phones first started to be used in Japan...
12: Oh yeah...
13(2b): Ummm...seems it was around '96 that they first got text message capabilities. Might have been later.

1: What'll we do?
2(2b): ...do I even need to explain? If there are no cell phones in that era,
3: then we'll just send the message to a pager!
4(2b): And so, I explained phone microwave (tentative title)'s ability to Rukako and
then let him go home so he could check and see if his mother had a pager back then.
5: The next day--
6: She had one!
7: Wow! This is great, Ruka-kun!
8(2b): Let's begin at once, then. Only 16 hiragana letters can be sent to a pager.
9: Umm...how about sending this?
note: Mom, eat lots of veggies.
10: Isn't that too straightforward?
11: Let's change it a bit, then.
12: How about "Veggies = healthy offspring."
small: Serious face
13: What a vulgar way to put it...
14: How about YOU think up a sentence, then?!
15: Uh...

1: All decided, then?
2: Yes, let's begin!
3: ...Rukako.
4: Uuu...
5: It's that feeling again...the demon eye, Reading Steiner has been activated!
6: Did the world change...?
7: What happened to Rukako...

1(2b): ...umm, Okabe-san...don't...stare at me like that...
2: Rukako looks exactly the same...especially his chest...his chest....his chest...
3: Did we fail...?
4: Fail at what?
5: What do you mean what...? We just used the phone microwave (tentative title)...
6: Huh? What about the phone microwave?
7: No...nevermind...
8: I see...so no one but me remembers what happened.
9: Whenever a D-mail is sent, the world betrays everyone's expectations.
10: The problem is that I can't control the outcome by myself. We'll need to do more experiments...

1: Welcome back, master!
2(2b): ...Daru. What do you think about the D-mails?
3: Sort of awesome, and sort of not.
4: Sorry to keep you waiting-nyan!
5: After these past few experiences, I've realized that the precision of the machine is far from reliable.
6(small): Is he even listening...
7: The fact that our procedure relies so much on luck is a serious flaw. Unless we can enforce more control from our side, this machine will never really be of any use.
8: It's also a pain that I'm the only one who can check the results of each change...
9(2b): We need to make it so that the phone microwave (tentative title) is capable of sending humans to not only the past, but also the future.
10: We'll improve it...no!! We MUST improve it!!
11: Because that is what Steins;Gate chose!!
12: Fuuuuuhahahaha!
13: Talking about the time machine-nya?

1(2b): Gyaahh?! Feiris...!! How dastardly of you to listen in on our conversation like
2(2b): What are you talking about-nya? Your voice was so loud it was echoing through the whole store-nya!
3: Tell me more-nya! I really want to hear the rest-nyaaan!
4: This is classified information! It cannot be leaked!
5: Daru-nyaaaan! Tell Feiris what you're talking about!
6: Enough already! Daru would never let classified...
7: We made this awesome machine that can send mail to the past. Well, it was mostly me who made it.
8: He didn't even hesitate!!
9: I want to try it too-nyaaa!
10: Well, with my authority, that could be a possibility...
11: Get control of yourself, Daru!!
12: Really-nya?! OK, it's a promise now!
13: Kuh...now we've gained a useless lab member...

1(2b): We're back...huh? You're still here?
2: Welcome back.
3(2b): But it's Saturday. Thanks for coming in, though. I'm glad to have such
passionate lab members.
4: You have a point, though...sitting around talking with two hentai lovers in the
middle of such a hot sumer isn't exactly the highest choice on my list...
5: I'll cut to the chase. There's something I've noticed over the past few experiments.
6: The D-mail system has too many X factors. We have no way to ensure a certain result.
7: But there's no way we can fix that. It's up to whoever receives the mail to make a choice about what to do.
8(2b): Therefore, today's roundtable discussion will focus not on D-mails, but on how to perform time travel like SERN will one day be able to.
9: Don't be ridiculous.

1: We created the first electronic mail that can transcend space and time! Nothing is
impossible for us!
2: What baseless confidence.
3(2b): SERN doesn't even know what to substitute the lifter for. Unless they figure out someway to pinpoint a location, who knows where you'll end up!
4(2b): And yet, despite all that, the D-mails reach their specified destination! How
would you explain that?
5: ...now that you mention it..
6: Isn't it the mail address that keeps the message in line?
7: I wonder...I don't think you can catch cell phone waves from millions of kilometers away.
8: Don't you think it would be possible to achieve time travel if we put the D-mail
system to use?
9: That reminds me, Daru. How's your SERN hacking going?
10: Well...I'm still fishing through SERN's deep vault of documents.
11(2b): (Huah...) What about the database that was built with a IBN 5100, though? Did you start hacking into that?

1: I told you, I can't.
2(2b): But we got our hands on an IBN 5100! You haven't even touched it yet?
3: Huh? You got one? When?
4: I didn't hear about this either.
5: Impossible!
6: It can't be...!!
7: ...it's gone.

1: Why?!
2(2b): The legendary retro PC that was offered up to Yanagibayashi Shrine!! I told you guys all about it, remember?!
3: A retro PC at a shrine? Why in the hell?
4: I never heard about that.
5: Is your brain melting from the heat or something?
6: ...is this to say that we never got the IBN 5100...?!
7: Then who took it? "THEM?" SERN?!
8: No...even if someone managed to steal it from here, there's no way they could steal actual memories from Daru and Mayuri...!!
9: Could it have been Moeka...? Or John Titor...?!

1: I think Daru told me the results of his hacking on 8/3.
2: So the PC was definitely here at that point!!
3: The IBN 5100 was at Yanagibayashi Shrine. That's the truth,
4: which means that Feiris and Rukako should also remember!!
cell: Rukako
5(2b): Hello, Rukako? I want to ask you about the IBN 5100...
6(2b): ...oh, OK. Sorry for calling you all of a sudden.
7: He knows of it, but it isn't at the shrine...
8(2b): Mayuri, I want to call Feiris. You know her cell phone number, right? Give it to me.
9: Okay!
10: What should I say!!?

1: Hello, this is Feiris-nyan!
2: It's me, Hououin Kyouma.
3: Nyaki! How rare of you to be calling me, Kyouma!
4(2b): There's something I need to ask you. It's about the IBN 5100.
5(2b): ...funya...okay, but with one catch-nya.
6: ...fine, what?
7: I want you to come to Feiris's house.
8: ...alright.

1(2b): ...so. Why did you two come along?
2: Mayu-shii's never been to Feiris-chan's house before.
3: You think you could just sneak off to Feiris-chan's house without saying anything?!
4(2b): You two are something else...hm?
5: K...Kiryuu Moeka!!
6: ...Okabe-kun?
7: Hey...did you take the IBN 5100 out from the lab?!
8: You found the IBN 5100...?
9: I found it, but it disappeared!!

1: ...you don't...know about it...?
2: ...alright. Sorry, shiatsu master.
3: ...I doubted one of my own lab members...!
4: Mayu-shii's thought this for a while now, but Moeka-san is really a pretty woman!
5: Wha...?! You know Moeka?
6: Of course.
7: Kiryuu-shi came and introduced herself yesterday.
8: ...what's going on here? Yesterday, no one knew a thing about Kiryuu...!
9: There's been a paradox between my memories and everyone else's ever since Rukako sent that D-mail.
10: How did that mail affect everything? Just what happened...
11: Ahh, we're here!

1: Waaaaah...it's so huuuge!
2: This is the most expensive apartment building in Akiba...and she lives at the top?!
3(2b): M...Mayuri. What's Feiris' real name?
4: Ummm...Akiha Rumiho-chan. But don't tell anyone.
5: Welcome.

1: A...a real butler...
2(2b): ...Madame. Hououin Kyouma-sama and his friends are here.
3: Feiris, just...
4: Who or what are you?!
5: Kyouma...thanks for coming-nyan

[The Law of Cause and Effect]
A law that states there is a cause and an effect for everything that happens. The
Theory of Relativity is based on this way of thinking. Regarding time travel, the law
states that "changes that affect modern day will result in a transformation of modern existence and conditions." However, this also creates a paradox in the law of cause and effect. In recent years, quantum physics studies have shown that in microcosms there exist phenomenons to which the law does not apply.

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