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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Steins;Gate 7

Phantasmal Homeostasis III

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 11, 2012 21:56 | Go to Steins;Gate

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tl by molokidan

Chapter 7 - Phantasmal Homeostasis III
orange: Intelligent, wise eyes which seem to blaspheme God himself!!

1: What...is this...?
2: Red pudding...?
cell: I'm watching you.
3: Watching?
4: --me?

1: Hacking into SERN
2: The IBN 5100 disappearance
3: Akihabara changing completely
4: Rukako turning into a girl
side text: {The story so far} Okarin created the "phone microwave," a time machine which can send text messages to the past. As he experimented with it, he achieved in making great changes to the past, which resulted in things like Ruka turning into a girl, and Akihabara completely changing. Then, all of a sudden, Okarin received a strange message himself...!!
5: I'm doing a lot of very dangerous things, aren't I?
6: Is it THEM...or SERN...?
7: If really is either of them...
8: then is this a threat...?!
9: klak...

1: ...shit.
2-4: Shit
5: I'm going to be eliminated!

1: Yoooo!
2: ...wha...?!
3: Hm? What's wrong?
4: That was so scary!!
5: Y...you're...uh...
6: Oh, come on, at least remember who I am!
7: Amane Suzuha, the girl with the part-time CRT factory job!

1: Yeah...that's right, you're the part-time warrior...
2: I thought she was going to kill me...
3: It sure is a nice day!
4: Hey, Okabe Rintarou.
5: Wanna go for a bike ride?
6: Huh?!
7-8: haa
9(2b): Haa, haa! I'm a mad scientist, not a cyclist!!
10: Why do I have to do the pedaling?!
11: A long time ago, Aristotle once said:
12: Time is measured by motion!
13: So what...?!
14: What's with this girl?
15: What does she want?!

1(2b): haa...haa...so tired...
3: Let's take a little rest...
4: ...I
5: first came to Tokyo ten days ago.
6: What, are you using your summer vacation for sightseeing? Somehow I doubt that...
7: Yeah, the real reason I came here was to "search for" my father.
8: What? Did he disappear or something?
9: I haven't seen him in years...but I know he's in this city.
10: Oh really...doesn't seem like you should be messing around with some part-time job, then.
11: What?
12: Did she call me out here to talk about her father with me?

1: Honestly, I don't have a single clue.
2(2b): All I know is that I have only one chance. And that chance is tomorrow.
3(2b): Tomorrow, he might appear in a "certain location."
4: A certain location...?
5: That's a strange way to put it...it even sounds kind of foreboding.
6: Is he a wanted man or something...?
7: If I miss that chance, then I have to leave this town.
8: I'm "busy" too, you know. (Ahaha)
9: I've been prepared from the start to give up if I don't see him tomorrow...

1: You're uneasy.
2: I understand how you feel.
3(2b): Searching for your father all alone in this huge city full of strangers. You
must feel very scared.
4: You poor, wretched thing.
5: Your ill-fated choice to ask me, of all people, for help has sealed your sad
6: ...haa...
7: Kukuku...you'll be the perfect guinea pig for my next D-mail experiment...!
8: D-mails can send messages to the past.
9: All you need to do is send a message that says "Don't leave your daughter behind" to your father before he disappears!!

1: You're...a good person.
2: That made me feel a little better, I think.
3: Are you trying to humiliate me?! I'm an insanely mad scientist, you know!
4: I'm not a good person at all!
5(2b): Sorry. But I don't know my dad's address, or even his phone number.
6: O...oh...
7(2b): That's really awesome that you can send messages to the past, though! It's the world's first time machine!!
8: Heh...of course it is.
9: But let me give you a little warning.

1: You should kick Makise Kurisu out of your lab.
2: What do you mean...?
3: How do you know...
4: It's about time I went back to work.
5: H...hey, wait!
6(2b): Whether or not you meet your father tomorrow, come to my lab! I want to utilize your pain for my D-mail experiment!
7: Give me your number!!
8: Ahaha! You really are rotten to the core, Mr. Mad Scientist!
9(2b): Hey! Wait! At least let me ride back with you!!

1: The next day--
2: Still not here yet...
2: Huaaaaah
3(2b): Hey, Okabe, are you sure this Amane-san is really going to come?
4: Grrr...
5: That stupid part-time warrior...without her, how am I supposed to start Plan
6: Explanation Time!
Eldhrimnir means "The Last Supper." If Suzuha meets her father, it will mean her last supper in Tokyo. If she doesn't meet him, then she'll take part in the D-mail
experiment, so it will be her "last supper before she changes the past!"

1: How much more chunibyo could you be? I'm embarrassed just listening to you.
2: Hmph...
3(2b): ...but I don't think it's a bad idea.
4(2b): You're obviously seriously worried about Amane-san. I can understand that...
5: Ah! B-but, I'm not complimenting you!
6: Ohhh reallllly?
7: ...but if I knew this was going to happen, then I would have followed her in the
afternoon...I was foolish to let my assistant's passionate objections stop me...
8: Stop it, Hentai Okabe!
9: And while it was a good idea to have the lab girls prepare some food for the last
10: What the hell is this supposed to be...?
small: mayo
11: You said I would be able to eat Feiris-tan's hand-made food, so I came here instead of the time machine net club meeting...
12: Daru...I'm really sorry...I'll die with you.
13: brrriiiing

1: It's from the part-time warrior!
cell: Subject: Sorry
from Part-time Warrior
8/9 21:09

2: What?! By the way this sounds, she didn't meet him...!
3: Is she planning to leave this city all alone?!
4: Huouin Kyouma will allow no such thing...!!
5: Hey?! Where are you going, Okabe?!

1: Where
2-3: haa
4: Where is she?!
5: Part-time warrior!!?

1: I lost her...
2: "That made me feel
3: a little better, I think."
4: ...dammit...
5: Uwaaah, Okarin! You're all wet!
6: Did you meet Suzu-san?
small: Here's a towel!
7: Suzuha got away...but it seems like she didn't get to meet her father.
8: Ohh...
9: ...that evening, the part-time warrior failed to show up,
10: so we decided to wait and see what the next day would bring, and closed up shop.

1: I waited until noon the next day, but Suzuha still didn't show up.
2: Heh...kukuku...how naive you are, part-time warrior!
3(2b): It was exactly for times like these that I decided this!
4: All I need to do is send a D-mail to myself yesterday!!
cell: Don't fall prey to Kurisu's threats and follow Suzuha.

1: Uuu...
2: The Reading Steiner's activated!!
2: The past has been changed!
3: I did it...!!
4: G...good morning, part-time warrior!!
5: Howdy.
6: What are you doing, slacking off?
7: I had so much fun last night, that I'm still a little tired.
8: Had so much fun...?
9: Ohhh!

1(2b): We celebrated your last supper before becoming a guinea pig last night after you
were unable to meet your father, didn't we?
2(2b): Ahahah! Yeah, you said the same thing yesterday. Thanks for everything.
3: Good...
4(2b): ...I don't really remember too well, so could you jog my memory? How did I catch you yesterday?
5(2b): ? Ummm...when I was about to leave the time machine net club meeting...
6: Wait a minute! The time machine net club meeting?!
7: That was the thing that Daru wanted to go to...
8: That's the location where I thought my father might appear.
9(2b): When I was about to leave, you, Hashida, and Shiina Mayuri appeared, then took me to your laboratory.

1: Ohhh...!
2: Yesterday was so much fun.
3: I think it was the most comfortable place I've ever been in my whole life.
4: ...oh yeah. Part-time warrior.
5: I'm still going to have you be my guinea pig, as we promised.
6: But I already told you yesterday -- I don't know my father's phone address.
7: Then we'll postpone it until you find out.
8: By the way, the phone microwave (tentative title) that we use for the experiments is the most top secret element of our lab, so I'm going to have to make you a labomem.
9: A labmem?
10: Short for a member of the laboratory.

1: ...are you sure?
2: I'll make you join, even if you don't want to!
3: From today forward, you are labomem 008!!
4: ...heheh.
5: I guess I have no choice then.
6: I'll be your guinea pig!
7: Alright! We're partners now, so we have to help you too.
8: Do you have any sort of clue regarding your father?

1: ...my father...
2: goes by the name "Titor."
3: Wait...Titor, do you mean THE Titor?!
4: You know him?
5: Know him? He appeared on @chan a few weeks ago!
6: Look! There's some guy writing a bunch of posts going by the name John Titor!
7: Mystery solved! You father's on @chan!
8: Uhh, ummm...you're right...
9: What's with that lazy reaction?!
10: Ummm...this isn't him.
11: How do you know?!

1: I just do. Trust me, this Titor isn't my father.
2: ...but how could you possibly know who's behind that handle?
3: ...he isn't called John.
4: The name my father used was...
5: Barrel Titor.
white: A shocking truth...!!

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