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Translations: Gintama 701 by kewl0210 , One Piece 930 by cnet128

Skyhigh 19

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Apr 14, 2012 16:17 | Go to Skyhigh

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tl by molokidan

1: Welcome to the gate of grudges.
2: I'm the gatekeeper, Izuko.
#4 - Bell of Time

1: Yakune Masakazu-san...
2: You died in the material world and are now a spirit.

1: You'll have to pick one out of the following three paths.
2: The gate of grudges--
3: Souls who have been murdered or killed in unforeseen accidents come here.
4: The first...is to accept your death, ascend into heaven, and watch to be reincarnated.
5: The second...is to become a spirit in limbo and wander the material world.
6: The third...is to curse a single human to death.

1: However,
2: those who choose to kill will fall straight into hell and suffer without any hope of reincarnation.
3: You have 12 days to decide.

1: Miss.
2: Are you saying I'm dead?
3: Yes.
4: You died in an accident at work.

1: I can't believe it...
2: If I'm dead, then my physical clock should stop.
3: But, you know,
4: I can still feel it.
5(2b): Right now, it's 11:04 AM on the 27th.
6: Yes, it is.
7: I knew it.
8: Alright, I'll be leaving now.
9: Gotta get back before 12.

1: I used to make clocks.
2: I think I was good at it.
3: Everyone who held one called it a "work of art."

1: In my busiest times, I received orders from all over the world...
2: I gave them all my best work.
3: However,
4: all that hard work eventually robbed me of my eyesight.
5: I lost pretty much all of it.

1: My health hadn't been too good, and I had a wife, so I decided to close up shop at 72 years and 98 days, at 4:36.
2: I had only ever focused on my work, and didn't do anything for my wife, so I told her to go on and live her "second life."
3: I left the city,
4: and move to an island
5: where the nature was beautiful and the air was clean.
6: The nature...how would I describe it?

1: Luckily, I found a job...
2: ringing a bell in a church once per hour.
3: No matter where I went, I couldn't escape time.
4: No.

1: I myself had become a clock.
2: I became
3: time itself.

1: boong

1: Oh no.
2: I'll be...late.
3: Hurry.
4: Time mustn't
5: fall behind.

1: Izuko.
2: Seems like that man's soul was being controlled by time.
3: Yes.
4: Humans can only change so much in one lifetime.
5: Through working with clocks and dealing with time, he let time completely possess him, until he became a man that does not even forgive the slightest error in counting.
6: What will you do, Izuko?
7: At this rate he'll just keep counting.

1: Time runs equally for all.
2: But people are free to feel time as they wish...
3: Let's try an experiment.
4: See if he can "use" time.
5: Yakune-san.
6: You are blind, correct?

1: You should be able to see me clearly now with your spirit's eyes.
2: You're right.
3: Well?
4: Want to go see the world you left?
5: It's alright.
6: The people in the material world can't see you the way you are now.
7: They can't see me...

1: Toko...
2: How is she, Father?
3: Mmm.
4: Father Sawai.

1: She doesn't have any relatives?
2: No.
3: Father!
4: ...h-he really can't see me...?
5: We can't do anything more for her.
6: We'll just have to put her in a facility.
7: Facility...?
8: Understood. I'll make preparations.
9: Sorry. Thank you.

1: Honey,
2: can I come over now?

1: I out
2: of time...

1: ...out of
2: time...?
3: Toko...
4: What are you saying?
5: Time is always accurate. It never misses a beat.
6: Are you sure?

1: Maybe you only believe that time works that way.
2: Don't be ridiculous!
3: If time wasn't accurate, then how would people live their lives?!
4: You simply don't want to accept the errors...
5: of time...and of people...

1: Yakune-san. Do you remember the watch you presented to your wife when you married her?
2: Of course.
3: That was the best watch I ever made. I put all my heart into it.
4: Is it still accurately keeping time now?
5: Go and see for yourself.

1-3: tick
4: Well?
5: ...it's six seconds...
6: off...

1: Errors will always eventually appear in man-made things.
2: But it's also man who can fix them.
3: Toko...
4: You and I...
5: were six whole seconds off?

1: Want to fix it?
2: What do you mean?
3: I'll stop the material world for six seconds and send you down.

1: Six seconds...
2: How you use that time is up to you.

1: Oh, dear...
2: this morning...
3: Our watch stopped moving.
4: I guess
5: I really am out of time.

1: Izuko-san.
2: If I can prevent my wife from committing suicide in those six seconds, can you have her wait here?
3: Yes.
4: Choice confirmed.
5: kweh

1: Could it be?
2: Is that you, honey?

1: I was wrong.
2: It's OK for time to be off now and then.
3: Even if it isn't accurate,
4: our time together is still precious.
5: Therefore,
6: I want you to keep your time going.
7: Live it all out.
8: Promise me.

1-6: I will come for you.

1-5: tick
6: 98 days, 4 hours, 3 minutes, and 26 seconds later:

1: Go on, and live.
2-3: dooong
#4 - Bell of Time

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