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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Steins;Gate 6

Phantasmal Homeostasis II

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 11, 2012 21:55 | Go to Steins;Gate

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*Only MS.

tl by molokidan

Chapter 6 - Phantasmal Homeostasis II

1: Feiris...
2: Just what are you?!
3: Feiris is Feiris-nyan!
4: Don't act innocent! Unless you explain what's going on here, I'm going home!!
5: Wh-who do you think you are, man...? You're the one who asked to meet with her...
6: ...guess I have no choice-nya...
7: This land actually belongs to me-nya.
8: ...huh?

1: ..."mine"...?
2: Ohh, I get it now, "Akiha-san!"
3: Don't say that Akihabara used to be owned by your ancestors!
4: You just said it for me-nya!!
5: Feiris also has an influence on Akiba City Development Planning-nyan.
6: The one who requested they take a proactive stance toward injecting moe culture into Akiba was none other than yours truly-nya!
7: Wha...?!
8: What a terrible person...!!
9: But, but...I want you to keep this a secret-nyan...

1: (H...hmph!) Don't get too cocky now, Feiris Nyan-nyan.
2: The reason you called me out here was so that you could put on this high-class
celebrity show so that you could try and gain a psychological advantage over me, wasn't it?
3: For I am the INSANELY mad scientist,
4: Houhouin Kyouma!!
5: Perfect...
6: Hanyaaaan! I love people who see right through me-nyan!!
7: When I start talking about my Akiha ancestry, everyone stops looking at me as
8: But I want everyone to look at Feiris and Akiha Rumiho as separate entities-nya.
9: separate? But you've already clearly established yourself as Feiris Nyan-nyan.

1(2b): ...Nyahaha. Thanks-nya, Okarin.
2: Now then, Feiris. Do you know where the IBN 5100 is?
3: Nope-nya.
4: What...?!
5: But I can search for it-nya. If you do me a little favor-nya.
6: Mmm...fine, out with it.
7: Let me use the time machine-nya.
8: You talked about it yesterday at MayQueen, right-nya?
flash/9(2b): ...Daru. What do you think about the D-mail system?
flash/10: It's kind of
11: ...Indeed, we did.
12: But all we've succeeded in doing so far is sending a max of 18 text message
characters to someone's cell phone in the past.
13: But that's really something-nya!

1(2b): The time machine is the most classified piece of information our lab possesses.
In order to proceed, I'll have to make you a member of our laboratory. OK?
2: Personally, Mayu-shii would really like to have Feiris-chan as a lab member!
3: Ditto!!
4: I mean, please, by all means, join the lab!!
5: How do I become a member?
6: You need to...
7: seal a blood pact
8: with me...
9: A blood...pact...!!
10: Alright-nya...I'll seal a blood pact-nya...
11: OK then, Feiris, I hereby designate you Lab Member 007.

1: Thanks-nyaaa, Okarin!!
2: Hey, Okarin! You bastard!
3: ...Feiris, you fool.
4(2b): We still don't have any proper experiment results regarding the D-mail system.
With Feiris on our side, however, I'll be able to get both the results AND the IBN
5100! Two birds with one stone!!
5: This catgirl is now my guinea pig...!!
6: So then, where's the time machine-nya?
7(2b): At our lab. This time, we're going to use the phone microwave (tentative title)
as it was originally designed to be used -- by remote control!
8: Do you already know where you want to send the mail?
9: Of course! To my daddy, 10 years ago-nya!
10: Then, let me call my assistant in the lab.

1: It's me, Hououin Kyouma. How is...
2: Why are you surprised? The only people who play along with your phone calls are me
and Mayu-shii.
3(2b): ...it's Okabe Rintarou. I want you to set the phone microwave (tentative title).
4: I explained what happened to my assistant.
5: ...OK then, preparations are complete. Did you enter your message?
6: Yes-nya!
7: What does it say?
8: U...ummm...
9: I-I'm embarrassed to say it!! It's a trade secret!!
10: The hell it is! C'mon, this is an important experiment!!
11: Unless you tell us what it says, we won't be able to confirm the results!
12: Hey, Okabe, how long are you going to keep me waiting?!
13: Okarin, I'm sure it must be something private, so you shouldn't pry.
14: Mmm...

1: Fine...start up the phone microwave (tentative title).
2: Roger.
3: Discharge happening!
4: Feiris!
5: Sent-nya!

1: αWorld Line Divergence 0.409420%
2: ...ugh...
3: That feeling again...
small: blink...
4: Everyone looks different...the past changed!
5: Feiris probably forgot her memories....
6: OK...time to find out what's different!!
7: Hooo! You're so strong, Feiris-chan!
8: You think the defending champion would go and lose-nyan?!
9: I promised daddy I would win the tournament this time-nya!
10: Daddy?

1(2b): If I win, then he said he'd come celebrate with me, even if he was in the middle
of work-nyan!
2: What's this weird feeling...something's wrong...
3: knock knock
4(2b): Excuse me. Do you have a moment, Rumiho?
5: Ahh, daddy!
6: Whaat?! Feiris-tan's father?! Gotta introduce myself!
7: Your daddy's the president of a company, isn't he? So cool...
8: Sorry-nya! Feiris needs to go somewhere with daddy now-nya!
9: OK, we'll see you later, then.
10: Let me see you out. Please come and visit again whenever you like.
11: Th...thank you.

1: Feiris's father is a nice guy...
2: Hey, Okarin!
3: What?
4: Mayu-shii's gonna go home now after stopping at Nakano.
5: Why at Nakano?
6(2b): A doujinshi named "Sadness Sword" went on sale yesterday. Kouga Yui-san drew it.
7: Oooh, Kouga Yui? She was the character designer for last year's Gunbam series,
wasn't she? (*Obviously referring to Gundam) Buy one for me too!
8: Okie!
9: Hey, what are you two talking about?
10: There's a whole treasure trove of doujinshi right in front of your eyes!
11: ...? In front of our eyes? Where?

1: Where? Right in front of you!
2: Right ther...
3: ...huh?
4: Am I in the wrong place...?
5: ...no, even the Animate building's gone...
6: Where did Animate and the treasure trove go?!
7: Is this some kind of comedy routine?
8: There aren't any doujinshi in Akiba! That's why Mayu-shii has to go to Nakano to buy
9: There aren't any doujinshi...what do you mean?! There were a ton here yesterday!!
10(2b): Why would there be a moe shop in Akiba? The moe mecca's in Nakano! What are
you, brain dead?

1: But Akiba's the place that's famous for being a moe mecca!!
2: The heat's finally gotten to you, Okarin...
3: Nobody understands me...I've felt this weird sensation before...that's it...
4: Where's Mandarake?!
5: Not here.
6: The doujinshi kingdom?!
7: What the hell?
8: Gamers?! Lammtarra?!
9: N/A.
10: Melon Books?! Asobitcity?!
11: This can only mean one thing...
12: It seems far too unreal, but...
13: Wawah! Wait, Okarin!
14: ...gone...
sign: Ramen Tasaburou

1: All of the moe shops and maid cafes are all gone...!!
2: What's wrong, Okarin?
3: Mayuri, you work at MayQueen, don't you?
4: MayQueen? What's that? A potato?
5: MayQueen+Nyan-Nyan!!
6: Wh...what in the world...
7: ...there isn't a single maid cafe in Akiba?
8(2b): NO! The people who come to Akiba have no interest in moe stuff, so they'd never
go to one of those.
9: ...the butterfly effect.
10: This must be the effect of the D-mail Feiris just sent.
11: In just one mail, the past ten years of this town's history have been completely

1(2b): Was it really OK for us to completely change this entire town...just for our own research?
2: Just what did Feiris write in that D-mail...
3: ...the next day-
4: Looking at the whole town, though, it's unmistakable. This is Akiba.
5: The electronics shops are all still there.
6: I just can't believe that D-mail could cause this big of an effect...

1: Since there's no MayQueen, I met Feiris at a Rai-Net Access Battlers tournament in Ikebukuro, according to Mayuri.
2: Which means that in the end, our connections haven't changed...there really may be a goddess of destiny after all.
3(2b): Incidentally...it's the Sunday of the Obon holiday, but you two look like you
have a lot of free time on your hands. What are you doing?
4: Looking at the Layer doujin photobook I bought yesterday in Nakano!
5: I really look up to her...I...I wish I had that kind of body...
6(2b): Umm, you know that flat chests stand for justice, right? So you can still have
confidence in yourself even if you have no boobs!
sfx: boooing
7: pfft
8: That's hardly convincing coming from her...

1: Oh yeah, once Comima's over, let's all go to the beach!
2: Eh..? All of the lab members, together...?
3: I'm not going. I almost have to leave for the US.
4: Yeah, I can tell you're so busy, sitting there reading some dumb book.
5: ...fine then, if you insist, I'll be honest.
6: You actually think I would want to go swimming with two hentai nerds?
7: If it's girls-only, though, I would gladly go.
8(2b): Pfft...be 100% honest already, Christina. "I don't want to go, because I don't
want any of the boys to see the Mongolian spots on my glutes"...

1: Besides, if it was girls-only, then Rukako wouldn't even be able to go!
2: What do you mean?
3: Didn't I tell you? Rukako is a 100% bona-fide MAN!!
4: ...eh...?
5: ...huh?
6: Well this is a strange reaction.
7(2b): Okarin...Mayu-shii doesn't like it when people say things like that...

1: Rukako's...crying...? He never did that before...
2(2b): Christina, I understand you wanting to turn your eyes away from the truth.
Rukako may be a very pretty man, but he's still a MAN!
3: Okabe!!
4(2b): There isn't ANYTHING comical about what you're saying right now. I didn't think
you were low enough to actually want to hurt someone like this, but I guess I was
5: You are SUCH an asshole!!
6: ...huh? Why is she screaming at me all of a sudden?
7: No, no...
8: I'm just being honest...
9: It's fine.
10: Now I finally know how he always looked at me...

1: I'm...going home...!
2: Wait, Rukako!!
3: Stop trying to frame me!
4(2b): You're biologically male! Because down below, you have a...
5: Huh...?
6: You...
7: Awawa...

1: Huh...?! Eh?! Why?!
2: Nothing!! There's nothing down here!! There should be!! Because he's...
note: Mom - eat lots of veggies.
3: That D-mail was a success...?!
4: Rukako...are you a woman?!
5: That's what I've been telling you from the...

sfx: fzzzz...
1: I would LOVE to pull that brain out of your head and give it a good, rough
2: Just be glad I'm not turning you into the police!
3: OK...I'm sorry...
4: Geez, that really scared me...I never thought he'd actually be a she...
5: But more importantly...
6: I really hurt Rukako...
7(2b): Hic...sniff...
8: She's an innocent, 17-year old girl...it'd be a wonder she doesn't get PTSD from

1: Why would the thought even possess you that Urushibara-san would be a man?
2: I already told you about this before.
3: The past was changed by a D-mail.
4(2b): Rukako was a boy, but he wanted to become a girl, so he sent a D-mail to the
past. And it worked.
5: I felt the exact moment when the World Line diverged.
6(2b): I need to reflect on what happened...if I had only used my demon eye better...
7: I need to believe in the Reading Steiner...!
8: ...time to go cool off.

1: After kneeling for 30 minutes, they feel like jello...
2: I could understand getting abused by Rukako, but why my assistant...?
3: What does she think she is, the chairwoman?
4: Well, I got kicked out, so I need to figure out somewhere else to go.
5: brriiiing
6: Oh...a message.
mail: from xxx@xxxxx
8/8 12:50
I'm watching you.
7: What...is this...?

1: Wh...what is this...red pudding?
2: Is this some kind of joke?
3: Watching me? What is...?

1: "watching me"...?
2: Is it..."THEM"...? Or SERN...?
3: If it is...then is this a threat?!
4-6: Shit
7: What should I do...who should I confide in?!
8: Who?!
9: Anyone else will get caught up in this too!!

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