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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Superior Cross 27

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Apr 11, 2012 11:23 | Go to Superior Cross

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tl by molokidan

Story. 27 - What it Means to Love

1: ...I'm sorry.
2: I'm sorry, Clive...
3: Doctor...Reynold? Why are you here...?

1: I came because I completed the human reverting drug...
2: You're too late!! Clive's already dead!!
3: No, he just appears dead.
4: Rossi's father?!
5: Use this...
6: This was the drug he just used to fix Rossi's serum. It should bring him back to life...
7: I heard you were our enemy. Why are you helping us?
8: My daughter taught me something...

1: Nothing is born from hatred...
2: Now, let's call up the other Demon Lord.
3: Then we'll be complete again.

1: Since I'm here, Sheila's at the mercy of the original...
2: Dammit! It's all my fault!!
3: What is that...?!

1: Sheila!! You can't go! The monsters will find you!!
2: He's calling me...
3: Watch out!!

1: You can't! You'll be sucked in!!
2: Hang on!!
3: Use your true power!!
4: But I...
5: No buts!! You want to protect her, don't you?!
6: Men must protect!!
7: Okay!

1: They'll catch up to us like this!
2: What should we do?!
3: What are you doing?
4: I'm being called...
5: ...no.
6: You can't go that way. Not that way, mom...
7: There's still something you need to do, right...?

1: Nooo!!!
2: Good! Sheila!
3: You're awake!
4: Shi...on...?
5: Yes...but that's not all. I remember everything now...
6: Kuh...someone's getting in my way...

1: But no matter. You're more than enough.
2: A castle now...?
3: First, try moving the monsters in this castle.
4: What's wrong? You want to destroy the world with me, don't you?
5: Ohh, you must not know how to do it. OK then, I'll just borrow your power and move them myself.
6: Ahh...

1: Wh...what is that?!
2: F...fire!!!

1: It absorbed the bullets?!
2: Please escape, Prince!
3: Ahhh
4: Waaaahh
5: I heard from a soldier that Leo's rebuilding the defense mechanism.
6: I can't escape while everyone's working so hard...
7: ...uuu...
8: I'm sorry.
9: Take Prince Valentine as far away from the castle as you can.
10: Are you sure? It's not my fault if he gets mad at you for this.

1: I know it may be the same no matter where we run.
2: I will take all the Prince's anger later.
3: If I survive...
4: If that slight possibility even exists, then...
5: That's it! Yes!!
6: Make it even more beautiful!!
7: Ah...ahhh
8: Ahhhhh...
9: I can't hear you...
10: I wish I could...

1: Wh...at...?!
2: Silence!!
3: What are you saying, hero...?

1: It's so far away from the beauty you covet that it makes me laugh.
2: You're like a newborn baby!
3: You're just a powerless, useless baby with OCD!!
4: Make this world beautiful...?
5: Want me to show you how you're the dirtiest one of all in the mirror?

1: Noooooo!!!
2: Just kidding. Killing you is against the rules.
3: You probably wanted to make me get sucked into the territory, huh? Too bad for you.

1: You...
2: bas...tard...
3: Uuu...
4: Whoops. He stabbed somewhere bad there...
5: This may be the end...
6: But that's fine. As long as it makes Sheila free from me...

1: Sheila!! Forget about us!!
2: You need to defeat the original!!
3: Save the world, Sheila!!!
4: I can hear everyone...
5: But I can't sacrifice you all...
6: Sheila...

1: Sheila...
2: Do your best, Sheila...
3: Sheila.
4: I can hear the hero...

1: This territory doesn't just belong to the original. You can make it your own.
2: If you did, you could save the world without having to hurt anyone...
3: I thought that loving someone had no point, and was just a way to make myself suffer more...
4: slip...
5: But now I remembered.
6: Your voice...
7: No, not just you. Everyone's voices supported me.

1: That's right. Loving people is
2: power.
3: Agggghh
4: It's in pain all of a sudden...?!
5: What's going on?!
6: Wahhh!!
7(small): That's what you get for hitting me!
8: It's just like you wanting to protect me!
9: You'll all important to me, and I want to protect YOU!!
10: Even if I must risk my life!!

1: Was the defense mechanism completed?!
2: You did it, brother.

1: We did it, Chris.
2: Wh...at...
3: Heal!!

1: Mmm...
2: Wha...
3: You shouldn't be able to use magic!
4: No. It isn't even possible to revive people
5: with magic!
6: That's right. Loving people
7: is a miracle.
8: I'm...getting sucked away...
9: sucked into the territory...

1: Can't you see this?
2: Even if we...if this world may be incomplete,
3: we're working hard to better it, step by step.
4: Isn't that beautiful...?

1: It's filth from the mouths of maggots!
2: You only dirty everything! Nothing changes! No one notices anything! Everyone remains the maggots they are!!
3: Wha...
4: The territory's opening up?!
5: This territory is mine. No one else should be able to interfere.
6: Why?!
7: I'm the one who's going to make the world beautiful!!
8: Ahh...my body is crumbling...

1: Ahhh!! No one can look at my true form!!!
2: Yes...at the very least, I can take you with me...

1: What?!
2: Sheila...
3: Let's go.
4: We have to hurry, or the space will close.
5-6: You can't...

1: I had forgotten something very important, but I remember it now.
2: I love you, hero...and everyone.
3: Thank you.

1: Thank you, everyone...
2: ...hmm?
3: Is everyone alright?!
4: Uwahh! Dr. Reynold?!

1: Sorry, it broke.
2: Guess it was wrong of me to try to cut open space.
3: My sword...?
4: So you're the one who opened the territory.
5: Wait, you can use this sword?!
6: That's my line.
7: Although I guess it's only natural, since you're related to me.
8: Wait...then the legendary warrior who used this sword, was he...?
9(small): Hmmm
10: If I answer, will you do all the sorts of things that will satisfy my sadistic heart?
11: Ehhh?!
12: Unless it benefits me, I haven no intention of teaching you. (The end.)
13: ...oh well.
14: Is everyone alright?!

1: Yes.
2: Yeah.
3: Uh-huh.
4: I guess...
5: Huh?
6: Where's Sheila...?
7: Sheila?! Don't tell me she couldn't get out of the territory?!
8: What?!
9: Dr. Reynold!! Open the territory again!!

1: I can't. Not the way that sword is...
2: But...
3-4: Sheila...

1: I...love you all.
2: Sheilaaaa!!!

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