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+ posted by molokidan as translation on Feb 12, 2012 08:14 | Go to REAL

-> RTS Page for REAL 64

*Only for I-M.

tl by molokidan

1: Come on, that's it!
2: This scrimmage will decide the last 10 remaining players!!
3: Do your best!!

1: 10 players--!!

1: Woaaahhhh
2: screeeech
3: Offense!
4: They're really going all out.
5: Heh.
6: Well?
7: Got your 10?

1: Yep.
2: Pretty much.
3(2b): Me too. All the guys out there look pretty good this time.
4: First, we have the point guard, Naruse--
5: He doesn't have the sharpness he did in his golden days,
6: but he's got charm.

1: We'll need to check up on the condition of his knee--
2: but as far as I can see, he'd be a perfect back-up for Anzai.

1: ...I couldn't follow it!
2: Watching someone and being matched up against them are two totally different
3: And they say he's past his prime...just how fucking good WAS this guy?!
4: This is what it means to be pro.
5: Right now, I'm

standing in a totally new zone--

1: Pfft!
2: This spot's all slippery with sweat!
3(2b): Goddammit! Haa, haa
4: Get serious, (you asshole!)

1: Second--
2: will be the ex-NBA power forward, J.J. Watson.
3: He only had two ten-day contracts,
4: and then started traveling around Europe, South America, and Asia--
5(2b): He doesn't really have any scoring ability, but he's more the type to take
on all the dirty jobs with little trouble. I thought you might like him, Tanaka-
6: How old is he?
7: Ummm...34.

1: Doesn't look like that garbage shooting of his will get any better, then.
2: Woahh!
3: But he's got some power!

1: Japan may be the last chance for me to get a contract...
2: This is all I've got...!!

1: Woahh!
2: Look how high he is!!

1: That 210 cm beast is from Argentina.
2: Jorge Aguero.
3: Shiiiit.
4: That guy's just too tall.
5: Hmph! He may be tall, but he's slow.
6: He's got good shooting and handling for his height.
7: There's just one problem...

1: He doesn't know how to behave.
2: There're rumors that he's even been arrested before. (Who knows)
3(2b): Next, E and F...
4: I have a request.
5: Can we make this part tournament style too?!
6: That way the ones who win can still have more chances to show what they've got--

1(2b): We have to, or else...since our point guard never passes, I hardly have any
chance to do anything.
2: Wh-what do you think?
3: We can't just change the rules all of a sudden.
4: Sure.
5: That'll make things more exciting.
6: I was just starting to wonder if this whole day would just be a big
disappointment, anyway...

1: (korean)
2: Who's that?
3: Kim Chan Ho -- he's played in the KBA for 5 years.
4(2b): No, I know who Kim is. I'm talking about the guy with the dreads.

1: Yeahhhh!!
2: A whole new zone...
3: (korean)

1: Ppphhh
2: Woah!
3(2b): Sakamoto Hidekichi. He grew up in Chicago.
4: He comes from the street.
5: He's got some guts.
6: He must, to be able to hold his own on the inside with Kim.

1: Hmph!
2: (korean)
3(2b): Then we have the Inui twins from the independent SJBB league's Kouchi Black
4: a team that was abolished due to lack of funds.

1: Kenichi--
2: and Kenji--
3: Did you ask them?
4: No, they said they couldn't do something like that.
5: Sorry.
6: They can run circles around the defense
7: and mix things up with their unique combination plays.

1: They might be useful as super subs.
2: Regardless of their size problems--
3: Ukita Kazuya.
4: A lefty shooter.

1: He may look like a pushover, and he isn't fast,
2: but he has a unique rhythm...it's hard for guys to stick on him.

1: I won't lose to that guy...
2: How come?
3: They're the same type.
4: Yeah.
5: Let's go.
6: Yeahhh!
7: Let's go!

1: Alright guys!!
2: Yeah!
3: He's got energy.
4: Hoo...let's go.
5: Don't be afraid.

1(2b): That skinhead started off like shit,

1: but he's gotten used to the speed now.
2: Huh? Who?
3: Haa
4: Good, he didn't get away from me.
5: Haa
6: I've learned that he's most dangerous when he starts dribbling.
7: If I can just get past that point...!!
8: Man, if I had done something like this earlier,
9: I could have gotten even better!

1: I don't want to leave this court.
2: Woahh!
3: Nice cut, Hideshi!

1: Woahh!!
2: Secretly,
3: I've got confidence in my dribbling.
4: Take it up there, alone! Offense!
5(small): Not like we're gonna win this.
6: Look, he got stopped.

1: That guy can change a catch to a release so fast.
2(2b): Hidejima Souichirou. A college student?
3: The #14 guard is...
4: Nomiya...Tomomi?
5: Here's another guy who's cute name doesn't match his face. How old is he...?

1(2b): C'mon, defense! This is where it counts!
2: Yeahhh!
3: If you stop them here, they're done!

1: Now then, we'll announce the 10 remaining players.
2: If you hear your name called, step forward.

1: Nomiya Tomomi.
2: That makes ten.
3: Wh...
4: Why him...?!
5: After a ten-minute break, we will proceed with the final test using these ten

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