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Translations: Gintama 687 by kewl0210 , One Piece 907 by cnet128

Shaman King Gaiden 4

A Little Wicker Man

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Mar 21, 2012 10:23 | Go to Shaman King

*Only for MS.

tl by molokidan

slanted: Sins will be punished.

1: 1992 - London
2: Father!
3: I finally found the pendulum with Morphine!
side: The 4th zero story's main character is Lyserg!! His tale is one of a magnificent heart that can pierce souls!!

1: ...eh...
2: ...you fool...

1: Liam Diethel.
2: If only you would have pledged to lend your power to me for the Shaman Fight in 8 years, you could have escaped with your life.
3: Every single person
4: in this world is so tiny, no matter how much time passes.
5(2b): W..wait!! Don't you ignore me!!

1: So tiny.
2: Uwaaaaahhh!!!

1(2b): Haa haa
2-3: haa
4: 1995 - London
5: ...a dream?
6: The "star cloak" again, Lyserg Diethel?
7: Every morning must be a tough one for you.
8: I just put some tea on, so please, drink up.

1: It's English breakfast tea.
2: The refreshing menthol scent will make you fell all better.
3: ...sorry this always happens, Watt Hudson.
4: Hahaha. We're roommates, remember? You don't need to worr.
5: But you're my senior here.
6(2b): Let's trade places. I'll do the cleaning.
7: ...I like doing this, so just let me.

1(2b): I'm really so happy to be making tea in a warm, sunlit room like this. Remember, until just a little while ago, I was an orphan living in the sewer.
2: I'm truly so grateful to the Count.
3: He's a famous man of the town who takes in children who have no other place to go--
Mr. Oknox is quite an amazing man.

1(3b): I still can't believe that child would burn your parents, though. And your grandfather who took you in died so soon after...
2: Just leave the school stuff to me this time...
3: What is that Shaman Fight thing all about, anyway?
4: I'm a Shaman too, Watt Hudson.
5: What?
6: Look.

1: What is this?
2: A pendulum.
3: Home to the spirit Morphine. It can search for anything. It's a treasure of the Diethel family that my father left to me.
4: Morphine? It looks just like a normal pendulum to me...
5: Morphine,
6: show me where I need to go today.

1: The wire moved on its own?!
2: Wait, this...!
3: This is the path to school!!!
4: ...this is my shaman ability, Dousing.

1: Shaman are people who connect this world with the next--
2(2b): Whether your believe it or not, we can use spirits to cause all sorts of spiritual phenomenons. My father used this ability in detective work to find anything he needed to.
3: I did a little research, and found out that the Shaman Fight is a place where all the shaman in the world gather to compete with their abilities.
4: Which means that if I enter it, I'm sure I'll run into that man in the star cloak.

1: It's the only clue I have to bring me closer to killing him.
2: ...! Kill...?
3: ...I'm only telling this to you because you're my friend, Watt Hudson.
4(3b): Anyway, it'll be 5 more years before the tournament. I need more money and training. There's no way I could do it all and still hide it from you -- I'm not that skilled. That's why I'm telling you about it...
5: friend.

1(2b): In that case...why not make our room your detective office?
2: Eh?
3: I mean, your ability is amazing...!
4(2b): That's it...! Lyserg Diethel! Gain permission from Mr. Oknox to make your own detective office! You'll be able to receive phone calls there! And the Count will trust you!!
5: You'll be able to train and earn money at the same time!!!
6: W...wait a minute, Watt Hudson! That room is half yours, remember?!

1: ...it's elementary...
2: I'll just become your assistant, Mr. Lyserg.

1: ...t
2: Thank you...Watt.
3: Hahaha! What a fine idea! Yes, please all me to assist you two!
4(2b): What?! Really, Mr. Oknox?!

1: Of course!
2(2b): Lyserg, your father Liam was such a great detective that even I required his services at one time. I think it's perfectly natural for you to follow in his footsteps.
3: Children are the treasures of our world who must pave the way to the future!

1: Wow! Thanks, Mr. Oknox!
2: Hahaha! If you need anything, just let me know, you two.
3: Isn't this great, Mr. Lyserg? He had no problem with it! The Count is such a good man.
4: ...yeah, I know, but can you stop with the "Mr." stuff? We're the same age, Watt Hudson.
5: Ahaha! Good point. Then you call me Watt, and I'll call you Lyserg.
6: ...by the way, Lyserg, was what you said really true?
7: What did I say?
8: That stuff about killing the man in the star cloak.

1: I don't think killing anyone is a good idea.
2: Why not?
3: Let me just tell you, I'm not interested in things like morality and law, Watt.
4(2b): I know that. And besides, the man you're after lives in a realm beyond the scope of law.
5: And personally, I don't really know what's so bad about actually killing someone.
6: But, Lyserg...
7: If you kill someone, you won't ever be able to kill them again.

1: I don't know if Heaven and Hell really exist, but I'm sure everyone's thought about killing someone else at least once. But no matter who dies, someone will feel sad about it. And I guess that's their problem...
2: But no matter how much you may hate someone, if you can't even talk to them, let alone kill them--
3: ...ummm
4: I guess it's weird talking about this to a shaman like you.
5: OK, I'm gonna go buy the things we need for the office, so I'm counting on you for the R.D. Detective Office sign!
6: This'll be our first sign, so order a cool one!

1: ...Watt.
2: --just because I'm a shaman, it doesn't mean I can speak to every spirit.
3: When normal people die, they go to where they need to go.
4: Some people are sent their forcefully, and still others may even have their souls stolen. And I don't have the power to call out spirits myself.

1: Which means that no matter how much I want to--
2: I can never meet my parents again now that he killed them--!!
3: That's right, Watt. What's so bad about killing someone you hate?
4: I...! I'll kill him as many times as I need to!
5(2b): ...Watt's sure taking a long time. Where in the world did he go shopping?
6: Hey, Morphine. Where is he right now?

1: Huh?
2: What's wrong, Morphine?
3: Hurry up and tell me where he is.

1: Ohh, so that's Morphine.
2: She's cute.
3: Lovely and frail, just like the fairies in fairy tales.
4: ...Watt?

1(2b): Sorry. I had an accident.
2: had an accident...?
3: You're dead.
4: It looks that way.
5: What do you mean it looks that way!? What happened to you, Watt?!
6: What kind of accident?!
7: Where's your body?! We might still be able to make it!

1: It's alright, Lyserg.
2: You just need to hurry up and pack your things and run now.
3: I came here to tell you that.
4: Unfortunately, I still can't tell you the truth.
5: So hurry up and run, Lyserg.
6: Otherwise you'll be next.

1(2b): Me, die? Why? Did someone kill you, Watt...?!
2: Who was it? And why can't you tell me?!
3: Just run, Lyserg!!!
4: Run away from that back window!!!
5: ...oh my.
6: To think you'd be talking to someone all alone in this room, Lyserg.
7: Don't tell me you're speaking with him?

1: Then you really DO have the same ability as Liam!
2: Which means I was correct in keeping you!

1: Mr. Oknox...?!
2(2b): Mmmmm...this is a pretty tight door. I'll have to call a handyman tomorrow.
3: ...wait.
4: You're the one who killed Watt...
5(2b): That's right, Lyserg Diethel. You thought I was taking in orphans for no reason?
6: I'm a salesmen who deals in humans.
7: And cute little children like you sell for a lot.

1(2b): However, for some reason, that little shit Watt told me to stop my business all of a sudden. I don't know where he found out about it, but since he had, I had no choice but to use him.
2: It was the perfect way to find out whether you had really inherited Liam's ability or not.
3: Why would you do that?!
4: Stop it, Lyserg.
5: Just hurry up and run.
6: He's blocking the entrance so you can't see, but behind Mr. Oknox are armed mafia customers of his.
7: As you can see from my body, they don't hesitate in killing.

1: No.
2: He killed you.
3: I respected him, and he betrayed me. How can I forgive him?!

1(2b): Kkkkhh...you resemble Liam right down to your sense of justice, Lyserg. He really sniffed around a lot to bring my crimes to light--
2: ...but just as the long arm of the law was about to come down on me, someone happened to finish him off.
3: Thanks to that, I escaped any trouble, but I was truly afraid of his ability.
4(2b): I knew I had only two possible paths if you possessed it as well. Either win you over to my side, or crush you--
5: It's too bad!
6: But I have no choice now!!

1: Blind Pendulum

1: Morphine are the eyes of truth I inherited from my father.
2: There's nothing my pendulum can't reach, even if it's hidden behind a wall!

1-4: Huh?

1(2b): I've confiscated all your weapons. Now let me ask you something.
2: Do you know who killed my father, Oknox?
3: If you don't...
4: then you die.
5: Hi
6: Hiieeeeeeee!!!

1: I told you,
2: you can't kill him, Lyserg.
3(2b): Out of the way, Watt! Why are you doing this?!
4: He killed you, how can you say that?!
5: How?
6: Because I'm a killer too.

1: I killed my own parents.
2(2b): I had to, in order to survive.
3(2b): In that miserable house, all my father did was drunk and abuse us. Mum hardly came home, as a way to escape from him.
4: Finally, my little brother and sister died of hunger -- and as I stared at my bloodstained hands, I realized I had finally lost everything.

1: But then Mr. Oknox found me.
2(2b): I knew why he had, from the very start. Because I had seen him pick up other kids like me.
3: But Mr. Oknox gave me everything -- delicious food, a warm bed, nice glasses, and kindness.
4: I was happier than I had ever been.

1: That's why I love Mr. Oknox.
2: Do you understand?
3: You're much happier if you love people instead of hate them.

1: ...you...never told me about that.
2: ...no...it was me. I never tried to learn anything about you.
3: And I called myself a detective!
4: ...I didn't even know my one and only friend--
5: ...I'm a failure.
6: I'm still...
7: so weak...

1: Fuhahaaaah! I dunno what's going on here, but you're a real fool, Lyserg!
2: Now die!!

A few months later--
2: I woke up on a hospital bed.
3: Out of Mr. Oknox's four shots, only one hit me in my stomach, and it knocked me out there.
4: I don't know why I survived.
5: The next day, the charred remains of Mr. Oknox and the mafia men were found.
6: The police announced it as a gang war, but no one knows the real truth.

1: I'm still weak,
2: but I'm working as a detective of a heart, with the many mysteries that remain in my mind.
3: and the few clues
4: that have now gone off and disappeared.
side: Searching for answers, he heads to the Shaman Fight.

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