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Gifuu Doudou!! 3

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Feb 22, 2012 13:06 | Go to Gifuu Doudou!!

-> RTS Page for Gifuu Doudou!! 3

*Only for I-C.

tl by molokidan

Chapter 3 - Departing with a Smile!

1: They all look so evil!
2: Well yeah, they're thieves!

1: More people trying to disturb the construction?
2: There's been so many trouble-makers coming out of the woodwork lately.
3: W-who's that tall guy?!
4: Hmmmm...

1(2b): Hey, you! I can't see!!
2(2b): Tch tch.
3: These heads are all from ninjas.
4(2b): Indeed, they were Kouga ninjas who Rokkaku Shoutei had sent out after being chased from Southern Oumi.

1: Apparently, they snuck into the estate of Okabe Mataemon, the lead carpenter, and tried to steal the blueprints to Azuchi Castle...
2: Rokkaku was not the only man trying to prevent the construction of Azuchi, which happened to lie in a very strategic spot.
top right: [Echigo] Uesugi Kenshin
far right: Houjou Ujimasa
middle: Takeda Katsuyori
middle top: Kaga Buddhist Uprising
big text in left center: Oda Nobunaga
far left: [Kyou] Ashikaga Yoshiaki
far left vertical: Hongan-ji Kennyo

3: Takeda, Houjou, Mouri, Hongan-ji Temple, and the shogun, Ashikaga Yoshiaki...
4: The forces who wished to keep Nobunaga from uniting the country sent in ninjas to Azuchi in order to gain intelligence and cause problems.

1: That's right...Bunchin-san...or Mosuke, was it?
2: Ehhh?!
3(small): Hawawah
4: You remember me, sir?!
5(2b): You were at the pub last night, right? That's when I remembered. You're Bunchin-san, who studied with me at Untouan in Sakato.
6: Good, that makes things easier.
7: You can't believe those laborers who were talking to you last night.
8: If you were to dress up as a laborer yourself and sneak in to the mountains,
9: you'd be killed for being suspicious.
10: The guard around Lord Nobunaga is especially rigid.

1(2b): You'll end up like one of them, without a doubt!!
2: NOW this is getting interesting.
3: What?!

1: Here, think about it.
2: Even if a woman spreads her legs and says "Here you go," it'd be rude to actually peek down there, wouldn't it?
3: The fact that they hide it is what makes them so desirable.
4: If you want a peek, you need to woo them properly.
5(2b): Wh...what are you talking about?! You're a samurai no matter how one looks at you!
6: If you go up there, you'll die!

1: That's why it's interesting!
2: It...it's no use.
3: He hasn't changed a bit from when he was at Untouan...
4: He's just

1: a big kid!!
2: Fiiiiiiish, fiiiiiiish, get yer fish!
3: Show me your wares, please.
4: Hello there, miss!

1(2b): That sea bream looks good. I think I'll take it.
2: Yes ma'am!
3: What is it?
4(2b): You look sexier than usual, miss. Don't tell me you found yourself a lover?
5(2b): What...?! What a strange thing to say. You old pervert!!

1: Now, now, I heard from a little bird...
2: about that strong monk...
3: Hmph.
4(2b): That man's just a drifting cloud.

1(2b): Clooouuuud! I just got us a good fish! We could have sea bream rice tonight...
2: Ohh, Cloud's in the main hall.
3: The main hall?
4: Cloud!
5: I got a nice...

1: Standing before her was not a dirty monk-in-training, but an invigorated young warrior in an ankle length hakama and a sleeveless robe, with his hair tied up.
2: As he was tall, the clothes truly fit Yoroku. The very sight of him was awe-inspiring.
3: C...Cloud...
4: Shino.
5: Thank you.
6: Wh...what is this?!

1: You can't take money to the otherworld, you know.
2: Wh...what
3: are you going to do?
4: Meet Nobunaga on Azuchi Mountain, as a samurai of Echigo's Uesugi!

1(2b): L...looking like that...? That's ridiculous...
2(2b): Indeed, it was extremely ridiculous. Even Hideyoshi knew who Yoroku truly was -- an attendant of Uesugi Kenshin. He was one of the people who could never become privy to the secrets of Azuchi Castle.
3: Going up to the castle looking like that would basically be like saying "Kill me."

1: I'm going to borrow your belt strap.
2(2b): Eh...but...what are you going to do?
3: Well, I don't want to go up there empty-handed.
4(2b): They say devotees who go on their 1000 Day Circumambulation take hemp ropes with them so that they can hang themselves in case they fail. I think I'll follow their example.
5(2b): This was the first time Shino truly saw the soul of Yoroku. Even after being surrounded by enemies in all four directions, Uesugi Kenshin was still the ultimate man that Nobunaga did not want to face as an enemy. And now, one of his vassals was planning to walk right on up to Azuchi Mountain...
6(2b): If...

1: you make the wrong move, you could start a war! You really intend to test Nobunaga's patience?
2(2b): I'm no ninja. I'm Uesugi's samurai.
3: It isn't my duty to sneak around. And besides, I have no interest in that castle. I merely want to see Nobunaga.
4(2b): Yoroku was basically risking his life just to get a glance at something that had caught his interest, yet for some reason, a cool smile appeared on his face.

1: What a kabuki-mono! Shino was fascinated.
2: And before she knew it, she was smiling.
3: O...okay.
4: I'll be waiting for you to return.
5: Yes.
6: I imagine if I come back, I'll be in even more debt with you.

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