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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Steins;Gate 9

Event Horizon Dogma II

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 11, 2012 21:59 | Go to Steins;Gate

-> RTS Page for Steins;Gate 9

*Only for MS.

tl by molokidan

1: I'm going to start up the phone microwave for one final bit of maintenance.
Chapter 9 - Event Horizon Dogma (*T/L note: I know, it's weird, but there's no I or II visible in either chapters, it's just the exact same title.)
2(2b): Preparations are almost complete. All that's left to do is turn it on and make
the last small adjustments.
3(2b): The Future Gadget Lab has been sending D-mails to the past with the phone
microwave (tentative title), which they have now modified into a true time machine, in order to send "memories to the past."
4: Okarin, it's all in your hands now.
5: We're counting on you.
6: Led by my assistant, my labmems spent three whole days preparing for this final

1: And now, we have reached the final step of this final mission--
2: The electric discharge caused by starting up the phone microwave (tentative title) will violently shake this entire building...
3: Are you asking us to charge into enemy territory...and die for you?
4: Thanks to your sacrifice, the time machine will be completed.
5: But you've always been the one who's kept the landlord in a good mood for us!
6: ...hmph. Fine.
7: But do not forget this...
8: I will never die! Like the legendary phoenix, I will rise from the ashes again and
9: the story so far, I can tl it if you want

1: Oh!
2: Hi there, Okabe Rintarou!
3: Yo.
4: This place is dead as usual.
5: Hey, Okabe. Buy some CRTs from us.
6: Seems like something big's going on at your place today. Is everyone up there?
7: Yeah.
8: Does that mean...Makise Kirusu as well?
9: Yeah, what about her?
10: Nothing...
11: ...what the? What does she have against Kurisu?
12(2b): What about you? Are you feeling better now?

1(2b): Umm, well, sorta. I'm still searching for my father...
2: D...dammit, Christina! She started the experiment already! I haven't even talked
with the landlord yet...
3: Goddammit, Okabe!
4(2b): How many times have I told you not to shake the damn building? I'm increasing
your rent by 10,000 yen!
5: P...please, wait, Mr. Brown! This isn't coming from our lab, it's an earthquake!
6: My demon eye, Reading Steiner predicted this...
7: An earthquake, huh?! You think I was born yesterday, kid?!
8: Huh...?! One of my pipes...

1: I'm protecting my 42-incher with my life!
2: ...is it over?
3: ...looks like it.
4: Impossible...how could it be "over?!"
5: Ah, hey!
6(2b): What a nice day. Indeed!

1: Ku...kukuku...
2: What's wrong?
3: Fuhaha....fuuuhahahaha!
4: I got it...! This will work perfectly as a "lifter"...!
5(2b): Hey, Okabe, stop scaring my little girl! And I'm going to raise your rent to pay for my damaged CRTs, got it?!
6: Would you mind lowering your voice a bit, Mr. Brown?
7: I just realized that I am now in control of both space and time! Fuhahahaha

1: ...how did you not realize such an obvious thing up until now?
2: You know what they say..."The bottom of a lighthouse is the darkest."
3: Hmph! But things still turned out alright.
4: In short, when the phone microwave (tentative title) was turned on, and the building shook, the 42-inch TV downstairs was on.
5: But when the TV was turned off, the shaking immediately stopped.
6(2b): The electric discharge was forcefully stopped. Just in case, I left a banana
inside, but it didn't turn into jelly.
7: I did a little research on cathode ray tubes on the net.
8: Apparently, the "electron guns" inside CRTs releases electrons through a high-
heat/high-electricity field, speeds them up, and collects them in a beam shape.
9: Sounds like it'd be a perfect "lifter."

1(2b): This is starting to make sense now. What a coincidence. It's like all the
requirements for making a time machine were coincidentally gathered in this one spot.
2(2b): No, Christina! It was all chosen by Steins;Gate!
3: OK, fine, whatever...in any case.
4(2b): I've already finished my work. The time machine is complete.
5: ...I can't believe we actually did it...
6: We've created a monster...
7: I'll inform the other labmems about our completion of a time leap device.
8: Kurisu-chan, what's this headgear for?

1: This is a new piece of headgear I connected to the microwave.
2: This will allow us to read the pulse patterns of the memory nerves of whoever's
wearing it.
3(2b): Using VR technology, we can change this data into electric signals, send them to the LHC, and supercompress them. Then, using the cell phone, we can send them to the target's brain in the past and complete the memory time leap.
4: What if the target doesn't answer their phone?
5(2b): That will only cause the copied data to be erased, so we'll have failed at that
attempt, but there's no major loss to be had.
6: How long does it take to perform a time leap?
7(2b): Adding in all the steps...I'd say about 45 seconds.

1: ...so then, what do we do?
2: What do you mean?
3: I mean about this time machine.
4(2b): ...it's clear that this is something much too large for us to deal with alone.
The most difficult thing will be handing it over to a research organization and getting
it treated as a national project...
5: ...Christina...
6: I'm sure she wants to try some experiments.
7: Why doesn't she say so, then...?
8: This is the world's first time machine.
9: Every single organization that exists in the world will want to get their hands on
10: The amount of money that will be spent on this will rise to billion-increments...
11: That's just how awesome its possibilities are.
12: ...I don't really get this.

1: Mayu-shii too!
2: But that's because you didn't help out at all.
3: What about you, Okabe? I'm asking for Okabe's, not Hououin's opinion.
4: ...I want to do some experiments.
5: This is unknown territory to us-- no, to the entire human race.
6(2b): However, there are too many problems surrounding this time leap thing.
7: Who will perform the time leap?
8: Aside from Mayuri, everyone should already understand...
9: If the time leap fails...
10: There is no possibility that someone will turn into a Jellyman like with SERN's
time machine.
11(2b): All we're sending with this machine is copied memory data. The original data will not be erased.

1: Really? Are you sure?
2: Well, we've never tried it before, so I'm not 100% sure, but...
3: So basically, we won't know anything for sure until we try it...
4: Whoever takes part in this will also have to be prepared for the possibility that
their consciousness will be destroyed as a result.
5: This is an unresolvable problem.
6(2b): Honestly, this is as far as we should be able to go...but on the other hand,
haven't we already come far enough?
7: ...umm, Mayu-shii doesn't really understand any of this, but...

1: What if we made a banana do a time leap?
2: Mayuri...a banana doesn't have a brain.
3: Oh.
4: ...we won't experiment.
5(2b): The time machine should be handed over to a research organization, and revealed to the world.
6: You're right.
7: ...are you dissatisfied?

1: Dissatisfied?
2: About not being able to perform an experiment.
3: ...Of course not.
4: I was actually relieved when you decided not to experiment.
5: If no one had been there to stop me, I don't think I would have been able to control myself.
6: Thank you.

1: ...hey, what are you doing?
2: You were acting like such a proper assistant, I thought maybe you had a fever.
3: Wha?!
4: Don't think I'm actually thanking you, alright?! Don't misunderstand!!
5: ME, misunderstand?! I was only being natural!
6: As the leader of the lab, I have a duty to protect my labmems from danger.
7: So you have no reason to thank me.
8: What happened to all that talk about throwing the world into chaos...?
9: brrriiing
cell: Mail received.
10(2b): Wonder who this is from?

from xxx@xxxxxxxx
8/11 22:15

You know too much.

1: A...
2: Another one!

1: I...I have a really bad feeling about this.
2: This is a warning! From THEM...
3: From SERN...
4: Did SERN find out...?
5: Should I go to someone about this?
6: But who?
7: I can't tell Kurisu or Mayuri. It'd just scare them.
8: They're both younger than me, and female, to boot.
9: What's wrong, Okabe?
10(2b): N...nothing. It's time to have our time machine completion party. Let's hurry back!
11: My labmems are in danger...!!

1: Oh, welcome back!
2: Hey...has anything out of the ordinary happened?
3: Everyone's alright...
4: ? Nope, why?
5: No reason...
6(2b): Hey, Okarin, I called Ruka-chan and Feiris-chan, but they both said they
couldn't make it.
7: Oh. That's too bad...
8: You know, though,
9: these past few weeks have been so much fun.

1(2b): Before it as just you, me, and Daru-kun...lately, though, you look like you're
having so much fun.
2: Mayu-shii's glad.
3: You seemed really lonely in spring, but you look alright now.
4: Mayu-shii didn't have to be a hostage...
5: ...what are you talking about...?
6: Hey, it's an emergency broadcast.
7: Terrorist bombing threats sent to Yamanote, Sobu, and Keihin Touhoku Lines. All
train lines are suspending service.

1: ...bomb threats?
2: All of those lines pass through Akihabara. You won't be able to go home now, Mayu-shi.
3: You're right! I need to phone home.
4: ...I have a bad feeling about this!
5: It's like whoever made those threats was aiming right for Akihabara.
6: Akihabara?
7: No, wait....maybe that means the bomb threat was made for...
8: Akihabara Station?
9: Okabe Rintarou, I have a question!
10: You finished the time leap machine, didn't you?
11: Huh? Yeah, but...
12(2b): OK. I remembered I have something I need to finish. I'm going out for a bit.

1: I wonder what's up...
2: Suzuha...why did she ask if I finished the time machine?
3: Does this have something to do with the bomb threat...?!
cell: I'm watching you.
cell: You know too much.
4: "We've created a monster."
5: S...
6: Should we be escaping right now...?!

1(2b): ...it's alright. I'm overthinking things. It's just a coincidence.
2(2b): We'll hand over the time machine tomorrow, and forget everything.
3: We haven't seen anything dangerous. We know nothing.
4: I don't need any money, either.
5: Just as long as I can return to how things used to be...

1: ...wha...?!
2: Don't move.
3: Put your hands up.

1: Wha...
2: What is this...
3: Is this one of those TV shows...?
4: Kiryuu...
5: Moeka...?!
text: Why does her face look so worn-out...?!

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