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Translations: Gintama 565 by kewl0210 , Bleach 651 by cnet128 , One Piece 806 by cnet128

Hunter x Hunter 333


+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 28, 2012 04:09 | Go to Hunter x Hunter

-> RTS Page for Hunter x Hunter 333

*Only for use by MS.

1: Everyone, please quiet down!! And please refrain from using your phones!!
2: vibrate
3: beep beep
slanted: What's Pariston's true goal?!
4: I understand how you feel, but please, Mr. Pariston's speech is about to begin!!
5-6: vibrate
7: Alright...I'm going to scream at you all now!
8: Go ahead, everyone, please, talk on your phones!! That's the true spirit a Hunter must have, I say!!
9: I also promise to do everything in my power to help Gon once this election ends!!
10: However, we must think about that and the election separately!!
11: Now, I believe that out of the four of us up here, the most fit candidate to become the next Chairman is


1: Candidate Mizaistom!!
2: There's something I learned after serving as Vice-Chairman to Chairman Netero for 3 years!!
3: And that is that there are 3 vital requirements to being a good Chairman!!

1: First is strength!! This is an absolute necessity because of the nature of our work!! The incident that happened recently is clear proof of this!!
2: Second is experience!! One's intelligence is increased through experience!! The longer one's history as a Hunter, the better!!
3: ...why...? Why is it that whenever he talks...
4: my emotions start to boil?
5: I know.
6: And the third is
7: caliber!!
8: It's because I know.
9: He isn't showing even a bit
10: It's not every day that I run across someone who makes me think
11: "You know what, the Hunter Organization would be absolutely fine in his hands!!"
12: of his true feelings...
13: Candidate Cheadle has strength!! And Candidate Leorio has experience!!
14: No...I can't let my emotions control me.
15: But I lack all three!! Go ahead, laugh at me!
16: But the one person who has them all!!
17: What's he after...? That's the important thing here!! -> Me
18: I believe that it can be none of us but Candidate Mizaistom!!

1: 120 of the 290 votes that Pariston controls are from temp hunters...and 30 more are from the executives of the businesses Pariston controls, including the examination department.
2: Thank you very muuuuch!
3: Pariston is probably using signs to control these votes, and this speech has no effect on them.
4: The remaining 140 votes are composed of proactive people who strongly support Pariston
5 mixed with passive people who could vote for someone else based on the circumstances.
6: Now then, we will begin the candidate debate!
7: Now because of Pariston's speech,
8: all of the floating votes that should have gone to Leorio...
9: will be split...possibly like this.
Leorio: Leorio's votes / Cheadle's votes / Morau's votes / Teradain's votes
Pariston: Temp Hunters/Executives / Pariston lovers
Mizaistom: Mizai's votes / Pariston's votes
Cheadle: Mizai's votes
10: But that would just mean that the election will get extended, and it's no different from my goal...
11: Is something going to change
12: during this debate...?
13: glance

1-2: nod
3: Fine!!
4: I'll just think about it myself!!
5: May I begin, please?
6: No, me first.
7: Like I said before, I have no intention of becoming Chairman!!
8: No, you said you didn't necessarily NOT want to become Chairman!
9: It's just that this isn't about YOU, Candidate Mizai.
10: It's about everyone!!
11(2b): In this situation, the one who is most fit MUST carry out this task!! That's what it means to have caliber!!

1: Let's stop being selfish here!!
2: Let's stop playing games, and leave this decision to our Hunters!!
3: You have no right to say that...!!
4: But why is he pushing Mizai so much?
5: Is he trying to make it look like we're being greedy to push Mizai into the 2nd spot instead of Leorio?
6: There's no way!!
7: Because all of Leorio's votes are basically floating votes.
8: If Leorio falls out, his votes may go to Pariston.
9: But if Leorio stays, the votes I've gotten control over and the votes from Mizai, who's obviously anti-Pariston, will of course go to Leorio...!!
10: Teradain's votes are anti-Zodiac, and Morau's votes are completely anti-Pariston!! In other words, Pariston wouldn't get a single vote!!
11: Understand? -> Mizai.
12: Yeah, I understand.
13: The best thing to do here is push Pariston out.

1: That's what my intuition as a Crime Hunter is telling me to do...!!
2: I have no proof...!! He hasn't lifted a single finger himself, but there's a possibility...!! And that's not all!!
3: This man is clearly someone from the dark side of society...!!
4: We cannot let him do as he pleases with the organization any longer!!
5: Just look at what happened. Not even Chairman Netero...
6: could keep this guy down...!!

1: We must use this election
2: to completely destroy the Pariston machine...!!
3: Any other questions?!
4: Alright, then, let's move to the voting!
5: Please write your name and the name of the person you wish to vote for
6: on the sheets we've passed out, and then drop them into the voting box!
7: The votes we collect will be immediately calculated by Beans,
8: so please relax until we announce the results!!

1-2: Hand.

1: Please...!! It.
2: Heal Gon...!!
3: 'kay.

1: What power...!!
2: What's going on in there...?!
3: Who's...doing that...?!

1: Ohhh.
2: Hahahahahahahahaha
3: Amazing...!!

1: I will have IT
3: at any cost...!!!
4: IT
5: IS MINE!!

1: The 8th Election for the 13th Chairman
1st: Leorio - 282 votes (44.4%)
2nd: Pariston - 250 votes
3rd: Mizaistom - 58 votes
4th: Cheadle - 16 votes
Voting Percentage: 95.4%
2: Oh my! With this, Mr. Leorio has risen into the top spot!!
3: Mr. Pariston has been knocked out of the top spot for the first time!!
4: However, his votes did not top 50%,
5: so we will now proceed to the final election with the top two candidates!!

1: You guys sure about this?
2: I'm gonna make it private!
3: What is this...?!
4: I've never
5: felt anything like this before...!!

1: Now, then, here are our last two candidates!! Is there anything you would like to declare before we finish this?
2: If not, then we will begin voting at once!
3: You're finished!!
4: No matter what you try and say this time!! -> Pariston!
5: Well...I have a feeling this this election is pretty much over.
6: However, there is one question I might as well ask Leorio, now that I have the chance.
7: Please tell me one more time
8: what you're going to do if you become Chairman...!!
top left side: Next issue...the shocking conclusion, with a color cover page!!

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