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Child of War 1

The Age of Kippoushi

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Feb 22, 2012 13:01 | Go to Child of War

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*Only for I-C.

tl by molokidan

cover flap:
Be you a saint or a slave, keep the promises you make!

Title page:
The Life of Oda Saburou Nobunaga
IKUSA NO KO (Child of War)

Chapter 1 - The Age of Kippoushi
Chapter 2 - Raid
Chapter 3 - A Fated Meeting
Chapter 4 - Barbarians
Chapter 5 - Counterattack
Chapter 6 - The Hand of Kippoushi
Chapter 7 - Guns

-Later known as Oda Nobunaga. At this time, he was 12 years old, and had
yet to come of age. He was a hell of a mischief maker who caused problems
for all the adults around him.

-A slave to pirates. He can read the wind to predict the weather, and can
find his way simply by looking at the shapes of the mountains around him.

-A barbarian who was captured by pirates.

Oda Nobuhide
-Kippoushi's father. Military governor of the four counties of Owari.

Hirate Masahide
-Guardian of the Oda family treasury, and guardian of Kippoushi.

Toward the end of the Warring States Period--
Tenshou 10 (1582) Morning of the second day of the sixth month

Honnou-ji Temple, Kyou (Later known as Kyoto)

1: This is the site of the famous "Incident at Honnou-ji!"
2: The enemy has overtaken Honnou-ji!!

1: It is here that Oda Nobunaga, the man who had tried to unite the
nation, was suddenly attacked by Akechi Mitsuhide, one of his most trusted

Chapter 1 - The Age of Kippoushi

1: Ohhh
2: Gehie
3: Dawah
4: Doryaaaah

1: Oda Nobunaga's Horsemanship Instructor - Yashiro Shousuke
2: Nufuu
3: Fummm
4: Gubuwah

1: Damn monster!
2: Guhuhh
3: Let me finish him off.
4: Mmm?!
5: Ohhh!

1: Th...this is Sir Yashiro Shousuke!
2: wheeze
3(2b): wheeze, hoo
4: Yashiro Shousuke was a master of horsemanship,
5: famous throughout the land.
6: But you were just recently called here from the east!
7: You're not tied to Lord Nobunaga deeply enough to die for him...
8: Fuh!
9: It is my honor
10(2b): to die beside him.

1: hoooo

1: Oda Nobunaga
2: Hmph!
3(2b): Uuu...kkh

1: Nobunaga's Page - Mori Ranmaru
2(2b): Uuu...uuu!
3: I am mortified
4: to die in this manner, my lord.
5: Mortified?
6(2b): Hm...but why?!

1: I wouldn't have it
2: any other way.
3: What?
4: You...wouldn't?
5(2b): No...I wouldn't.
6(2b): I was born into war. It is my fate to die in it as well.
7: I am a child of war.
8: There is no better way I could perish
9: then suddenly, in the midst of battle, just like this!

1: M...my lord!
2(2b): However...I cannot allow my head to be displayed over the river at
3: There would be no beauty in that.
4: Ranmaru.
5: Burn me!
6: Ehhh?!

1: I will let the wind carry my ashes away
2(2b): to heaven...just like the furyuu-odori... (*tl note: A traditional
type of Japanese folk dance about dancing to the flow of the wind.)

1: Can't you hear the chanting behind us~
2(2b): Let's dance to the four seasons~ Let's dance to the four seasons~
3: First look south toward summer~

1: Let's dig ourselves lake on the beach~
2: Th...this is!
3: The Tsushima dance!

1: Nobunaga had loved festivals all his life,
2: especially furyuu-odori.
3: Nobunaga was often seen at the Tennou festivals in Tsushima, Owari with
his family.
4: Come now, smile, Ranmaru!
5: This is Nobunaga's final furyuu-odori!!

1(2b): Shan-shako shako! Shako-shan!
2: Sa sa sa saaaaaa!
3: Sa sa saaa!
4: M...
5: My lord!

1: Ranmaru smiled through his tears.
2: Hahahaha!
3: Ha!
4: As he smiled, his mortification and his attachment to his own mortality
5: You're amazing...
6: You're so amazing...my lord...

1: Ohhhh!!

1: The death of Nobunaga
2: looked like
3: a dragon flying to heaven.


The Age of Kippoushi

1: Oda Nobunaga
2: could hear the voices of men warring within his mother's womb.

1: Within moments he was born in the middle of a warzone.
2: To Nobunaga, the battlefield was his cradle.
3: He learned all he knew
4: on the battlefield.
5: Nobunaga
6: was without a doubt
7: a child of war!

Tenbun 14 (1545) --

1: Oda Kippoushi
2: was the lord of Nagoya castle in Owari.

1(2b): Currently, Kippoushi was heading from Nagoya Castle, where he was
raised, to Shobata Castle in Tsushima
2: in order to experience the Tennou Festival.
map (right): Shobata Castle
map (left): Tsushima Shrine

1: Kippoushi would later come to be known as Oda Nobunaga.
2: But he was still a child of 12 years old at the time.
3: Bgh
4: Bgggh

1: Nnn!
2: Mmmm--
3: Humans lengthened their arms
4: through war.
5: Huh?
6: They began by holding sticks,
7: and soon changed to blades.

2: Then...spears...
3: and finally bows.

1: Ohhh!
2: ...but
3: he missed one!
4: Hnnnaaah!

1: Tch!
2: Nnnuu!
2: If only
3: I could make
4: this arm
5: longer!!
6: Bggh...Lord!!
7: Mmm?

1: Enough already.
2: You must not kill for no reason.
3: This is stone throwing training!
4: Training also requires
5: balance!

1: Mmmmm...
2: Nnyah.
3: Uuu!

1: What
2: ever.

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