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Translations: Gintama 565 by kewl0210 , Bleach 651 by cnet128 , One Piece 806 by cnet128

Steins;Gate 8

Event Horizon Dogma

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 11, 2012 21:58 | Go to Steins;Gate

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tl by molokidan

this is an ad for a spin-off comic

1: She isn't here...?
Chapter 8 - Event Horizon Dogma
2: Who isn't?
3: Labmem 008,
4: Amane Suzuha.
5: The name of her missing father is Barrel Titor.
6: The only Titor I know of is John...
7: I tried sending a message to John Titor about Suzuha and Barrel Titor, but he hasn't responded...
8: Are they really completely unrelated...?
9: brrring

1: ...Hououin Kyouma.
2: Nyaooooon! It's Feiris-yan!
3: What's wrong?
4(2b): Kyouma...the four celestial kings have finally moved! Nothing is out of their
5: Kuh...of all people to call me now, Feiris...!! I don't have time to play around
6: ...hey, that reminds me.
7: What happened with the IBN 5100 I told you to find?
8(2b): Nyaaa! Sorry-nya! I'm scraping up all the info I can find, but I still haven't
located it-nya...
9: Hurry up! I don't have much time left...
10: Alright-nya! Once I find it, I'll call you-nya.
11: OK, thanks.
12: El p'sai co...
13: Graaaaahh!! Stupid catgirl!!
14: You just got a phone call from Feiris-tan? I'm tera jealous!
15: Daru...

1: ...have you found out anything about the IBN 5100?
2: Uhhh, not really...someone on @chan said that a few years ago, some collector paid a huge sum to buy one.
3: So nothing on our end, either...
4: Dammit...! We need that PC...
5: I haven't found much info on SERN's time machine and the organization behind all of
it, either...
6: Mmmm...
7: And I can't forget that threatening mail...
8: There's no way to ensure that our hacking into SERN went unnoticed...
9: I wish we had some kind of guard, just in case something happens...
10: woahh, what is this?!
11: What's wrong?
12: Ummm...I was just trying to get root authorization to check up on SERN's files when
I noticed...

1: Somehow, there's a optical fiber link running from somewhere around this building straight to SERN!
2: ...huh?
3: Seriously. There's a cable running from here straight to SERN in France.
4: And it's a super hi-spec cable, too.
5: is that even possible?
6: Seems like it's always been here.
7: But...
8: I can't believe that some phone company would build something like that...
9: Which means--

1: The one who put it here...was SERN!
2: Could this mean...
3: SERN knows what we're doing...?!
4: But thanks to this direct connection, we can use the LHC from this computer
5: You mean that big tunnel that's over 20km long?
6: What does it do again?
7(2b): It speeds up protons and makes them collide. According to SERN's top secret
documents, it was built to create black holes.
8: Oooooh.
9: Okabe.

1: Christina!
2: What's wrong?
3(2b): ...I've finally begun to understand how the phone microwave works.
4: R...really?!
5: That machine
6: is a monster...!

1: ...let me start by asking you a question.
2: Do you know how microwave ovens came about...?
3(2b): The microwave oven is a product that was coincidentally born from military radar research. Normal microwave ovens produce 2.45 GHz microwaves.
4: The truth is, those waves are pretty strong. And microwaves are made for industrial use...which means their output is around 1500~2000 watts.
5: The problem here is that our microwave's waves are fusing with cell phone waves at a very high level.

1: Originally, Daru planned to have the microwave and a cell phone together on a reed connection.
2: With that, the fused microwaves would be using the cell phone as a satellite to
transmit out to an even wider range...
3: Then, what do you think would happen?
4(2b): It would be like not just Akihabara, but all of Tokyo was sitting inside a huge
microwave oven.
5: Wh...what...?!
6: I'd estimate it would be about three minutes until all the people iinside that field
7: Whaaaat?!
8: Seriously?! Does that mean the phone microwave is a weapon of mass destruction?!
9: I-it's really that powerful?!

1(2b): All particles that exist inside the phone microwave continuously collide with
one another, increasing their mass. It's like a particle accelerator.
2: An accelerator...!
3: It's just like the LHC...!
4(2b): Then the phone microwave (tentative title) is also capable of creating a mini
black hole, just like the LHC...?!
5: some stroke of fate.
6: But it's strange...even if it was possible, it shouldn't be this stable.
7: The LHC is even using a "lifter" that sends in electrons to stabilize the
gravitational field, yet it can't compare to the phone microwave...
8: All they need to do is reverse their way of thinking.
9: What do you mean?

1: SERN was trying to allow humans to travel through time, but they couldn't control it very well, so they failed.
2: The Jellyman Report was the result of that.
3: That terrible human experiment...
4: But the phone microwave (tentative title) is the same.
5: Bananas and fried chicken all turned to jelly. The D-mails are the only thing we've been able to send properly. Which means that the maximum amount of data that can be sent through time is 36 bytes + alpha.
6: Think about it that way.
7: All we need to do is compress a human into 36 bytes + alpha of data and then send them!

1: That should allow them to pass through the singularity in one piece!
2: Compress a human into data?! Yeah right!
3: Hmmm...I thought it was a good idea, though...
4: That's it...!
5: Now that I think about it...there might be a way...!
6(2b): Really...? You mean time travel is possible? Are you being serious/!
7: Yes!

1: It's impossible to convert a human into data -- but it's possible to turn an entire
human's "memories" into data!
2: The thesis I published in a science magazine
3: was titled "An Analysis of Nerve Pulse Signals In Relation to Memories Stored in the Temporal Lobe."
4: If we combine my research with VR technology, we should be able to turn memories into data!
5: Then, if we supercompress that memory data with a LHC black hole,
6: we should be able to directly send in memories to a test subject's brain in the past by using the phone microwave...! Theoretically, a time leap should be possible.

1: --yes.
2: A time leap solely of memory.
3: What is she talking about? Mayu-shii doesn't understand...
4: You've read about time slips where someone slips physically into the past in
stories, right?
5: By our method, the body doesn't slip...only memories.

1: In order to keep the two ideas separate, let's call this a "time leap."
boxes (right to left, top to bottom)
Time Travel
Body & Memory
Time Leap
Memory Only

2: The point is that we're only sending memories into the past. Personality and
consciousness are excluded.
3: Isn't memory only a bit inconvenient?
4: If we only send memories, then couldn't our results be changed by the receiver's
consciousness and personality?
5: For example, if you send your memories now to your brain as it was when you were an
elementary student, the gap in memory and body could cause mental damage.
6: Uwaaah!
7: So it's established that you can only send memories to yourself into the past?

1: If you send your memories to someone other than might bounce off.
2: It'd be problematic getting stuck in someone else's body, anyway.
3: I'd love to go inside the body of a cute young girl, though! Uheheh!
4: You think this is funny?! You could cause serious personality damage!
5: One thing we know for sure is that you can't go back any farther than when you were born.
6: And that two of the same people cannot exist at the same time.
7: So no time paradoxes like going back in time and killing your parents before you're born can happen.
8: However, there's no telling what kind of results this will give us.
9: This experiment will be a first for the human race.

side: Is the time machine finally complete...?! Next issue, a sudden development!!
1: A first for the human race...!
2: Kukuku...
3: Fuuuuhahahaha!
4(3b): It's me. All of the points have converged on a single line...yes. I'm
invincible. El p'sai congrue...
5: Christina! It is now time to begin "Operation Belldandy!"
6: We're going to complete the world's first time machine!!

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