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Translations: Gintama 589 (2) , One Piece 826 by cnet128 , Bleach 674 by cnet128

Hunter x Hunter 332


+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 20, 2012 00:27 | Go to Hunter x Hunter

-> RTS Page for Hunter x Hunter 332

*Only for use by MS.

tl by molokidan

1: I'll become the sacrifice...
2: in order to knock Pariston out of the top spot...!!
slanted: Only four remain...the election reaches its climax!!
No.332 <> Applause
3: I'll make this brief. I believe that out of these four candidates,
4: Cheadle is the most fit to become the next Chairman!!
5: I won't say that I don't want to become Chairman myself! But it now is not my time!!
6: Before that, I'd like to raise my students up to become the finest Hunters they can be, and earn the title of Triple Hunter!
7: Also, in order to end this election here today!!
8: I would truly appreciate everyone respecting my wishes!! That is all!!

1: Hmmm...what should I say...
2: Now then, we'll be hearing from the candidate who got the third most votes in the previous round...
3: Miss Cheadle, please step forward!!
4: I'll make this brief as well. -> ladies and gentlemen
5: I would like to strongly recommend that you vote
6: for Mr. Leorio.
7: That is all.

1: Eh, no one's going to vote for me anyway.
2: And I don't want them to, either! I guess I'll just talk about what I want to...I've got more important things to worry about than this election, anyway.
3: What...
4: What are you thinking, Cheadle...?!
5: Ummm, thank you very much!
6(2b): Now then, we'll be hearing from the second place candidate next, Mr. Leorio! Please come forward!
7: What happened to your smirk,
8: Pariston?
9: I absolutely refuse
10: to let you have your way!!

1: Umm? Mr. Leoriooo?
2: Please, step forward!
3: Mr. Leoriooooo!
4: Leorio!!! What the hell's wrong with you, are you asleep or something?!
5(small): Don't make me slap you, dammit!
6: Woah!
7: Uhh, it's my turn?!
8: Ummm...please excuse that just now!
9: Please, Mr. Leorio, step forward!

1: Seriously...
2: What am I doing here...?!
3: Dammit. I haven't straightened things out in my head yet...
4: Ah well. Whatever.
5: I'll just talk.

1: Ummm...I'm just going
2: to talk about what I want here.
3: If I become Chairman
4: I'm going to make the organization...my private property!!

1: And my first order to you all
2(2b): will be to act immediately in order to save Gon!!!
3: You know...I really shouldn't be here right now.
4(2b): ...I mean...it's not like I could do anything for Gon even if I went to his side right now.
5: He...right now, Gon...
6: he's on his deathbed...

1: He's my ally...my friend...but...
2: it wasn't until recently that I knew that...!!
3: While I...was doing nothing but working for myself...
4: studying...drinking...changing rooms...
5: jacking off, bringing girls into my apartment, screwing around on the internet...
6: he was fighting
7: for someone...!!
8: with the Ex-Chairman
9: and his allies!

1: And right now...one of those people
2: Mmm...
3: is still fighting, risking his life to save Gon.
4: Ahhh!
5: Brother!
6: Good morning.
7: Did you sleep well?
8: Mmm. Where are we?
9: The hospital.
10: My friend's here.
11: Sick in bed.

1: I want to...make him feel better again.
2: So I have to turn into "it" again?
3: Nooooo!
4(small): Pffff!
5: I want to stay here with you!
6: Don't worry...don't you remember what I told you? From here on, we'll always be together.
7: I promise.
8: So please.

1: I knew it.
2: The rules don't apply to Killua, and Killua alone.
3: Is this because its Killua?
4: Or because it's after he asked her to heal someone? I need to find out.
5: OK, roger!
6: Either way, Alluka's ability to both destroy and fix things
7: could become an unbelievably strong tool if tamed.
8: So sinister, so cruel...
9: His evil ambitions have even caused him to stray from the path of an assassin...
10: It's so tragic...
11: that in this situation, a life being controlled would bring less pain...

1: Alluka only awakens when "it" is asleep. Alluka's time here is both long, and short.
2: After one of "it's" wishes doesn't come true, and people die, during the period of time until "it" asks someone else for a Level 1 wish,

1: during the period of time when someone who's been asked to grant a wish for "it" moves away from "it" and the wish is canceled,
2: and during the period of time after "it's" healed something and someone's has asked a request of Alluka, and Alluka has completed that request.
3: The best thing...would be to make this wish the last, and to never ask "it" for anything ever again.

1: I could do nothing...but call out to Gon...
2: Nothing but call out to him, over and over again...!!
3: That's why...if I become Chairman,
4: I'm going to keep calling out to you all!!
5: Please!!
6: If there's anything I can do, tell me!!

1: Help Gon!!
2: Just use your heads!!
3: And when you think of something, do it!!
4: I'll do anything!!!

1: Ging.
2: Now I know
3: why you didn't dodge that punch.
4: That was the moment when you thought:
5: "this guy might just be able to do it."
6: Fine...he can become the Chairman.
7: Dammit...I shouldn't have said that much.
8: Forget about the jacking off part...the end!!
9: As long as we support him.

all sfx: clap
1: He'll surely
2: be a good one...!!

1: Now then, we'll hear from the candidate who was 1st last round, Mr. Pariston!
2: Everyone, please, be silent and listen!!
3: You're finished, Pariston.
4: No matter what you say here.
5: My 87 votes, Mizai's 72 votes, and the 57 fluctuating votes.
6: They'll all merge with Leorio's 95 votes...
7: That makes a total of 311...!!
8: That's over 50%!!
9: The 13th Chairman
10: will be Leorio...!!

1: "It."
2: Return Gon...
3: back to normal...!!
4: 'kay.
slanted: The time...finally comes...!!

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