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Hana no Keiji -Kumo no Kanata ni- 2

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Feb 22, 2012 12:58 | Go to Hana no Keiji -Kumo no Kanata ni-

-> RTS Page for Hana no Keiji -Kumo no Kanata ni- 2

*Only for I-C.

tl by molokidan

top right: Toward the end of the Warring States Period -- Tenshou 10
(1582) -- the supreme ruler of the country, Oda Nobunaga committed suicide
midst hellfire during the Incident at Honnoji.
middle top: Noto
middle left:
Kanazawa Castle
aeda Toshiie
middle right:
Toyama Castle
Sassa Narimasa

top left: in Tenshou 11 (1583), Shibata Katsuie, who was designated as Oda
Nobunaga's successor, lost a battle against Hashiba Chikuzen-no-Kami
Hideyoshi. In an extremely violent act of suicide, he ripped out his own
entrails at Kita-no-Shou. At this point, Hideyoshi had practically the
entire land within the palm of his hands.

middle: Map of Important Warring States Generals
After the Battle of Shizugatake in Tenshou 11 (1583)
bottom right:
Hamamatsu Castle
Tokugawa Ieyasu

right bottom text:
However, in order for the land to become truly unified, it required the
blood of tens of thousands of Herculean warriors.

And within the Maeda family in Hokuriku, Kaga, there existed a legendary
warrior named Maeda Keiji, who had rocked the land as the greatest
kabuki-mono in any country.

left bottom text:
For men who would war, the Warring States Period was like an age of
endlessly blooming flowers.

bottom left:
Osaka Castle
Hashiba Hideyoshi

panel 2-

right: A "kabuki-mono"
left: is a man who does not bow to any authority. A man who faces death
every day in a warring world, who has survived countless battles by being
true to his own code -- a code of always being in harmony with himself and
beauty. Simply, a kabuki-mono is a man who lives beautifully.

Blade of the Howling Beast

1: Tenshou 12 (1584)
Osaka Castle
2: As a way to display his might to the world, Hashiba Hideyoshi built the
massive Osaka Castle, a palace of gilded brilliance. The leader of
Hokuriku, Maeda Toshiie, visited the castle in order to celebrate its
construction and to pay his homage.
3-4: sniff
5: Now then...Sir Mataza (Toshiie).
6: What exactly are the circumstances surrounding that kabuki-mono I word
keep hearing about?!
7: My lord...
8: Ummm...how shall I put this...
9: Maeda Toshiie
10: A courageous general who was once called Mataza the Spear. After
surrendering to Hideyoshi, he became a daimyo with a 560,000 koku fief in
Noto and Kaga. Mataza was Toshiie's childhood name.
11: I believe a kabuki-mono is a man who likes unusual fashions, unusual
behavior, and doing strange things!
12: For example, one who would force his will on even you, my lord!
13: A complete fool who does not value his life!
14: Oh really?
15: The following year, Hideyoshi became senior advisor to the Emperor,
and received the name Toyotomi from the Imperial Court.
16: Senior Regent, Toyotomi Hideyoshi (Although he was still called
Hashiba Chikuzen-no-Kami Hideyoshi at this point.)
17: Sounds interesting.
18: If there really does exist any man with that much courage in this
world, I'd like to meet him.

Blade of the Howling Beast

1: Y-yes, my lord...
2(2b): That reminds me, I did hear that your nephew Keiji was the
flashiest man in this land. Bring him here!
3: Yes, my lord...!!
4: Ahhh
5(2b): L...Lord Chikuzen! If I may just say one thing...
6(2b): Don't you go and say something you may regret later, Sir Mataza!
You don't have any real objections to this, now do you?!
7: N...no, my looord!
8: D...damn you, Keijiiii! I'm going to get into another huge problem now
because of him!
9: Kyaaaaaaaa! You're such an animal, Kei!
10: Kaga - Kanazawa Castle Town
Enjuya Teahouse
11: Heeey...
12: When will you be back next, Kei?
13: Let me think...
14: I suppose that once the cherry blossoms bloom, we should go have a
picnic under them!
15: Oooh, that sounds fantastic!!
16: Hmm?!
17: Move it, mooooooooove it!!
18(2b): We're the greatest kabuki-monos in Kaga!!! Heh heh heeeeh!!

1: Oh wait, I made a mistake! We're the greatest kabuki-monos...in the
whole world!
2: But of course! Aaaahahaha!
3: Ahh...sorry about that.
4: Please excuse me.
5: Woah woah woah, wait a minute, granpa!
6: Fuwah!
7: Heh!
8: Make sure you look where you're walkin' now, granps!
9: Otherwise I might step on ya!!
10(2b): You better remember that, alright?! Now get outta here!
11: Look how those kids are treating that old man!
12: How terrible!!
13: I wonder if Kei's gonna...
14: If he taps his pipe twice then it's for sure.
15: H...he changed the way he's holding it...
16(2b): Ah...ah...
17: Hm?!
18: Mmm?

1: Uwaaaaaaahhhhh, hothothotttt!!
2: Hey! Your head's on fire!!
3: Wh...who did this?!
4: Nnn!!
5: Th...that bastard!!
6: Out of the way!!
7: Oh no, he came all the way up here.
8: Hey! Are you the one who dropped that ash on my head?!
9: Yeah.
10: Look at me in the face, dammit!!
11(2b): Uuu...M....Maeda Keiji!!
12: Uuu!
13: Want a smoke?
14: T-thanks.
15: Owahhh!
16(2b): Wh-what is this?! What's it made out of?
17: Gold. Guess you aren't strong enough to hold it up.

1: G-gimme that back!!
2: You must not have graduated to pipes yet. Still on your mother's tit,
3: Aaaahahaha!
4: Kkkh...
5: I'm the third son of the Matsuda family, Shinnosuke!!
6(2b): I'll show you what it means to be a true kabuki-mono!! Now draw!
Draw, I saiiiid!!
7: Ahh...
8: Hm?!
9: Aiiiii!!
10: Agagagaggghh!!

1: D...damn you!
2(2b): Don't misunderstand, kid. You owe your life to me now, so hurry up
and bring your friend here.
3: Wh...what?!
4: Can't you hear that sound?
5: What the hell is taking Shinnosuke so long?
6: Hm?!
7: Th...that's Gankibou the Ear-Slicer!!
8: Woah, woah, woah!
9: Go around me, old man.
10: Disappear.
11(2b): Now, now! I can't go and do something like that. I'm the greatest
kabuki-mono in the land, Shigekura Nie, after all...

1: Kyaaaaaa!
2: Eh?
3-4: Ahh
5: Haa
6: Hahiieeeeeee!!
7: Ofuu.

1: Kyaaaaaaa!!
2: Uwahh! Is that a bucket of ears?!
3: Let us go, Ofuu.
4: How twisted.

1: Well done, Gankibou.
2: Fuh...
3: Please spare me the tricks, Master Shume.
4: Fuhohoho! That's my Gankibou! Never deceived!
5: Yotsui Shume--
6: Leader of the secret ninja army of Kaga that currently serves directly
under the daimyo of Noto and Kaga, Maeda Toshiie.
7: Seems like you've already met with Keiji.
8: The truth is...I want his horse, Matsukaze.
9: Sir?!
10: You haven't seen him fight with that horse, but...
11: neither of them looked like man or horse! They were demons!
12: Everyone said it looked like a demon riding on a horse from hell, who
had appeared with no purpose but to spill the blood of mortals!
13: Master Toshiie took a great liking to that hell horse, and wanted it
for himself,
14: but that damned Keiji forbid anyone but himself from riding it!
15: Our lord tried only once, but he failed miserably!!
16: Ever since that moment, Keiji declared that Matsukaze was his greatest
ally on the earth, and that he would never forfeit him to anyone.
17: However, that only made our lord lust for Matsukaze even more.
18: And so he lost his patience...
19: and called upon your master, Shume...he wants me to present the horse
to him, by any means necessary.
20: Are you asking me to kill him...?
21: No, no, despite how despicable Keiji may be, he IS the lord's nephew,
so we can't go that far.
22: But if he were to die in battle with a traveling warrior, now, that
couldn't be helped.
23: I doubt anyone would shed a tear if that man died.
24: He's the greatest nuisance this domain has ever seen!!

1(2b): What is it, what is it?!
2: It says "Any man who wishes to engage in a fight to the death, please
step forward."
3: Written by Arai Gankibou, master of the Musou style...
4: Gankibou the Ear-Slicer...
5: Ahh, excuse me.
6: Huh?!
7: Hmmm...so Shume's begun his little game, eh?
8: Never thought those ninja would swear allegiance, you know.
9(2b): They're probably planning to kill you and steal Matsukaze to gain
Lord Toshiie's favor. How despicable!

1: I will pay back my debt someday, I promise! But...there's no way I can
do it today!
2: What does he think he's doing?
3: Please, don't try to stop him!
4: Is every man in this country a coward?!
5: Isn't there anyone with enough courage to challenge Gankibou?!
6: Mmm!!
7: You impudent...!!
8: Nnn?!
9: Stop!!
10: Out of the way! I'll slice you!!
11: Nn?
12: Kih!
13: You're off duty today.

1: Hm?
2: Hmmm...
3: Please defeat him, master.
4: Having him constantly in town is scaring everybody!
5: Are you a vegetable merchant?
6: Eh? Ah, yes, sir.
7: I see.
8: You haven't eaten yet, have you, Matsukaze?
9: Ahh, what are you doing?!
10: Eh?
11: Give him one.
12(2b): Ahh...y-yes, sir!!
13: Bupeh!!
14: Fool.
15: You think horses eat daikon radishes?!
16: Guh...
17: Here.
18: And now, to thank you.

1: Nuuuu!
2: Curse hiiiiiim!!
3: That damned Keiji knew it was me! He did all that out of spite!
4: Master sure is something else...
5: He knew it was Shume the minute he laid eyes on him!
6: I can't wait around forever for Gankibou! Go on, kill him right now!!
7: Hm?!
8: Move, I said! Don't you understand me?!
9: You'll be killed if we do!
10: Shut up! What do you know?!
11: Wahh!!

1: Owahhhh!!
2: Wh...what are you doing?!
3: Ahh?!
4: Owww, that hurts, you fool!!
5: If you're wounded,
6: then you won't be killed!
7: Ahhh!
8: Waaaaaaaaahhh!!
9: Ofuu.
10: You're Gankibou's ally. Why would you help some random man like that?!
11: I'm not his ally...I was kidnapped.
12: And I'm tired of slicing off ears...
13(2b): It makes sense, considering the Kyou accent she has...the spirits
of those who had their ears sliced off are probably tormenting her.
14: Ofuu!
15: Girls should always be smiling.
16: Hm?
17(2b): Ahahaha! Looks like it's still too early for you to learn how to
18: It must be great to be you, Sir Keiji! You get to sleep whenever you
19: wake up whenever you like, and do whatever you want, whenever you
20: If I wanted to live THAT freely, I'd become a beggar.
21: But with that freedom, you also receive the freedom to die on the side
of the road at any given time.

1: Yeah, I know, Matsukaze.
2: Owahhh, what the?!
3: Kkkhh!!
4: Shume's truly impatient to reveal himself, I see.
5: Prepare to be destroyed by the Utsubo-Saru, (*Monkey Whip) the secret
technique of the Kaga ninja army!
6: Attack!!
7: Nnn?!
8: Uohhh!
9: Where is he?!

1: I hail from the ninja clan of Kouga, remember?
2: I could exterminate other ninja in my sleep!!
3: Soreeeeeeeeiii!!
4: Ahh?!
5: Gehiee!!
6: Guwahh!!
7: Gyaaah!!
8: Dehhh
9: What? What happened?
10: Ahh!!
11(3b): Wh...what a sword! I couldn't even see it! Where did you have this
sword made?
12: Fuh...do you think tigers and wolves go to have their fangs sharpened
13(2b): Fufu...you truly are young. If you really wish to be a kabuki-
mono, you must first become strong. Although, Master, why did you have to
kill all of them?
14: Uehhh!!
15: Who are you?!
16: Bone!
17: Bone?!
18: A master ninja who's waiting to kill me!
19: Anyway.
20: I've come up with a good idea.

1: Yotsui Shume's manor--
2: H...hey, what's that?!
3: Th...those are...!!
4: Nuuuuu!
5: You really did it this time, Keiji!
6: He killed Lord Toshiie's own ninja! The lord won't stay silent about
7: Indeed. If we report Keiji's crime, he should receive punishment!
8: You fools!!
9: If we do that, the lord will realize that we sent out assassins
10: Then WE'LL be the ones who get punished!!
11(2b): We'll have to use the secrecy of this matter to our advantage. Are
you going to take care of Keiji for us or not?!
12: Just leave the rest to me.
13: I may be able to use that boy who's always with him.
14-17: Mun!
18: Hey!
19: Hey, you!
20: You can't even fight with your friend against his enemies, I heard!
21: And you call yourself a kabuki-mono?! Don't make me laugh!
22: Mmm!!
23: You should just give up trying to be a samurai!
24: Hey! Wait, you!
25: Give it up, give it up!
26: You bastard!!

1: Haa...
2: Haah.
3: What's wrong, Ofuu?!
4: That boy
5: went to fight Gankibou!!
6: Fufufu!
7: Nnn?!
8: So you came, Maeda Keiji!
9: Shinnosuke!!
10: K...Keiji.
11(2b): I...I guess I'm just a wannabe kabuki-mono after all...

1: The freedom to be stubborn...means acquiring the freedom to be cut
down...I didn't even know...something as simple as that...
2: Silence, Shinnosuke!!
3: When you see those demons at the gates of hell, show them what it means
to be a true kabuki-mono!!
4(2b): Fuahahaha! Maeda Keijiiii! You're finally here!
5: Ofuu! What are you doing?! Cut off his ear!!
6: Huh?
7: Ofuu.
8: You don't need to do this anymore...
9: What are you doing, Ofuu? Hurry up and cut it off!!

1: Shut up, you crooked monk! I hereby challenge you!!
2: Draw!
3: Fuh! That's a good one.
4: That blade of yours is nothing but a beast's blade, one that relies
entirely on strength.
5: My sword has been honed and honed to a truly subtle point that could
cleave even a swallow in flight!
6: You'll die before you even see it!!

1: Huh?

1: Uuu...
2: Ahhah!
3: Ohhhhhh
4: It can't be...
5: Master's blade is indeed a beast's blade!
6: Damn...
7: Keijiiiii!
8: Tch!
9: Hey, Shume!
10: Eh?
11: Hiieeeee!!

1(2b): You mean I don't need to carry this around anymore?!
2: Yes,
3: of course not.
4: Here, have some sake.
5: This'll also help their souls pass on.
6: Fufufu! Want to dance, Ofuu?
7: Hm?
8: Ohh?
9: Did you just smile, Ofuu?!
10: Hooray! Ofuu smiled!!
11: She smiled!!

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