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Translations: Gintama 609 (2) , One Piece 842 by cnet128

Skyhigh 17

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Apr 14, 2012 16:17 | Go to Skyhigh

-> RTS Page for Skyhigh 17


tl by molokidan

1: --Tokyo--

1: tototo
2: We'll be with you soon.
3: Please wait for us.

1: shooo
2: It's all over now.
3: Now...I can finally
4: escape.

1: Closing off a life
2: is a surprisingly easy thing to do.

1: Welcome to the gate of grudges.

1: I'm the gatekeeper, Izuko.

1: Kitazawa Erika-san.
2: You have died and become a spirit.
3: I...
4: I'm
5: dead...?
6: Yes.
7: Your body is no more.
8: Good.
9: I was able to die...

1: You must choose one of three paths.
2: The first is to accept your death, ascend to heaven, and wait to be reincarnated.
3: The second is to become a spirit in limbo and wander the material world.
4: Finally, the third

1: is to curse and kill one human.
2(2b): However, those who kill humans will go to hell and suffer without any hope of reincarnation.
3: Decide within 12 days.

1: A bunch of other people are going to commit suicide soon.
2: Can I wait for them here...?
3: The souls of those who commit suicide do not pass through this gate. They go straight to hell.
4: ...eh?
5: ...but I
6: killed myself...
7: You were pulled in by the other people, weren't you?

1: Please
2: forgive me!

1(2b): Here's some snacks and drinks. Help yourselves.
2: Ohh, thanks.

1: Alright.
2: Looks like we're all here, so let's begin.
3: This morning one of our allies, "Dowser," aka Kitazawa Erika, left ahead of us.
4: I was moved by the courage of the girl who used to be the idol of our club.
5: All you need to do is step over that one line to achieve true bliss.
6: Just a little courage, and anyone can succeed.

1: Here I have a video chronicling what she did yesterday.
2: Let us watch her amazing work to build up our own courage, and then follow in her footsteps.
3: beep
4: fzzzz

1: This is a burger shop in Youga, Setagaya.
2: Dowser is eating french fries.
3: It's amazing that she can eat, considering what's about to happen.

1: Hmm...is it your first time seeing this?
2: Voices...
3: I've been able to hear voices since I was a kid.
4: 365 days a year...I could hear people's voices in my head, screaming "Help me, help me"...
5: So you're on our channel.
6: Channel...?
7: You have ESP. Antennae that attract them.

1: So they all gather, with the hope that you'll save them.
2: Me, save you?!
3(2b): If you talk to me 24 hours a day, the only thing you'll do is make me go crazy!
4-5: haa
6: Some people even threaten me...

1: You should just die...
2: Useless
3: bitch.
4: Stop it!
5: Just forgive me!

1: It's now 4 AM.
2: We filled up the gas and sealed all the gaps in the windows.
3: She mixed sleeping pills in with some alcohol and drank it.
4: Now's the time, Dowser. We'll all follow right after you.

1: Wait for us.
2: Hm?
3(2b): What is this?
4: Hey!
5: Stop it!

1: beep
2: No way.
3: fzzzzz
4: W...wow...

1: He died three months after he found out about his disease last year.
2: It was so sudden that he couldn't accept his own death.
3: mumble

1: What is
2: that woman carrying?
3: Her child already went through the gate and ascended to heaven.
4: Because her child's soul is pure.
5: mumble
6: She wanted to live, but she couldn't.
7: Because she forgave someone who wasted human life.

1: They're going back to from where they came.

1: She wanted to live,
2: but she couldn't.

1: Souls in limbo can only ascend to heaven once someone has a memorial for their souls.

1: I've been thinking, man.
2: If that video was real, then that means Kitazawa-san was being attacked by vengeful spirits.
3: I did hear about that spot being a famous place for suicides.
4: That the spirits often latched on to people there...
5(2b): That mus be it. There's no other way that could be done, without CG.
6: Especially that one woman.
7: She was a total evil spirit.

1: What if we've already got some latched on to us from talking about suicide all the time?
2: Maybe if they weren't here, we wouldn't even want to die.
3: I knew it...
4: click
5(2b): Heh, it's just...I shot it, but I still can't even believe it.
6: I didn't see it with my naked eye, after all...

1: The truth is,
2: I uploaded it to a members-only site to see how many people would believe it's true.
3: And things turned out just how I expected...look.
keita: Silly.
Taiyosu: fail shop is fail
4: I figured as much.
5: In a way, it's the natural response.
Shingo: The lack of shadows makes it look so fake
6(2b): But then it started to piss me off a little.
7: This isn't a fake, yet no one believes me...
8: But I thought of something.

1: What if I tried to film it again...?
2: If one of us
3: committed suicide in the same location, at the same time, and in the same way as Kitazawa-san...
4: We'd probably be able to record it again.
5: What's he talking about...?

1: I'll do it, of course.

1: None of them have ESP.
2: Committing suicide won't allow them to see it again.
3: If they just wanted to be saved, then I shouldn't have been so scared.
4: I should have listened to them.

1: No soul is born wanting to die.
2: No one can be at fault if the situation is beyond their control...
3: But the karma borne from taking one's own life by one's own hand will send anyone straight to hell.

1: You're right.
2: No one's born wanting to die.
3: So they can't do that.
4: They're wrong!
5: Please.
6: Make them stop it.

1: Erika-san.
2: Can you...make a repose for those souls?
3: Yes.
4: I'll do it.
5: Good.
6: Then I'll let you return to the material world for a moment.

1: I'm counting on you.
2: Prove I'm right.
3: Leave it to us...we'll be the talk of the internet.

1: crack
2: H-hey! That's...
3-4: crackle
5: Uwahhh
6: What the?!

1: Oh shiiiiiit!

1: Do not toy with death.
2: It's rude to the people who want to live, but can't.
3: If you want to die that badly,

1: then just go to hell.

1: Hahaha...

1: I did all I could.
2: If he still wants to die now, then he's beyond help...
3: There's nothing else I can do.

1: Everyone already went through the gate.
2: I'm grateful to you.
3: Can I ascend to heaven too?

1: Choice confirmed.

1: Bye bye.

1: Everyone...
2: You waited for me?

1: See ya.

1: Go on, and live.

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