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Hunter x Hunter 334

Complete Defeat

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Feb 2, 2012 15:41 | Go to Hunter x Hunter

-> RTS Page for Hunter x Hunter 334

*Only for use by MS.

yellow: TV anime now on air! The Chairman election comes to a climax with this color cover page!!
right: Those hands embrace
left: love and hate...
Chapter 334 - Complete Defeat

1: Now then, Candidate Leorio!! Please tell us once more!!
2: If you become Chairman, what will you do?
3: Save Gon!!
4: I'll make every Hunter work their hardest to save him!! That's all!!!
5: This would be perfect timing, but...
6: I'm not exactly "God," so...
side: What's going through Pariston's mind...?

1: So then you have no thoughts on future personnel matters or organization restructuring?
2: Huh?
3: Of course not!!
4: I don't even know why I'm standing here right now, honestly!!
5: Hahahaha. Of course you don't.
6: That's my only question.
7: It's useless, Pariston. Everyone already knows that, and they still voted for Leorio!!
8: They intend to completely support him, that's why they clapped...!!
9: Do you have any questions for me, Candidate Leorio?
10(2b): No, come on!! Let's just finish this already!!
11: Alright then!! Now then,
12: I would like to make an urgent motion!!

1(2b): Huh? Umm, what are you talking about?
2: An emergency motion!!
3: I would like everyone to now
4: choose your votes according to the 8th and 9th Hunter Commandments!!
5: The theme here is...

1: Rethinking the 10th Commandment and the Hunter Exam!!
2: I would first like to request the abolition of the current Hunter Exam regulations!!
3: All those who agree with this abolition, draw a circle!! All those who are against, draw an X!!
4: Hold on a minuuuuuute!!!

1: We Zodiacs already decided in a meeting that the Hunter Commandments are absolute!!
2: You shouldn't be bringing this up right now!!
3: No.
4: You're wrong. -> Stupid Tiger.
5: You're exactly right!! In the meeting, it was 11 to 1!! I was the only one who agreed we should change the Commandments, correct?
6: If Cheadle and Mizaistom were still on stage right now, I'd be upholding the rule we agreed on in the meeting! In fact, I intended to stay quiet about it until the election was over!!
7: However, both of them have lost!! And Chairman Leorio has no idea about what went on in that meeting!!
8: And so, this is the only situation in which I can independently bring up this opinion of mine once more -- not as a Zodiac, but as the Vice-Chairman!!
9: Do you understand now, Kanzai?!
10: "Now" is perfect timing for me!

1: Guh...
2: Of course, if the 8th Commandment was to be utilized to its full potential, it could be possible for me to ignore what went on in the meeting and force this movement instead!!
3: However!! I didn't want to do that!! Because the Zodiacs were an important group to the Ex-Chairman...
4: Heeeeey! You mess with this guy, and he'll pay you back tenfold!
5: Honestly, I would just like to finish this as efficiently as possible without any trouble!!
6: Ugh
7: However!!
8: What the late Teradain and Bushidora insist is entirely true!!
9: I have no choice but to say that Commandments 3 and 4 have severely harmful effects on the exam!!
10: He isn't thinking about winning,
11: or about losing.
12: You're right.
13: What an asshole.
14: It's because he doesn't have to worry about victory
15: that he can stay so cool and neutral, without worrying about his profit or losses...

1: He controls others' emotions, abuses the rules,
2: and chooses to do the things we hate the most!!
3: Got a minute? -> Rabbit.
4: Sure, what's wrong?
5: If Candidate Leorio wins this election, I will act as his advisor!!
6: And in that event, I promise to drastically improve the Hunter exam!!
7: If any of you are enthusiastic about Candidate Leorio, but somewhat worried about his business abilities,
8: It's no use trying to shave off Teradain's floating votes!!
9: I'm going to stifle all your counter-arguments!!
10: I promise to support him in this regard, even if it means leaving the Zodiacs!!!
11: Hey, hey, hey! I don't care about all this motion shit or whatever!!
12: I just want to save Gon as fast as possible! Alright?!


1: Gon!!!!

1: Gonnnnnnn!!!!

1: Leorio!!!

1: I'm so glad! I'm so glad you're alriiiiiiight!!
2(2b): Buohhh! Did I really look that bad?
3: You were in a category beyond bad!
4: Leorio!! Stop it!!
5: He's fine, so just get over it!!
6: Yeah, you're right!! Yeah!!
7: clap clap clap
8: Ahh!
9: Everyone else was worried about you too.
10: Ahh,
11-12: Thank you.

1: We're...finished...
2: Pariston WANTED to save Leorio for last...!!
3: With this...Leorio's lost both his motive,
4: and his support for becoming Chairman...!!
5: Leorio...do NOT tell Gon that Killua was the one who healed him, no matter what...!!
6: Huh?! Why?!
7: You should be the next Chairman!!
8: Who's the bald guy next to you?!
9: I mean it!!
10: Promise me this! For Killua!!
11: A...alright.
12: I promise.
13: Pariston...
14: When?

1: When did you start to imagine...
2: that things would go this way?
3: Hmm?
4: Hahaha! Oh, no, I don't have any sort of ability like that!!
5: Things just happened to turn out this way!!
6: Please...!!
7: I really want to know...!!
8: It hurts...
9: But I've completely lost now, so...!!
10: When Ging...
11: said he'd become a candidate.
12: What...?!

1(2b): When I provoked him after he said that, Ging said "Gon won't die," didn't he?
2: Go.
3: Gon won't die.
4: That's when it entered my mind.
panel sfx: CLAP
5: this whole scene...
6: I figured that it'd be Ging and I standing here,
7: and that Ging would be the one to win, though...
8: It was really...just the fact that Ging said Gon "wouldn't die" that did it.
9: I knew right then and there that there had to be a way to heal Gon.
10: Then I knew...that if I tried to work Gon into the election,
11: that I wouldn't win.
12: Understand?
13: ...gh
14(2b): At that moment, I had already "completely lost."

1: But then Ging dropped out of the election,
2: DIE!!
3: and Leorio appeared and punched him.
4: I heard him say that "my friend's risking his life to save Gon,"
5: Please!!
6: and the picture finally came together.
7: It was just a few moments ago that I realized I'd win.
8: When I felt that aura.
9: "His friend saved Gon,"
10: I thought.
panel sfx: CLAP
bottom sfx: Waaaah!
11: Then I knew I just needed to drag things out until Gon himself came here...
12: Oh, by the way, I retract my motion. Don't worry about it.
13: That's the only information you had...?!
14(2b): You mean you believed in someone you didn't even know, someone you've never even seen?! YOU?!

1: I trust Ging,
2: as an enemy.
3: This was a friend
4: who Ging thought was "good enough" to trust his son to, correct?
5: I believe in him!!
6: Of course I do!!

1: Become a candidate now!!
2: I'll vote for you if you do!!
3(small): Wow, I can't believe my ears!
4: Say something on the stage!!
5: Speech, speech!!
sfx: CLAP
big sfx: Waaaah

1: Ging...?!
2: Ohhhh man.
3(small): I thought it'd probably happen, but...
4: This is bad...!!
slanted: The one meeting...everyone's been waiting for!!

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