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Gifuu Doudou!! 5

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Mar 15, 2012 01:15 | Go to Gifuu Doudou!!

-> RTS Page for Gifuu Doudou!! 5


tl by molokidan

Chapter 5 - The Demon, Nobunaga!
1: Hoo.
2: There was famine
3: in every state back then...

Chapter 5 - The Demon, Nobunaga!

1: Most of the wars were just mass pillaging so that people could go on eating.
2: They would steal crops, plunder household effects, and take slaves.
3: Neither Kenshin nor Shingen were any different.
4: Hmm...
5: They each fought only for their states, and no one thought a bit about unifying the entire country...
6(2b): Except for one man...Nobunaga was the only one who insisted on "ruling by force."
7: No one would have said anything if he had just stayed silent.
8: But instead, he chose to create enemies on all sides, and spend his entire life fighting against them...people even dubbed him the "Great Fool of Owari."

1: And that is what charmed Yoroku.
2: He sure was young then.
3: Nobunaga most likely realized that Yoroku's youthfulness was a symbol of the beginning of a new age...
4: And that is exactly the reason
5: why Yoroku risked his life to go meet Nobunaga!

1-2: Hmmm.
3: psssh
4-5: Ooh.
6: Huh?
7: Hot, hot, hot, hot!
8: Fuh...

1: Hm?
2: Wh...what is this?!

1: Ohhh!

1: Wh...what cruelty!
2: The atrocities of Nobunaga's army immediately appeared in Yoroku's mind.
3: At Mt. Hiei and Sakamoto they slaughtered 4000 monks and devotees.
4: At the War of Nagashima, they massacred 20,000 Hongan-ji Temple monks.
5: During the Echizen Buddhist Uprising, they executed 15,000.
6: Nobunaga had committed unheard-of acts of murder during every battle.

1(2b): I will kill anyone who defies me...even God himself!
2(2b): A man-eating demon, the lord of the underworld...that was who Nobunaga truly was!

1: Hoh...
2: For a temporary palace, this is very elaborate...
3: I wonder if he's around here...?
4: Maybe he's on the highest turret...
5: Hey, you!
6: How about lending a hand?!

1: Hm?
2: Huh?
3: Aaaaah, hiiiiiee...
4-5: Hoo

1: It's too cruel to let a poor old man handle all that.
2: Hurry up and assist him!
3: A...
4: Alright...
5(2b): Hey, move it, gramps.
6(2b): Ahh, ahhhh.

1(2b): I can tell you're an esteemed warrior. What are you carrying around these rocks for?
2: Hmmm?
3: Samurai and laborers
4: are both human. They're no different.
5: No different?

1: That's right. Here, if you have hands and legs, you work.
2(2b): Other generals are digging, carrying stones or other wood materials.
3: Did Lord Nobunaga decree this?
4: That's right.
5(2b): Look! This is where the highest turret will be built.

1: Hoo...
2: So this is the place...
3: Lord Nobunaga should be around here...
4: Look at this stone arrangement.
5: Huh?
6(2b): These were arranged by the Ano tribe. Well?! Not bad work, eh?! They're masters of stonework.
7: We're going to use this as the foundation and built seven more layers on top of it!
8(2b): I see...

1: Hm?!
2: Is...is that Lord Nobunaga?!
3: That's the lord of Sawayama Castle, Niwa Nagahide. He's one of the construction leaders for this castle.
4: Ohh! Niwa Nagahide, he's one of Nobunaga's four elite lords!

1: What?!
2(2b): My lord. The Ano tribe did a fine job, didn't they?!
3(2b): Yes, Goroza. I wholeheartedly agree.
4(2b): L...lord?! What?!
5(2b): D...don't tell me this man is...!

1: No, it can't be! Nobunaga is a year older than Nagahide. He doesn't look old at all!
2: Heh...

1: Go on, sit down,
2: Higuchi Yoroku.
3: Wh...what?!
4: I heard about you from a little monkey.
5: This is...

1: Oda Nobunaga?!
2: Did you think I wouldn't kill you because you're an attendant to Uesugi Kenshin?

1: Our lord has given you an order! Sit down!
2: These men are Kouga ninja under the command of Tomono Tarouzaemon.
3: In 1562, Tarouzaemon swore allegiance to Nobunaga as a replacement for Rokkaku Jotei.
4: Trying to test me, are you...?

1: Your arrogance knows no bounds!
2: Uuu...uu!
2: He really intends to kill me!

1: Uuu!

1: Wh...what incredible speed!
2: Tssh..
3: He is truly...
4: a man of war!
5: A weapon of battle!

1(2b): My father loved war. I could hear the sounds of battle even when I was in my mother's womb.
2: I took my first bath on the battlefield.
3(2b): I have been in war my entire life. My body, blood, and heart is made of war. I am without a doubt, a child of war.

1: Not even the gods can kill me.

Volume 1 - END

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