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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Code:Breaker 156

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Feb 2, 2012 15:45 | Go to Code:Breaker

-> RTS Page for Code:Breaker 156

*Only for use by Tank Baba.

tl by molokidan

1: Sa...
2: Sakurakouji...!!
slanted: Sakura has been cut in two...!!
3: Sa...

1: Sakurakouji-san!!
2: How dare you?!
3: Damn you...!!
4: What do you think you're doing to my precious rare specimen...?!
5(2b): Hmph...what a bother.

1: These flies are just so noisy...!!
2: Kuaaahhh!!

1: Uuu...
2: What power...
3: Kuh...
4: She blew off all that ash covering the school with a single swipe...!!
5: Uuu...oww. What's up with that girl?!
6: Hiyori...?!
7: Oh, so Saechika and Aoba were dummies created with Hiyori's "Balloon"
7: ...I see, so the ash covering was to reduce the effects of the rare
suppressing water! So that Hiyori could still use her abilities!

1: Hiyori...!! You're hurt...
2: Hiyori...
3: ...I can still use my abilities!!
4(2b): ...that katana isn't any normal katana. It blew away not just ash,
but the rare suppression liquid in the school that our abilities can't do
anything against.
5: And for some reason, even though I had my eyes on it, it disappeared
for a moment.
6: I couldn't follow it...but why?!
7: Damn...we won't make it to Sakura-chan with this many unanswered
8: There's only one thing I know.
9: This stinging feeling,
10: this elation...

1: I know for sure that this woman is big trouble...
2: I could make you into candied dumplings with all the ash here.
slanted: One of the four Elites, with overwhelming strength!! What's her
hidden goal?!
code:157 Right and Left of One Mind
3: She...must be one of the 4 elites who created Eden!!
4: ...why?
5: Sakurakouji-san did nothing wrong...
6: Explain...!!
7: Huh?
8: What are you talking about?

1: You can go on playing your little game of justice and evil all you
2: I kill because I want to. That's all.
3: Wha...
4: Blood!!
5: The sound of flesh ripping!!
7: I love watching the moment when life is torn away from a creature.
8: It's like falling in love. There's no logic to it.

1: Taking another's life...is something

1: that I cannot forbid!!
2: ...huh?!
3: Mmm?
4: (unreadable)

1: T-two...?! Tiny...?!
2: Yeah! You were cut in two, why did you split into two little people?!
3: That's what I wanna know!
4: Did she really cut me?
5: You feel the same way, Right Sakura?
6: Yeah, I do, Left Sakura!!
7: Th...they're talking to each other...
8(2b): What's wrong, Oogami? Are you in pain?
9: ...nothing's wrong.

1(2b): Everything's...fine.
2: Oo...
3: gami?
4: What do you look so happy for?
5: What's going on?
6: I'm not happy...
7: No, you look VERY happy!!
8: Yeah, and relieved!!
9: Nice one, Right Sakura!!
10: Ooohh!! Not bad, Left!!
11: Stop screaming into my ears, both of you!!
12: But why did this happen...?
13: A long time ago...I heard a story in Shibuya.
14: That there's a katana that works on both ability users and rare
15: But it wasn't a katana for killing, but rather...for some lost state
that rare species can fall into--...

1: Ohhh!! Is that why I'm small?
2: But then why are there two of me...?
3: Now, I'm gonna kill you all.
4: OK?
5: Kuh!!
6: Stop this!! One of the 4 Elites!! Code Breakers and Code Names can
never kill anyone!!
7: It's absolutely forbidden!!

1: You just want to survive. Why should I listen to you?
2(2b): ...especially someone like me, who only wants to kill. You can't
stop me!!
3: Mammon!!
4: He stopped her...!!

1(2b): My katana, stopped by an ability user...? Didn't that girl over
there just say that this couldn't be stopped?
2: Fwah...
3: Oogami...
4: ...you just wanna kill, huh? You're honest, I'll give you that.
5: But.

1: I can't stand unprincipled people like you!!

1: She's...
2: I've met her...
3: One of the 4 Elites is your real mother...
4: It can't be--
5(2b): Oh...okay, that's fine. Sakura-chan, Rei-kun, you pass.
6: Huh...?!

1: Don't forget those hearts of yours.
2(2b): Once you find out about the truth of Dec. 32, you'll be faced with
an important decision...Your beliefs may differ, but deep down, there's
emotion connecting you two...so don't forget it.
3(2b): That way, you should be able to make the correct decision. Oh, and
one more thing.
4: Hey!! Wait...

1: They say to "let cute boys leave the nest," but it looks like this one
left before he was ready.
2: I was right in splitting Sakura into two after all...I'm counting on
you to take care of the rest, Rei-kun.
3: What the...
4: ...she's gone.
5: What...did she mean about the two...
6: One's gone...?!

1: Hey!! Where did the other one go?! Sakurakouji-sa...
2: I dunnooo?
3: Liar!!
4: You know!! Because it's a part of you!! Now where did it go...
5: ...gone.
6: Shigure and the others are gone...!!
7: N...
8: No...way...

1: She went with Shigure's group to the EDEN hq?!
slanted: Little Sakura on a journey all alone!! What will she see, what
will she hear, what will she feel?!
next: tons of self-conceit

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