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Translations: Gintama 678 by kewl0210 , One Piece 900 by cnet128

Skyhigh 18

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Apr 14, 2012 16:17 | Go to Skyhigh

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tl by molokidan

The gate of grudges--

Souls who have been murdered or killed in unforeseen accidents come here.
You'll have to pick one out of the following three paths.
The first...is to accept your death, ascend into heaven, and watch to be reincarnated.
The second...is to become a spirit in limbo and wander the material world.
The third...is to curse a single human to death.

However, those who kill humans will go to hell and suffer without any hope of reincarnation.

1: Oishi...
2: Homeroom Teacher for Class 6-1
Nakamura Toshio
3: What did you just say?

1: Umm...
2: I'm sorry, sensei.
3: I wasn't...being bullied at all.
4: Student of Class 6-1: Oishi Chiemi
5: I'm really alright now.
6: Don't come near me anymore, OK?
7: You creep me out.

1: Don't come near me.
2: You creep me out.
3(2b): What is that supposed to mean?
4-5: kin-kon
6: Is this some kind of joke?

1: giaahhhh
2: doshah

1: How long are you going to keep sleeping for?
2: You only have 12 days to make your decision.
3: Cockroach...
4: bacteria...that's what they called her.

1: It was all written in the letter.
2: My student was being bullied.
3: I had to do something.
4: I thought I was doing the right thing.
5: "That was just a joke. Don't come near me anymore. You're creepy."
6: I don't get it.
7: What happened?!

1: Nakamura-san.
2: Do you understand that you're dead?
3: A train hit me, that's all...
4: I'm dead now...?
5: In that case,
6: look down upon the world you left.

sign: Nakamura

1: No way.
2: Those are my ashes...?
3: ...so that means
4: they burned me already...?
5: So this is death.
6: beep

1: beep
2: rarah
3: beep
4: Yasuhiko, stop playing video games.
5: hyuuiii
6: boop beep
7: beep
8: I guess funerals are tiring if you aren't used to them.

1: That idiot.
2: Hooo.
3: Hey, dad.
4: I heard some other teachers talking today.
5: Apparently Toshio's class
6: had a lot of disruptions.
7: He received proper training.
8: That can't be true.

1: Just because a teacher is trained doesn't mean he can stop every single disruption...
2: No.
3: I even taught him everything I knew about teaching.
4: Kids are scary these days.
5: They aren't the same as when you were teaching.
6: Hearing the teachers talk made me think of something.
7: Stop it.
8: Maybe Toshio
9: was broken up over what was happening

1: and jumped on to the tracks on purpose.
2: beep beep

1-2: shiver
3: You were attacked by your student.

1: But you don't want to admit it, do you?
2: I never thought
3: he'd get hit by a train.
4: Yeah.

1: I heard
2: a squishing sound.
3: I just thought if I wrote that fake letter
4: and had Oishi pretend to stalk me, we could get him to quit.
5: But instead he exploded.
6: Well, there's nothing we could do about it. Forget about it, Oishi.
7(2b): O...okay.
8: Either way,
9: Nakamura's been broken.

1: Right now,
2: you're just like those children.
3: It's your turn to be bullied now, but you can bear it.
4: You're just waiting for it to pass.
5: That's all
6: I can do.
7: How incompetent.

1: You're a teacher.
2: At the very least, you have influence over children's lives.

1: The fact that you died doesn't even seem realistic to you.
2: Can you face the children now, knowing that they're focused on your death?
3: Nakamura Toshio-sensei...
4: What did you want to teach your children?

1: I didn't
2: want to teach them anything.

1: I realize it myself.
2: I've never once decided anything in my life.
3: My father was a teacher, so he made me become one.
4: Then I finally got my own class.
5: They disobeyed me
6: and caused lots of trouble.
7: I was afraid of my students.

1: I was afraid of those forty, cold glares, from the bottom of my heart.
2: Then
3: Oishi showed me the bullying letter.
4: I was so happy.
5: She was counting on me.
6: Despite how I was.

1: Despite how pathetic I am.
2: sniff
3: eee...
4: gulp...

1: I'll be filling in for Nakamura-sensei from today.
2: My name is Nishimoto Katsuo.
3: I've experienced a lot in the 26 years I've been a teacher.
blackboard: Nishimoto Katsuo
4: I've heard that this class has been making trouble.

1: And I can guess that you all drove Nakamura-sensei into a dead end.
2: Let me be frank.
3: You all simply decided to bully Nakamura-sensei, since he was the weakest one in the class.

1: Now, I'm not stupid enough to play along with your little games of pain.
2: Neither am I that weak.
3(2b): As far as I could research, this class's leader is
4: Fujishiro.
5: You.

1: Search for someone to bully amongst yourselves.
2: No matter what happens, you all deserve to receive compulsory education.
4: Do not
5: forget that.
6-7: ding dong

board: Oishi - this is all your fault. MURDERER
1: What's with that Nishimoto guy?
2: You can't say that to those kids!

1: How could he be so inconsiderate?!
2: That's horrible.
3: So horrible!
4: Is there anything I can do?
5: Anything I can teach them?

1: Ahh.
2: What?!
3: Yes, there is a way.
4: Can you let me stand
5: in front of them one more time?

1: Just once more.
2: Please.
3: I want to teach them something.
4: Fine.
5: I can make you appear in their dreams all at once.
6: Really?!
7: However,
8: only for five minutes.
9: It's alright.
10: Five minutes should be enough.

1: Thanks for coming
2: everyone.

1: Today's my last class for you all.
2: Listen carefully.
3: As you already know, I died in an accident.
4: It wasn't Oishi's fault.
5: It was a complete accident.
6: But I learned something important from it.

1: Death is NOT the end of people!
2: And
3: I can be reborn and try again!

1: Well? Amazing, isn't it?
2: I'm dead, but I'm totally fine.
3: Here's my point, everyone.
4: You don't need to be afraid of living.

1: I'm gonna become
2: A J Leaguer.
3: C'mon, let's go home.
4: We have school again tomorrow.
5: Wh...what?
6: C'mon, guys! This is important!
7: HEY!

1: We ARE living.
2: And there's no way we'd
3: die so easily.

1: It may hurt, but that's that.

1: Your time's up. Your soul will ascend to heaven.
2: You cannot make a choice now.

1: ...I'm
2: afraid of being reborn...
3: Next time, those children will teach you.
4: I wonder...
5: what you'll learn?

1: Come.

1: Go on and live.

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