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Translations: One Piece 824 by cnet128 , Bleach 671 by cnet128 , Gintama 585 (2)


+ posted by molokidan as translation on Feb 12, 2012 08:13 | Go to REAL

-> RTS Page for REAL 61

*Only for I-M.

tl by molokidan

Tryout Arena

1: ziiip
2: I'm going
3: to change my life.

1: Nishi Hiiiiiiigh
2-3: Fiiiiiiight

1: Yeaaaaaaahhh
2: Hey
3: Oh
4: Hey

1: Natsumi Misa
2: How's the manga going?
3: We're in the same shoes, now, you know.
4: I figured out there's only one thing I wanna do.

1: Become a pro basketball player.
2: If you wanna laugh, then go ahead and laugh!!

1: Hohhh

1: I'm finally here...
2: The people putting it on aren't even here yet...
3: I'm too early.
4: I knew I'd be, though...
Tryouts start at 12:45
Please do your warm-ups beforehand
We accept no responsibility for lost belongings.
5: clang

1: Tomorrow--
2: pull out that sheathed blade of yours.
3: I know...!!
4: glug

1: Huh

1: Woahhh
2: What time is it?! Shit!
3: Registration time!!
4: I've only got one minute left!!
5(2b): The registration desk will be closing momentarily. Is there anyone else who has yet to register?
6: Haa, haa, haa!
7: Wait a minuuuuuuute!
8: I'm Nomiya!
9: Haa, haa
10: Nomiya...is that right?
11: I made it...cough, cough
12: It's 5000 yen for registration, right?
13: Where's my wallet?

bottom right: Was it stolen?
middle top: ........
bottom left: But I just used it to buy some coffee...
1: The fee...I'll pay it afterwards, I promise!
2: What are you talking about?
3: You're time's up, I'm sorry.

1: We're risking our lives on these try-outs.
2: If you came here thinking this was some kind of game, you've got a big surprise waiting for you.
3: No, I'm the same as you...
4: Heeeey, move iiiiiit! (You!)
5: Wait a minute, registration!
6: I'm Hidejima!! I'm registering!

1: Phewwww, I made it!
2: Technically, you're late, you know. Here's your change.
3: It's thanks to that guy over there that I haven't closed up this table yet.
4: Sorry, Nomiya.
5: If that's the case, then...
6(2b): I mean, I owe you, in a way. And I don't like having to owe people.
7: Ahhh....
8(no bubble): Thank youuuuuu
9: The opening ceremony's about to begin, hurry!

1: Whewwww, that guy really saved my ass.
2: I know one of these guys stole my wallet...dammit!
3: No wait, I need to stay calm.
4(2b): Now then, a word from our head coach, Tanaka Junichi.
5: Ohhh!
6: It's Jun-chan.

1: I assume that you've all gathered here because you feel you're ready to play at the pro level.
2: Thank you for coming.
3: Now, today, I want each and everyone of you to show me
4: your skill,
5: and your spirit!!
6: There really are a lot of tall guys here...
7: and some foreigners, too.
8(2b): I expected that, though. And none of them are my enemies unless they're also aiming for point guard.
9: They're actually my allies...

1: Bring it in!!
2: Can I have a minute, Kanegon?
3(2b): I'd like to introduce the friend I told you all about earlier.
4: Huh? I don't remember hearing about this.
5: Mm? Didn't I tell you guys?
6: This is Hara-san.

1: Uhhhh, hi...
2(2b): I'm Hara. It's an honor to be here.
3: Huh?
4: Ahhh...
5(2b): Hara-san is a friend...er, a senior of mine who fought together with me in Australia.
6: Oh, so you were in Australia?
7(2b): Just for a little bit.

1: He retired last year, but I couldn't help myself and forced him to come out here today!
2: Hahahaha!
3: Hara-san! Let's turn back into tigers!!
4(2b): It's time for a tiger comeback!! Please!! OK?
5: This sucks.
6: I was just starting to relax...
7: Ryou! (C'mon!)
8: Hara-san, this is Ryou.
9: Oh, so this is the kid.
10: I like the look he's got on his face.
11: How old are you, Ryou-san?
12: S-sixteen.
13(2b): Good, good. It's good to start early.

1(2b): I'm 41. It's a critical age.
2: It's an honor to be able to play with you all.
3: I'm gonna make you into the best player there is, Ryou.
4: Seems that there's one last piece of unfinished business for Hara-san.
5(2b): I want to take all that I've built up for 22 years, since I was 18...my technique,

1: My wisdom...my theories.
2: Up until now, I've used them only for myself.
3(2b): But now, I'd like to teach them to people. Help people grow.
4: Share them, basically.
5: I'm so thankful that Mitsuru-kun gave me this chance.
6: Ummm...
7: You were once a member of the Dreams, weren't you, Hara-san?
8: What, really?

1(2b): Before I went to Australia--in the twilight of my career.
2: I had always wanted to share the experience I had in that period, but for some reason I held back...
3(2b): I knew it was the right thing to do, but on the other hand...I feared that I others would feel I was overstepping my boundaries.
4: ...so does that mean you know the weaknesses of the Dreams members...?
5(2b): Like, Fujikura's weakness...you know about him?!
6(2b): There were times when I had suggestions for him.
7: Woah!
8(2b): He knows all their weaknesses! Awesome!
9: Welcome to the Tigers!
10: The young ones now don't know about them, though.
11: Heh...I held back then, but now...

1: First, we have to make sure you're ready for the cup match in three months.
2: But that isn't our ultimate goal.

1: I intend to teach you everything I know,
2: but it's up to you whether you become #1 or end up as a second-rate.
3: Which fate would you prefer, Ryou-san?
4: #1...!
5: Then I won't hold back.

1: Umm...
2: Excuse me!
3(2b): You're Hirose, aren't you? From the Urawa Bruins!
4: When I was a kid I--
5: Go away.
6: Unless you want the shit beat out of you.
7: No one's gonna beat me.

1: I'll show you what it really means to be pro.
2: I'll make it so you'll never want to play basketball again.
3: I used to watch his matches all the time when I was a kid.
4: I even shook his hand when I was in 7th grade...
5: Everyone here is my enemy.

Tanaka Junichi. He's a good coach. He's got a long face. He's got some flab on his chin, but he tries to use his beard to mask it.

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